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Seacrest Out

... with the Mayor?!

7/20/2009 2:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and his GF, hot newscaster Lu Parker, had an unlikely dinner date this weekend -- Ryan Seacrest.

Mayor & Ryan Seacrest: Click to watch
The city needs $1.4 million to cover costs for Michael Jackson's memorial ... and Seacrest just signed a $45 million contract. Wonder what they talked about ...


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Wake up people!    

Meh. I can't stand Lu. Of all the good looking newscasters in LA, he chose her?? The woman is an idiot. I'd be shocked if she could find her butt ( big as it is) with both her hands. But then, look who she's dating- a man who ran this city into debt over and over again, hob nobbing with the rich and ignoring the poor. He's nothing but an attention w***re anyway.

1864 days ago


"hot newscaster Lu Parker" ????? Yeah, she's hot like Tony is a good mayor....NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1864 days ago

Trooper Tom    

Villaraigosa the absolute WORST thing that happened to LA hasn't done a damn thing for the city he's nothing but a self important ass wipe

1864 days ago


Before you suckers donate to the City of Los Angeles you need to read the following

1864 days ago


Thank heavens I moved from that over inflated ratty town to a beautiful state with nice people.

Don't ever go down to the fashion district on a Saturday, you would think you were in Mexico City.

LA is the most shark infested, back stabbing overcrowded hellhole. The whole town is full pretentious cutthroats with phoney steroid jocks and silicone barbie dolls.

Everyone tries to pretend they're rich and sit in stiffling traffic in cars they can't afford.

The mayor is a cheating low life home wrecker and the governator's arrogant and in way over his head. No wonder the whole state is broke.

1864 days ago


TMZ has stated for years and years MJ was trash BUT they own and sell those storys?or trash for VIAcom.TMZ has stated for years and years that MJ was broke a junkie a momo child and any trash they could make up and they had cams mics and people inside the popo and the rental house.DOCTOR VOODOO and the DG KILLROY burner are old old story shylock masonicas for CBS records SONY VIACOM and pepsi as nayone in the industry knows SONY OWNS HOLLYWOOD all the little studios are thiers.NO federal enforce for antitrade volations in H-wood means it`s a ONE HORSE TOWN and that horse is VIACOM fox sony CBS they dam well own everything.You can`t market without them SO MJ had to work for sony or not work at all in the states.THey own all his art and thier people control the estate THE JACKSON`s don`t have nothing to do with all that and never will it`s in the will NO CONTESTING the WILL.Thats the way the system works it`s a racket BUT you won`t work IF you don`t work for SONY.INDIES get off`d and thier product is never seen UNION TOWN one of the last unions that reagan F`d to bust unions for greenspan for the far far right all white MASONIC BROTHERHOOD FRAT FRAT DAVE you never went to college you went to mob training by masoics FRHAG`ss.

1864 days ago


CRAZY is what crazy was.Lester!BLOW BLOW

1864 days ago


Keyed in the keys,key in house fake I vs opp full house of drunks and want2b.CLUB med head near the circle OVER before over never started.NOT inside hollywood inside midwest white SS.DRUNKIE DRUNKIE POOH POOH lushy.

1864 days ago

dont know    

If he's hanging out with Seacrest, he must BE A HOMO TOO!

1864 days ago


The old trick. Homosexuals using pretty ambitious females to cover for them: Michael had Debbie. Ryan had Jasmine. Antonio has Lu Parker. Cowards!

1864 days ago

Dot Perkins    

This has got to be the absolute worst mayor in the history of Los Angeles!!!!! I hope his political career is a short one! Please keep him out of the news . . . he is awful.

1864 days ago


I think it's absurd that the city of Los Angeles is going to pick up the cost. Considering the state of California has been dismantling or drastically curtailing state programs that provide Californians with healthcare, higher education, welfare, parks, AIDS treatment and counseling, prisoner rehabilitation and other services.) BUT they'll pick up the tab for a JUNKIE PEDO!!! What a joke.

1864 days ago

Woo Hoo!!!!    

41. Thank heavens I moved from that over inflated ratty town to a beautiful state with nice people.

Don't ever go down to the fashion district on a Saturday, you would think you were in Mexico City.

Posted at 5:04PM on Jul 20th 2009 by Miss Daisy

Honey, ANYWHERE you go in L.A. is like being in Mexico City. I lived there for a total of 2 months before I got the hell out! It's nothing but a crime-ridden, rundown sh1thole full of idiots.

1864 days ago

the man    

this guy is the worst mayor in the U.S.

Ego driven wife cheating good for nothing who should be out fixing pot holes and promoting green energy.

Most of M.J.s fans would love to be a part of paying for the memorial expenses and this idiot killed that deal?????????????
Why not give everyone who donates $$$$ a certificate stating this. Again, some people would love to pat up and feel like a part of M.J. history.
Pompous fool and untrustworthy person he is.

1864 days ago


IDIOT L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa Does this guy ever do his freaking job
All I ever see him do or here of doing is boning the TV news anchors Lu Parker and the other from telamondo Mirthala Salinas, We need a new L.A. Mayor""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""

1864 days ago
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