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Welcome to Hollywood -- Abdul Threatens 'Idol'

7/19/2009 11:01 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paula AbdulPaul Abdul is hurt, angry and threatening to quit "American Idol" ... like "60 Minutes" wants to snatch her up.

It's absurd, but Abdul's manager told the L.A. Times, "Very sadly, it does not appear that she's going to be back on 'Idol," adding "Idol" producers have been "rude and disrespectful" by not offering her a new deal.

Ok, let's now get real. Our "A.I." spies say Abdul is raking in about 2 1/2 million bucks a year -- a nice check, but compared to the $15 mil a year that Ryan Seacrest just sealed ...

In Hollywood, stars have to talk the walk in order to rob the bank. Paula's manager says since "Idol" hasn't offered her a new deal she's now considering starting a competitive show. Here's the deal ... Paula tried starting her own series a few years back with Paramount .... NIGHTMARE! The idea crashed and burned.

So it's yet another ploy for more moolah, and more power to her. Whatever the deal it's a long way from Paula's first season paycheck -- our "A.I." spies say she was pulling in $5,000 a week.


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1921 days ago


Ryan Seacrest was a nobody before IDOL we didn't even know who he was or about his existences. Paula Abdul is well known from way back in the 1980's and she deserves to be respected and they need to pay up. That is discrimination, why would they pay Ryan Seacrest more thn her? Ryan Seacrest is still a nobody...

1921 days ago


Paula has been there since the get and has helped make the show what it is. Just another case of greed and screwing others to get ahead shame on you IDOL.

1921 days ago


Paula Abdul is a washed up has been who is lucky to even have a job in the first place. Her singing days are over and she's getting old. Any job she can get is a miracle.

1921 days ago


Another sad case of how society feels a woman's worth isn't equal to a man in the same field of profession. Abdul deserves her equal or better pay. Abdul hands on & constructive feedback helps that show to launch stars. All Seacrest does is stand their and cop a feel on the young girls or argues with Simon. How does that equal $15 million?

1921 days ago


We should all post comments not to watch IDOL. They need to pay Paula Abdul, who the fck is Ryan Seacrest? So he's the host of IDOL WHOOPYDOO. He's still a nobody.

Lets all send fox a letter letting them know how we feel about their BS..

1921 days ago


It might help her image with American Idol, If she quits doing Heroin,go to rehab ,Then she will make the BIG BUCKS, Celeberties and RE_HAB is a money maker...sigh

1921 days ago


Paula, it is time to go file of unemployment. You are DONE! You made a ton os cash with zero talent and for being high most of the time. Goodbye!!!

1921 days ago


Neither one deserves the obscene amount of money they are getting. Frankly, no star/actor/singer deserves ALL the $$$$ they make. Then to be greedy about the amount, just because someone else is making more? My gosh, what is wrong with $5000 a week? This is all sick!!!!!

1921 days ago


Overpaid people upset because someone is more overpaid than they are.

1921 days ago


Show has been going downhill for years didnt even watch last season! No Paula No more watch show!

1921 days ago

Sam Sunshine    

At least Ryan Seacrest brings talent to the table. The only thing Paula brings to the table are crumbs and pills. Seacrest has his hands all over Hollywood so you know.

1921 days ago


These celebrities are over paid..... fck this I don't care $5000 a week? $15mill a year? This is ridiculous!!!!

1921 days ago


Maybe if they get rid of Kara they can pay to raise Paula's salary. I agree that Ryan is overpaid. But if they raise Ryan's salary that much it's only fair they raise Paula's. Paula has more showbiz experience than Ryan does. She's been around since the 80's. Experience should account for something. I'm not hating on Ryan or anything. But AI needs to pay Paula more fairly. 2 million a year is not that much money for someone who have been on a top rated show for 8 seasons.

1921 days ago


I am sorry, but Ryah Seacrest is marketable, and has a future ahead of him. He can go on national television interviews without being a drugged out why would anyone compare their salary? Who is she kidding, whithout idol she would be making NOTHING! Her lip synced performance on the show last year was horrible, and she will never have some major come back! Paula, take the 2.5 million a shut up.

1921 days ago
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