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Second Worker Dies -- Madonna Breaks Down

7/17/2009 2:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Madonna took a moment during her concert in Italy last night to pay tribute to the two men who died constructing her stage in France earlier in the day.

Madonna cried as she called the loss "tragic" and said she was "devastated to be in any way associated with anyone suffering."


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Madonna is so filthy filthy rich, she doesnt have to strip to her underwear and gyrate her crotch on stage to survive. How much money does a broken down over the hill tramp need? If she stayed home and spent time with her own kids and the ones she bought, those men would still be alive. Her money buys her anything, surgeries, boy toys and even children. She doesnt need any more money!!! If these men had wives and children, that 50 yr old tramp has ruined their lives, just to feed her ego, she doesnt need to feed her PIGgy bank, it is already overstuffed. She is a disgrace to motherhood and a disgrace to America.

1932 days ago


One more thing - all these people who think big name stars who give money to charity are somehow people of another level that we should all aspire to, please consider this.

1. They get HUGE tax rebates when they give millions to charity. Think it over. If you were making millions, you'd want to give millions cos you'd pay less tax.

2. It's good PR and for most of them, let's be honest, it's a drop in the bucket.

3. Sometimes - not always, I grant you - there's self-interest at play. C'mon people. We're supposed to believe that Madonna gave all that money to the charity in Africa for nothing? She was buying children, children who allegedly were not even entirely orphaned.

4. If she's such a great mother, why isn't she at home bonding with her newly adopted child Mercy? If ANY OTHER WOMAN IN THE WORLD adopted a child, you can bet people would be slagging her off BIG TIME if she spent as little time with her kids as Madonna.

No, I don't hate Madonna, but it's so clear what her priorities are. I for one just don't think she's the font of ANY wisdom on any subject, and certainly not on the subject of charity. Regular people who volunteer are just as important - if not MORE - than all these rich people with no alleged self-interest donating millions of dollars. Seriously. Think about it.

1932 days ago

Michael Levine is a Has Been    

If she had any compassion, she would have canceled her show that night. How tacky. But, she's not one to give up money to anyone as she's one of the most notoriously cheap people of all time.

If you are "devastated" you don't sing and dance the night away, Madonna.


1932 days ago


Madonna has given NOTHING to the world but more skank.

I am not buying this little performance.

1932 days ago


She says she hates to be involved with anybody suffering, but she doesn't care if the families of two black African children suffer as she takes their kids away from them, instead of supporting the families so they can keep their OWN CHILDREN. This woman is so deluded...

1932 days ago


That statement seemed a bit awkward to me - "devastated to be in any way associated..." Well, I've never gotten the impression that she was particularly eloquent or sensitive from anything I've heard her say previously. While she is absolutely not responsible for what happened, it is conceivable she may just kindly offer to assist the families since she seems to have been so moved and it would be financially insignificant to her.

1932 days ago


Has it occured to you guys the audience are applauding her words and are perhaps honouring the deceased by clapping for them? There are very many ways to honour people and crying isnt the only way... they can't stand to honour them as they already are standing so they clap instead. Like at the MJ memorial people clapped when he was honoured by those who spoke! I don't get what disturbs you so much! Death is always tragic, but at a concert that wasnt intended to be sad the audience have decided to make some noise for the deceased by celebrating and applauding them. If you guys stopped spewing so much hate and actually took time to think you might just be able to make some sense of situations you yourselves are not in! Given some might not have understood, but I bet more Italians understand English than Americans understand Italian.

(And as for the moron who asks why they would attend a concert in English... it is a very widely held belief that music holds no language barriers. It moves and speaks to all! Thats why stars perform all over the world! The rest of the world doesn't hold prejudices like you!)

1932 days ago


I believe her crying as much as I believe Michael Jackson was killed!

1932 days ago


Such a tragedy. Very cool of her to let people know how much her heart goes out to the families of (and) the people who were lost. Her life has been spent trying to give joy to people through her music, and now she knows that her music has had a hand in this horrible tragedy. My thoughts and prayers are with the family, friends, and all involved.

1932 days ago


For all you who don't know this:


Hell, Italians will applaud ANYTHING.

They are not applauding the fact that two people are dead. They are not applauding Madonna. They are applauding the lives of these gentlemen and saluting them.

1932 days ago


If you got enough money you can apologize for anything that you didn't do, just to keep your name out of the lawsuits that are soon to follow. She's as sorry as I am poor, those guys are just peasants, and that's how they are thought of by the powers that be: insurance companies, Madonnas peeps, etc.!

1932 days ago


Brenda, please. Who do you think you are? You DO NOT speak for everyone. You only speak for others
like you who get off on hatefulness and suffering. Unfortunately there ARE many like you. But thankfully
not everyone likes to purge hatred and meanness to others.

I would never want to be as famous as Michael, Madonna or even Anna Nicole simple because of the evil
meanness in people like 80% of the posters here. Spreading rumours and lies and kicking these celebrities
when they are down. It's a mixture of jealousy and just plain evilness.

1932 days ago


The people in the audience seemed to pick odd times to clap. "A crane collapsed" ... clap, clap, clap.

1932 days ago


OMG. Madonna is doing Grey Gardens on Broadway. Check out her rehearsal picture.

1932 days ago


She should pay for there funeral - and compensate the family. No one wil ever bring them back and money means nothing to them right now but, at the end of the day - its a loss and Madonna should do more I believe than to say 'sorry' and carry on singing 'you must be my lucky star'.

1932 days ago
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