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Erin Andrews Peeping Tom -- Inside Job?

7/21/2009 4:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Erin Andrews Peeping Tom -- Inside Job?TMZ has reviewed six videos shot by the Peeping Tom who secretly videotaped Erin Andrews in her hotel room as the ESPN reporter walked around naked, not having a clue she was being watched ... and there are signs the person who taped it may be connected with the coverage of athletic events.

Four of the clips were shot in the same hotel. The remaining two were shot in a different hotel. In the first hotel, the peephole is round. In the second hotel, the peephole is jagged. The furniture in the two hotel rooms is completely different.

In the first set of videos, Erin is naked, curling her hair while looking into a mirror. It appears all four clips are from the same video. In the second set of clips, Erin is also naked, ironing a pair of pants.

The videos raise the suspicion that the person who shot them may have been familiar with her work schedule and may have been traveling with her. Erin's people are on the hunt for the culprit.

We will not post this video, because it is a clear invasion of privacy.

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HELLO, even a blind man would see that Erin was behind this whole video thing.... Erin you're a attention whore, you just wanted to show off your little boobs...

1928 days ago

I Will Take Being Born White Any Day - Thats Worth Much More To Me, #6    

Kudos to you, for going through the grind and torture of reviewing them vids. Did Max and Dax get that distasteful detail? Haw!!

1928 days ago


I think she was clearly in on it too and that will come to light. From all I've read, she was posing for it at times. Besides, how many of us walk around a hotel naked, ironing, curling our hair and shaking our stuff? The old saying used to be if at first you don't succeed, try and try again. Now it's more like if at first you don't succeed, do something naked and let a video leak.
You guys didn't post it because you know that would merit a lawsuit. You invade people's privacy for a living, you'd be first to post this if you weren't worried about legal grounds.

1928 days ago


61. 59. Mememememememe get your number st8.. make sure you read a memorize the number that you're referring too..
Posted at 5:49PM on Jul 21st 2009 by LOL

LOL.... I copied what was on the computer. TMZ interns are just bored right now because of their new stance on respecting the privacy of others, and they are trying to play with you. Ooooooweeee....It must be fun being the moderator!

BTW....Stay out of grown folks business. Have a good evening loser!

1928 days ago



1928 days ago


I saw the video, and what's I found really strange was how she was like staring at her ass in the mirror the whole time. She was curling her hair and all, but she keeps turning around and to the side while flexing her ass to make sure it was in perfect shape I suppose. It certainly seemed like she was paying more attention to her ass than her hair.

1928 days ago


I would have installed a glory hole and stuck my fat (_)llllllD through it. : )

1928 days ago


Sounds fishy..... that she didnt know. Ok maybe naked curling your hair, but ironing???? You can burn something.

1928 days ago


83. Mememememememe..... You're the loser! Obviously you're the one picking an argument. Ok I'll go to another gossip siight since tmz admins/interns are rude!!!

1928 days ago


WHO GIVES A RATS ASS!!!!!......Oh Wait
I Might Give a Rats Ass to See This Masterpiece.
C'mon Hook Up the Who Gives a Rats Ass Guy!!!!!

1928 days ago


TMZ, please stop saying you're not posting the video for ethical reasons. It's laughable. The only reason you're not posting it is because her lawyer has threatened to sue anyone who does. In your next story, just leave this line off. Please. Thank you.

1928 days ago


If it was a naked man, you would post the video in a heartbeat. You guys are getting soft...

1928 days ago


TMZ post this video so i can um.....inspect the evidence and possibly solve the crime...yeah

1928 days ago


I don't think she's in on it at all. I travel with my job and when I'm in my hotel room alone, I don't close the door to take a pee. I walk around naked. I do whatever the hell I want. I eat in bed. I iron naked. I pose in front of the mirror. I dance to whatever is on the t.v. or the radio at the time. When you're on travel like that you get bored and yea, you do things you wouldn't normally do when other people are around. Come on ladies - I have to be naked or near naked when I'm getting ready in the morning because I get hot - and no I'm not overweight. I would classify myself as being pretty damn attractive. So I say no set up. I say it is a girl on a work trip getting some time to herself to walk around in the nude and do whatever she wants.

1928 days ago


This is so sad, I feel so sorry for her.

1928 days ago
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