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'Dehydrated' from a

4 Day Bender

7/21/2009 1:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We just spoke to Bam Margera who said he was rushed to the hospital Sunday after a four day drinking binge -- not because of a possible drug overdose.

The "Jackass" star blames the "4-day bender" on marital problems, telling us "I may get a divorce ... booze helps."

TMZ also spoke to Bam's mother -- who told us Bam's wife Missy called 911 because she was worried about his health after learning that he popped an Ambien during the drinking bender.

Margera says his kidney and leg muscles were a mess from not eating or drinking enough water -- but the hospital flushed out his system and he was released to his home after speaking to a psychiatrist.

Now, Bam claims he's in good health and he even sent us this photo -- taken after he was released from the hospital -- to prove it. 


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will you wise up bam margera is a good person why are you calling him a loser your the loser its none of your business what he does in his personal life or what hes going to do

1863 days ago


Sorry to disagree with all the name-callers. Bam is not a loser. He is a successful entertainer and businessman. I'm guessing that most of those making the negative comments are working for someone else and making them rich. Jealous?? Bam does, however, have a serious addiction issue that he needs to be address before it is too late. I hope he can straighten up, stay healthy and resolve his marital issues as well.

1863 days ago


Bam, glad to hear you got clean. Stay sober!!!

1863 days ago

Anonymous Hwooder    

Help me understand this - he went on a 4 day alcohol binge and took Ambien and was hospitalized because of it - and you say this isn't a case of a "drug overdose"? Alcohol is a drug. Ambien is a drug. He was experiencing the symptoms of the drugs combination and excess - so I don't understand the editorial logic....

1863 days ago


He's a gay man and refuses to see the light. Perhaps Missy will divorce him and he'll finally come out of the closet.

1863 days ago

miss missy    

What's with all the tattoo haters out there?? I'm a mamma of 4 awesome kids, a social worker for 15+ years, in college, never been to jail, and I'm inked like mad. Don't pass judgement like may be missing out on meeting some very cool people because they have body art. Oh, and I also have a PIT BULL!!!! Edgy, yeah?? Re: Bam, my son was just at CKY show down in Sacramento, and he was right near Bam for the entire show......says he was totally cool, very friendly to everyone, and not at all an ass; dumb, jack, or otherwise!!!

1863 days ago


Bam dump Missy I'm here for you xoxoxoxo

1862 days ago



1862 days ago




1862 days ago


I think everyone needs to get a life and stop intruding on Bam and Melissa's. People go to the hospital all the time - don't over exaggerate. If he was released already, he is obviouusly fine. He may be having marital problems, and he may be drinking a lot, but everyone goes through it sometimes.

1862 days ago


Hey Bam! I hope all is well. As for all these ignorant ass haters on here let me be the first to say I make over 40 bucks an hour and I have more tats that you do bro! lol!!! So F em' all! As for that cheating whore, kick her ass to the curb and get Jen back! Now shes one MILF! Ha! - Take care bro!

1861 days ago


Why is everyone so quick to blame Missy? She has class - this "Jen" was disgusting from what I saw, heard and read. From what I have seen, heard and read - Missy has only tried to help Bam with his "demons" of alcohol etc. He is an awesome person - don't get me wrong. I think they are perfect together but I do understand Missy's concern. I was involved with someone who had a drinking problem and it is not fun or pretty. When you love someone, you are willing to do anything to help them. However, if they feel you are getting too "close" when you offer to help - they push. And, it seems that is what Bam did. He has pushed Missy away - if that is the truth - because he cannot handle facing his own issues. It is not easy to face hard issues but it's so sad - to me - that he is willing to throw so much away for "drugs", especially after all the grief he has given Novak. Where is Novak anyway? He should be giving Bam crap about what he is doing. However, I think he "bows" to Bam and whatever he wants to do. I think that Bam's fame is causing more problems for him than anything. Perhaps, a break would be a good thing. Perhaps, being around Ville would help. I think he might be the onlky person that could really get through to Bam. I have listened to many interviews and he seems very philosophical and intellectual (and hot!) I hope that Bam can conquer this addiction before we lose someone that is so amazing and I hope he and his wife can work things out - divorce is a horrible thing. Please Bam - stop drinking and face the way things are. It is not easy - but in the end it will be so much better.

1861 days ago


Still, I think it is so sad but it seems that all/most couples that do reality shows - well, not so great outcome. Hopefully, it will not happen again with "reality couples" getting divorced. Maybe Missy should go for Ville, however, I think that she is the "match" for Bam. Wish Bam would go to rehab. I think it was Bret Michael's that talked him out of it? I remember he talked about it on his radio show over a year ago - I might have it wrong. But, really, who would listen to that guy? My God! He should have gone to rehab knowing someone like that would tell him not to! As for me, give me Ville - hot Finnish rocker. I guess it is "different" how Bam has imitated so many of Ville's tattoos - although I would love a few of them myself. Hot. Bam is unbelievably creative but Missy seems bit more intellectual - not sure. Just hate to see it all end this way. And, the worst part of it is - if he doesn't go to rehab and take care of his addictions - he will end up like MJ. Haven't we lost enough to pills and booze? His family should intervene and make the rehab situation happen. Sorry to go on. I just hate to see someone drink their life away. I have a friend whom I would like to help more than anything so I know how it feels. Like you are between a rock and a hard place. Hopefully, Bam will get help and stop avoiding the addictions like his friend Novak did for so long. You'd think he would take his own advice. So ironic.

1858 days ago

what a shame.    

Its truly a shame what he does to that poor woman. She tries to help him overcome his addictions and her only reward for trying to be a good wife is having him constantly cheat on her and completely ignore all the effort she puts forth. Shes an idiot for taking him back. There's no amount of counseling or meds that will ever fix this man's issues. He'll continue being an alcoholic drug addict douchebag who talks and acts like a 18 year old with a hard-on 24/7.

1817 days ago


dont worry bam, marriage is hard. trust me i know, i was married 4 five years, and when its finally over its hard to deal with youll make. it will get better.

1802 days ago
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