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'Burn Notice' Star -- I Was Only Borderline Drunk!

7/20/2009 4:01 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Burn Notice" star Jeffrey Donovan is going to have a rough time in court -- it's not exactly an airtight defense in a DUI case to argue, "I really think I'm only borderline and not too drunk."

We obtained the police report from the Miami Beach PD. The arresting officer wrote he first noticed Donovan after hearing "a loud tire screech behind me." The cop said he saw Donovan's car swerve left to avoid hitting the police car.

When Donovan finally stopped, he didn't serve himself well when he said, "Sorry, I didn't see the red light or your stopped car."

The officer says he smelled a strong odor of alcohol, asked Donovan if he had anything to drink and got this answer: "I had three drinks at the Fontainebleau."

Donovan flunked a field sobriety test and was taken into custody. That's when he said, "The only mistake I made tonight was drinking Benadryl with 3 glasses of wine."

We're thinking that's not necessarily his only mistake.

UPDATE 5:49 PM ET Donovan was just charged with one count of DUI. If convicted he could get 6 months in the slammer, but given that he's a first offender it's unlikely that he'll do any time.


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1885 days ago


This is the same guy in at least 2 interviews I've read of his, that he always talks about how he eats only "good things" and never indulges. (the interviewer is always asking about his great bod). He states the only thing he allows himself is a beer and ONE only and only once in a while to reward himself for his good behavior. Stars...they are all so full of it.

1885 days ago


Do any of these hollywood people ver do time for this? And do they ever even arrest politicians for it? Shoot Ted Kennedy even killed someone drunk driving & got away with it, and still keppes getting re-elected.

1885 days ago

sara Getsinger    

What a douche! You should never drive drunk and I have lost respect for him as an actor/role model/human being. These people are wealthy enough to have drivers or even to buy a cab home! No excuse!

1885 days ago


Our family loves "Burn Notice!" Kinda disappointed in J.D. though. So what if other people have gotten busted for D.U.I.'s! Doesn't make it right or any less dangerous. I've had family members killed by drunk drivers. "Border line drunk?" "The only mistake I made tonight was drinking Benadryl with 3 glasses of wine." If he didn't see flashing red lights and a friggin' police car, what about that mom and child in the crosswalk? Or the kid riding his bike? Or the family taking a walk? Now I have to go explain all of this to my kids who love J.D.'s show...

1885 days ago


You need to smoke more pot and take less Benedryl!

1885 days ago


good show, but i really doubt he is that dumb. just drunker than claimed and messed up on med.s!!! so if u think about it in the frame of mind he was in it probablly sounded like a good thing to say! every one messes up.

1885 days ago


haha, wowww. This guy is my new hero.

1885 days ago


Dude, you're on one of the few shows that actually kicks ass. CALL A CAB>>>>>>>>>>>>>

1885 days ago

Jeremy Smith    

I love the show!! I think DUI's are stupid because alcohol is the only legal drug there is........geesh!!! make alcohol illegal then this wouldnt happen as much.........

anyways officers should use better discretion.....just because a driver has been drinking a little bit doesnt mean they are a menace to society.

oh all you people who have been hit by drunk drivers or who have lost someone due to a drunk driver then you should be mad at those drivers' friends for not stopping them or mad at the cops for not catching the ones the SHOULD be catching.

anyways i think DUI's SUCK!!!!

1885 days ago

Trisha & Richard Dean Espolt    

Big fans of TMZ! Harvey is just great, so is Dax! We love Burn Notice...hey anyone can make a mistakes which go unnoticed....this time Jeffery Donovan got's a lesson, the lesson assignment: hire a cab, a driver or drink in a bar close to home so he can walk home. Continued good luck to TMZ and all on Burn Notice!

1885 days ago


Maybe he had more then 3 ? and was in a black out and thought he was doing a show ? ... I love the show ! But.... in all reality Limo Taxi for sure...

1885 days ago

Marion Young    

I love the show and Donovan's acting and hope he gets it together. I don't know if his story about Benadryl and wine is true, but I took Dristan for the flu years ago and knocked out the lights in Malibu, CA one evening...without drinking alcohol! These meds clearly state "don't use and drive."

1885 days ago


bro your an awsome actor and im sure your not low on cash take a cab next time its not worth losing everything> im still a huge fan burn notice is the best show

1884 days ago


I think that everyone makes mistakes, and that yes he should be treated like a real person instead of a star, but its only his first offense. And he'll be paying for it the rest of his life. So why should we as his loving and loyal fans give him so much heat about it when everyone he knows is going to be doing the same. Instead we should be understanding him, and trying to be the fans, and not change against him for one simple mistake. Yes DUI is serious, and he probably wont serve jail time, but none the less, he knows what he did wrong, and most likely, I'd hope it wont happen again.

Yes, he should do time, just like any other person would do if they where pulled over, but, he's famous, and it seems celebs get off easier than normal human beings do.

Lets just hope he learns from his mistakes..


1884 days ago
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