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Disabled Claim 'Dancing' Is Doggone Unfriendly

7/15/2009 2:43 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

 Dancing With The StarsTwo physically disabled people are suing "Dancing with the Stars," claiming the show's studio is so disabled-unfriendly a cameraman threatened to run over a service dog.

Robert Carr and Arnie Pike claim in a new lawsuit they went to CBS Television City in L.A. last March to watch the show. Carr is a double amputee who is confined to a wheelchair. Arnie Pike is a quadriplegic who also requires a wheelchair.

The men claim they arrived with two companions and a service dog and were forced to watch as the majority of the audience was let in ahead of them.

The suit claims the studio has no "designated accessible seating for persons with disabilities." They claim the staff has "a policy of placing disabled persons where they cannot be seen by the camera or the public."

DWTS CurseAccording to the suit, Pike was placed behind several rows of seats where he could not even see the action on the stage. The worst slight of all -- allegedly -- "his service dog was placed in the aisle where the camera man threatened to run over the dog."

The suit -- which also lists CBS as a defendant -- claims "Dancing" violates the Americans with Disabilities Act and asks for an order forcing the show to institute disabled-friendly policies. The plaintiffs also want damages.


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Not to sound cruel but I thouht persons with disabilities wanted to be treated equal to everyone else? I mean it is damned if you do damned if you don't . They say do not treat me any different than you would someone without a handicap, then turn around & sue you for NOT giving them special treatment. I agree they should get a place to see & not be banned from being on TV, but I also have experienced some in powered wheelchairs or carts almost run you down at a theme park if you do not get out of THEIR way. It is no different than the NAACP, they want equality, but with special treatment for them only.

1924 days ago





1924 days ago


People with disabilities often annoy me, constantly advocating for more and more and more. But CBS, what are you thinking? You were out of line!

1924 days ago


And why should these people have been let in first?

If your in a wheel chair its easier to get in and out if you sit in the back. And we want to make it easy for these people. Thats why we give them parking spaces closest to the store. Someone has to sit in the back, why not these people?

1924 days ago

Sacha Baron    

I'm confused. Dancing With the Stars is on ABC not CBS. Can somebody explain why they're suing CBS?

1924 days ago


Boo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo. I'm a victim, everyone has to adjust to my needs and no one can be mean to me. Suck it up, burn your lifetime "I'm a victim" card and watch it on TV.

1924 days ago

PEPSI Generation    


1924 days ago


Wow, I hope all of you morons lose a leg or get hit by a car and are paralyzed some day , then when that idiot who thinks you shouldn't get special parking takes the handicap spot and some loser decides it'll be easier for you to get in and out so you can sit in the back or at the exit (who needs to see right) then we'll see just what a bunch of whiney a$$es you all are. People who are healthy and yet can't appreciate or sympathize with the daily struggles of many phyiscal disablilites, not to mention pain really 'annyo' me. Pathetic.

1924 days ago


This is sad because I love this show. I would never have thought that they would do this. Why anybody would threat a person in a wheel chair and their dog is beyond me. They have a disablity and they are different from the rest of us. They are smart to not put people in the wheel chair in front of the camera, but the camera doesn't have record in that direction. I feel very sorry for the men in the wheel chair. I hope CBS is sorry and I'm disappointed in them.

1924 days ago


What damages did they incur? It's a free show. They didn't pay anything, exactly what damages are they expecting to be paid? People are so eager for a free buck these days, they will sue for any little thing. Maybe Harvey can get them on People's Court.

1924 days ago


A lawsuit to force the studio to make it accessible to the disabled is noble. These two lose all integrity points when they ask for damages, in my opinion. Everybody wants to get paid.

1924 days ago


Seen it done to many times! It's an easy way to make a buck!

1924 days ago


I think that camera Man should be fired - Shame on you "Dancing". Have a heart - stuff like this makes people stop watching.

1924 days ago


I'm confused as well #7... Isn't DWTS part of ABC's prime time line-up??? Why TF are they suing CBS,,, This is a load of crock.

1924 days ago


Matthew said: "They are smart to not put people in the wheel chair in front of the camera"

I don't get it, why is it smart to NOT put a person in a wheel chair on camera??? is there something I'm missing?? It's a wheelchair damn it, not like a grotesque deformation, even then, why not?? It's called Human Rights and CBS and DWTS should respect people's human rights even if they are sentenced to being in a wheelchair for the rest of their life.....why can't they enjoy the same show ......damn people are ignorant!!

1924 days ago
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