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Settlement Near in Jackson Custody Case

7/17/2009 4:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We're told lawyers for Debbie Rowe and Katherine Jackson are working out a custody settlement and the discussions are amicable. One source connected with the case tells us, "It should be settled very soon."

Micheal Jackson's KIds
As for what they're discussing, our sources say the custody of the children -- not money -- is the issue on the table, but that it looks pretty clear Katherine Jackson will end up with custody, assuming the judge goes along. As for what Debbie Rowe wants ... we're told she too is interested in making sure the children are okay.

We're told Rowe is still collecting money from an agreement she and Michael struck several years ago, around the time of the child molestation trial. That agreement was drafted so it will survive Michael's death.

As for additional money, we're told Rowe is not requesting that. In fact, our sources say lawyers for Jackson's estate have not even been consulted about the discussions between lawyers for Katherine and Debbie. If there were any issue of additional monies, the estate lawyers would have been consulted.

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TMZ now has my telephone number. Perhaps Harvey will call me.

1932 days ago


Don't the kids look a lot like Michael??????

1932 days ago


40. Elizabeth....I looked you up on the net....and found it hilarious that you posted how you thanked your daughter for making your car payment
, yet you claim to have given up fame. need help lady. I suggest psychotropics.

Posted at 4:16PM on Jul 17th 2009 by MJ4Eva

MJ was my friend. He helped me write. I even helped him write some songs. Back when I was young, he based Billie Jean on me.

1932 days ago

JoJo Dancer    

38. Would you stop. Posting in all caps makes you seem like a 13 year old kid. It also makes it hard to read what you are trying to say.

Now in other news, TMZ to report that sunlight will hit Neverland Ranch at noon tomorrow. Tune in for more updates on Jackson and the kids.

1932 days ago


Who said I thanked my daughter for making my car payments? Read a better definition.

1932 days ago

I Will Take Being Born White Any Day - Thats Worth Much More To Me, #6    

#20 and #22 - lol, dudes!!

1932 days ago


To Posted at 4:17PM on Jul 17th 2009 by Sleezy Relatives

Actually me thinks this fluff piece was given to TMZ to post to try and make peace.
The Jackson camp wants the kids. If Deb doesn't give them a hard time they will play nice and not spread the nasty rumors and lies.
This little fluff thing puts them both in a good light.

Personally I don't think there is a win situation for these kids. I pray they turn out okay and stick together.

1932 days ago


43. 25. Elizabeth. If you were a friend of Michaels I would like to know from where. I lived in Hollywood for the longest time and knew Michael and many artists. I always love hearing new real experiences about Michael.

Posted at 4:18PM on Jul 17th 2009 by elizabeth

I gave up fame and fortune. Yes, my daughter paid my car payment. I thanked her for it. But I gave it all up. None of you knew MJ like I did.

1932 days ago



1932 days ago


Elizabeth - TMZ has your phone number!?! Look out, I think I just saw a camera flash coming from one of your air ducts! Get out, get out now while you still have a chance!

1932 days ago



1932 days ago


What's with the kids are better off with Janet. What makes people think that Janet wants to raise them. If she wanted children she would of had them or adopted some. Just because she hugged them during the funeral doesn't make her mom material. I saw the kids holding hands with Latoya...does that mean she should raise them? Get serious. This is probably the first time in years these kids have spent anytime with the Jacksons. The last time was probably during the molestation trial. When that trial was over, Michael took the kids and left the country.

1932 days ago


Deb, go to the library of congress and research my writings back in the 90's. I really don't care who believes me. I am not a seller of my soul for a story or any other issue. These are children not furniture. Children we all were once. Debbie Rowe, how would you feel if you were sold?

1932 days ago


The Jackson's ARE NOTthe kid's family !!! Nor should they be raised by ANY OF THEM !!! NONE of the three kid's have an ounce of Jackson blood in them !! Nor were the kid's EVER close to this family !!! MJ kept them isolated from his family !!

Jackson family saw these kid's every once in a blue mood. Now they are after the kid's money.

Debbie GET YOUR KID'S !!! Or do joint custody . DO NOT GIVE THEM TO THE JACKSON family !!!

Do joint, and if Katherine died's YOU get FULL custody !! !!

It makes me sick to think of those poor kid's brought up in that JACKSON household. Now get busy getting your kid's Debbie !!!


1932 days ago


Debbie fight for those kids!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i feel so bad for these kids. There's an MJ song in his invincible album called 'the lost children' and it so is describes them now. his kids actually sing it in one home video on youtube. You see both paris and Prince when they were maybe 5 or 6 singing 'the lost children'. they sing it so well! 'we pray for our mothers, pray for our fathers, wishing them well.'

1932 days ago
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