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Rowe Not Looking for Cash Cow

7/15/2009 3:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Debbie Rowe Not Looking for Cash CowSources connected with the custody case involving Michael Jackson's kids tell us all Debbie Rowe wants is assurance that the Jackson family will honor the deal she had with Michael.

Rowe and Jackson struck an agreement in which she was paid a large sum over a period of years. We're told the current negotiations between the parties center on that agreement and whether the Jackson family will continue to honor it. Although the agreement stays in effect after Jackson's death, we're told Rowe wants assurance the family will abide by the terms.

Our sources say the talks between Rowe and the Jackson family do not involve anything beyond what Rowe would receive under the agreement and she will not fight for custody.


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Michael Madsen    

And cow is the operative word...

1897 days ago


Yeah right this bitch is lookin for money....
she aint caring bout honor of the Jackson family...

1897 days ago

Michael Madsen    

The human... what a sad, sad devolved species it is... Rap, Reality Shows and MJ....
The Sky is falling!

1897 days ago


wow!!!! seriously since when did selling kids or child trafficking become legal. is the court letting this happen and say she has right to the, i'm parplexed. i should go bring kids from africa and dish them out to the highest bidder. i bet my ass would be in jail so quick. well, this world is for the chosen few to to what you and i in a one bedroom appartment can't do.

1897 days ago


I can't figure out if Debbie Rowe did this just to make MJ happy and is the victim of a naive woman who wasn't familiar with how celebrity status works, or a money hungry woman who just wanted to make some quick money. The poor kids.....

1897 days ago

Sale Case Johnson--WTF??    

Uh.... how is she not looking for a cash cow? It may be a different cow, but it moos all the same.

1897 days ago


wow!!!! is this allowed to sell kids or is it for the chosen few. what is this world comming to? and the court actually wants to hear this case about custody or they want to help broker the price of the kids. ......i'm just parplexed.

1897 days ago

Sale Case Johnson--WTF??    

If this is true, she is still a greedy, disgusting woman, retaining her parental rights so she can use the kids as leverage.

1897 days ago


She is so full of sh@t she is a cash cow con-artist and still trying to cash in on those poor children what a pathethic excuse of a woman. She is a piece of trash. Go get your fat a@@ a job if you love you children you wouldn't accept money only visitation your out for the money your a piece of garbage. Baby Seller you should be throw in jail she probably had something to do with MJ murder she was strapped for cash what a loser I hope your children find out all your dirty little secrects what a bum.

1897 days ago


Debbie wants the Jackson family to honour the deal she had with Michael-an agreement in which she was paid a large sum over a period of years.

It is SO obvious she is after Michael Jackson's money all along. And in return for $$$$ whe will not fight for custody for her biological kids- if they are even hers to begin with,.

Michael being so famous and so so rich, he is being exploited by golddiggers and money-minded people and doctors who will give Michael what he wants because Michael has $$$$.

1897 days ago


this woman needs to just go away , period , let Michael children stay with their family The Jacksons , greed is a horrible thing lol peace

1897 days ago

Sale Case Johnson--WTF??    

The money is about her supporting her horse farm. Takes money to run

I wonder how long this agreement lasts. DAmn, Michael, why didn't you go with an unknown surrogate the first two times around? Could have saved you MILLIONS and your family and the kids a lot of potential grief from this vile money-hungry woman.

1897 days ago



Rebecca White, a close friend to the woman, revealed to the syndicated TV show "Extra" several email exchanges and text messages she received from Rowe regarding the custody of Jackson's kids — Michael Jr. 12, and Paris, 11 — just days after the King of Pop's death.

"My lawyer is telling me I have to take some responsibility about the welfare of the children," Rowe wrote in a July 5 email to White. "Do I want the kids? Hell no. Does it look good for me to ask for them? Absolutely. I don't want to look like the woman who gave away her kids and just forgot about them."

"In one text message [Rowe], says, 'Just wait until [July] the 14th. Everything will be done after the 14th.' There's definitely going to be a secret deal. There's definitely going to be a settlement that's going to come out of this," said White.

The Post reported exclusively today that Rowe had cut a sickening $4 million deal to dump the kids. Rowe squeezed the money from her former mother-in-law, 79-year-old Katherine Jackson, in exchange for giving up her custodial rights, sources said.

Rowe's lawyer Eric George sent out a raft of letters today denouncing The Post's story and claiming there had been no secret deal reached.

"Particularly insidious is your misrepresentation that Ms. Rowe has accepted money to give up custody rights," George said in the letter. "That statement is unequivocally false."

Rowe, a former nurse who bore the boy and girl for Jackson, had forfeited her parental rights before in return for big bucks. After their birth, Rowe agreed that Jackson raise the kids in exchange for a lump sum of $8 million, plus $900,000 in annual payments for five years.

When Jackson was accused of child molestation in 2005, Rowe emerged again to reclaim her parental rights. She ended up giving the Gloved One full custody once again — this time for $4 million and a $900,000 home.

White told Extra she believes Rowe is motivated by money.

"The motivation is money," she said. "I really have to be honest... If the children aren't the ones she wants, what else will she gain from it?"

White said Rowe has always been confused about whether she ever wanted to raise the kids.

"I think things change on a daily basis," White said. "It's not like she doesn't love them. It's not like she doesn't want the best for them, but her life is different... The idea of being a mother to those children is something I don't think she really wants."

In an earlier email dated July 2, Rowe said "These kids are not mine. They were never mine. They were always Michael's. I was Michael's best friend.

1897 days ago


why would they say shes not looking for money? Why else would she suddenly want custody if she never wanted anything to do with those kids in the first place? She was paid a whopping 8 MILLION dollars just for having MJs kids that lady is such a user, i mean 8 million wtf how sad he had to pay people off like that, ridiculous amounts of money and now she still wants more, all her and joe jackson see are money tickets in my opinion, why dont they both just run off together? At least the kids would be safe amd the family wouldnt have to deal with Debbie and her custody crap.

1897 days ago


Okay I really am interested in seeing how this story turns out. The whole conception of these kids is mysterious....I cant imagine Micheal Jackson having sex with HER...the truth will probably never come out as to who the biological father is. The important thing is that Micheal raised these kids and they are old enough to remember him....he shaped them...he gave them a childhood. Its the core of who they always will be.

My only hope is that she doesnt hurt these kids....are the kids going to feel abandoned one day...why didnt my mom want me....I just hope that whatever she does, that its sincere. The kids are parentless right now and its so sad. Grandparents are good, aunts and uncles are good, i just hope that these kids are able to adjust to a new life without Micheal.

1897 days ago
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