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Explosive Pepsi Shoot Video

25 Years Later

7/15/2009 2:36 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Video from the 1984 Pepsi shoot where Michael Jackson's hair caught fire ... finally released.

The video, obtained by US Magazine, shows exactly what went down when a pyrotechnic mishap ended in Michael's scalp being scorched.

After the accident, Jackson became addicted to painkillers.


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I know that's right    

I thought this was Richard Pryor.

1892 days ago


Honestly, everyone talks about "Freedom of the Press" as a Right in this country; but when does it infringe on the "Right to Privacy" Amendment?

I mean even Farah Fawcett had to battle it out, when her medical records were revealed? Was that even necessary for her to do in order to protect her own right? The same goes for Michael Jackson. This obviously was a traumatizing event for him; for it to be shown NOW; 25 years later; only shows that he didn't want that to be shown; Now, after he's gone, nonetheless. SHAME! Anything for a story!

So where is the line, guys?

1892 days ago

sad fan    

I wish the media will just stop posting videos and pictures of what MJ went through with this commercial, with scars on his skin. The man suffered so much alive can we just give him a break now? Why cant we just remember him for his talent, his music and his being a humanitarian. This whole spectacle surrounding his personal life is what makes me sad. Is this really the kind of environment we want to propagate? Sensationalism and the absence of regard for the need for privacy??

Regardless of what people say, I know for sure that he is now at a place where NOBODY can hurt him anymore!!! Rest in peace MJ. This too shall pass....

1892 days ago


I can't believe now they release this and shows how bad it really was. It seems now looking back it was played down a bit. That was horrible and especially he not knowing he was on fire. He just kept dancing. Now I truly believe things would have been different for him if it wasn't for this horrible accident. He would most likely still be with us today. Tragic and Pepsi is to blame. I'm glad I don't drink Pepsi anymore and its been for a long time. However, if I still drank it I would have stopped after seeing this video.

1892 days ago


LMAO Amber, they ARE NOT pictures from Michael Jacksons autopsy. If you READ the description about them photos on the perez hilton website you will SEE that the photos are from 2002!!!! Quoted from the perez hilton site "The photo is from 2002 and the injury in question may have resulted from contact with a "highly caustic, acidic fluid," which would damage the skin and cause it to turn black". You idiot.

1892 days ago


36. Lots of people have horrible accidents and DON'T become addicted to their
painkillers! This is a lame excuse for his gouging drugs.

Posted at 1:54PM on Jul 15th 2009 by Pookie


Lots of people can do heroin and cocaine and not become addicted, either. Michael's body became dependent on the painkillers because he was on them for so long.

Also, these people who don't get addicted may not have the addiction gene in their system. Addictions are hereditary so if there was anyone in Michael's family that was addicted to drugs or alcohol and Michael gets exposed to that kind of stuff, he is more likely to become addicted.

1892 days ago

justice is served    

My heart just broke again. I feel such anger against those little pricks, their parents I should say, for finishing him off.

1892 days ago

Las Vegas Greg    


look it up.

I find pleasure when reading the comments from the NUTJOBS that are still praising this monster.


1892 days ago


You guys shouldn't show distubing video like that.

Shame on you TMZ!

1892 days ago


I always pictured just a little spark on his head and that it was made out to be more then it really was. Holy smokes it was a 4 alarm fire on his head! That shot of the top of his head was freaking bad.

1892 days ago


OMG, that was bad. I bet that burned his scalp permanently and he had to wear a wig from then on. Back then is when I thought MJ was a good musician.

Sadly later he became a freak with the plastic surgeries and his issue with young boys.

1892 days ago


3. Why did perez hilton take off autopsy pic???????

Its on my myspace....


it's from 2002 you retard.. and it's still on the site

he was also found not guilty of the child molestation charges

so maybe shut the fu

1892 days ago


ck up..


1892 days ago


holy crap!!!!

1892 days ago


I can't believe the public never knew how bad this accident really was. It's not an excuse for his addiction but it was the beginning and certainly does explain a lot of things. Poor guy, it was horrible - I couldn't believe my eyes when I watched it. I hope he has finally found some peace and all the outrageous stuff stops. It's the music he left behind that will continue forever.

1892 days ago
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