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Rowe Not Looking for Cash Cow

7/15/2009 3:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Debbie Rowe Not Looking for Cash CowSources connected with the custody case involving Michael Jackson's kids tell us all Debbie Rowe wants is assurance that the Jackson family will honor the deal she had with Michael.

Rowe and Jackson struck an agreement in which she was paid a large sum over a period of years. We're told the current negotiations between the parties center on that agreement and whether the Jackson family will continue to honor it. Although the agreement stays in effect after Jackson's death, we're told Rowe wants assurance the family will abide by the terms.

Our sources say the talks between Rowe and the Jackson family do not involve anything beyond what Rowe would receive under the agreement and she will not fight for custody.


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oh, okay... my bad. she still seems to like horses more than she likes kids.

1896 days ago

to little    

Ok who to believe, they are both tabloids with mostly fodder on it, TMZ claims today that Debbie won't challenge custody as long as she recives her continued support payments from Michael's estate.

The Suntimes says Debbie said today the she will not give up her parental rights and never has, and she wants custody.

LOL i wonder who had the paid sources and who is wrong TMZ or Suntimes???

1896 days ago

to little    

I am sure Debbie's lawyers are asking The Michael Zone for a retraction on this article.

1896 days ago

Me, myself and I    

I always thought it was wrong for Michael Jackson to have children in his custody. Despite having been found not guilty of the pedophile charges, he was emotionally immature; seemed to have problems being born a man, and being born a Black man. He "acquired" his children in an obtuse way, but there are no laws against what he did - but there should be! Just because you're extremely famous and wealthy, you shouldn't be able to buy sperm, a egg, and rent a womb to have a child, to your specifications, IF you're are emotionally arrested, and a substance abuser. Paris' grief was very moving at his memorial, BUT this is all this child knows. A person has to wonder if these children would have been better served if they had a Father who loved their Mother; a Mother who loved their Father; and Parents who believed all three of their children were potential wonderful adults in the making. What will happen when these children try to "find" theirselves?

1896 days ago

Linda Mott    

Right! Get in writing.

1896 days ago

Cali MJ Fan    

Uh folks? This one doesn't fly. Katherine nor anyone in the Jackson family can control a legal binding agreement. Sorry. The executors will be the fiduciaries with regard to his finances and contracts, not the family. Unless there is some stipulation in there about the children or should something happen to him, I can't see her attorney worrying about this for a second. There may be something in the agreement about visitation, but... uh, the money part Katherine can't control. Nope. Not legally.

1896 days ago

Jon's a grwon man...he did this to himself!    

Four million is chump change in all of this. She just wants what she was promised. There are two separate issues at hand: 1) the custody of the children and 2) making sure the money promised as a part of the deal Michael struck with his EX-WIFE to let him have full-custody. Also, there is a difference between custody and parental rights.

If you demonize Debbie for receiving money to allow the children to be in the full custody of their father, then you must also demonize Michael for treating the children as objects and purchasing them from Debbie. Neither side comes out looking good.

I just don't think Debbie is evil. I think she meant well when she married Michael and bore him two children. She admittedly turned over child-rearing to Michael. It was their agreement as a married couple. He would be Mom and Dad. However, after spending three years in the "fishbowl" she wanted out, not because she stopped caring but because she couldn't handle celebrity. The way they set this whole thing up, it was bound to backfire. Neither is any better than the other.

I think its likely she would love to speak out but may be bound by a confidentiality agreement. Perhaps that is really what these payments are all about and may have nothing to do with buying kids.

1896 days ago


she has an agreement that gives her spousal support after ex-spouse dies??? wow amazing how stupid the rest of us are that we get divorced and can't get support if we remarry or ex dies-she is a cash cow-she sold those kids again and will again if given the chance--whoopi was right yesterday --Michael Jackson the gift that keeps on giving--Debbie Rowe needs to go away --these kids have enough to deal with

1896 days ago


this people who comments here some of them have been payed and they are in control of somebody, i don't know who that person is. to say ugly things, to keep debbie's part and so on. this is their job to enerve us. and their craziness and insanity must stop from now

1896 days ago

I Will Take Being Born White Any Day - Thats Worth Much More To Me, #6    

If she were ever to put on lipstick, she could do it with two strokes of a ball point pen.

1896 days ago

yasmine lukas    


1896 days ago


This is really sad and disturbing to me...Pay me millions of dollars and you can have my children...what a shame! Not that I think she should get them anyway, but still sad.

1896 days ago


TMZ wouldn't have to do a retraction because they are saying "we are told this from a jackson family source" . They didn't say it was true, only that this is what the Jackson's are telling them.

However, TMZ I know you are relying on the Jackson's since they (probably latoya) have been feeding you info since the beginning but they are also playing you. Heck, tmz probably knows that too.

1896 days ago



TEAM DEBBIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1896 days ago


To "I work for a living"...Debbie Rowe was a nurse. That is not an easy occupation. Now I don't know if she was a RN or LPN, but certainly her education level is higher than yours if your speech resembles your writting. I recall watching her during MJ's trial and she was fawning all over him even though they were divorced. She has never spoken ill of him. She has always said she couldn't take the celebrity life style. If she were a so called "Gold Digger", then why did she dig for so little gold? Debbie has always kept track of her children, she's been in touch with either MJ and the nannies keeping up dated on their progress. MJ was the one keeping her away from the children. Now as their mother she IS thinking of their best interest, but she deserves custody...they are her children. My God how can you be so nasty to somone you have never ever met and know nothing about? I hope Debbie asserts her rights to her children...they deserve to know her as their mother...MJ had his way long enough...she sacraficed enoughed.

1896 days ago
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