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Erin Andrews Peeping Tom -- Inside Job?

7/21/2009 4:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Erin Andrews Peeping Tom -- Inside Job?TMZ has reviewed six videos shot by the Peeping Tom who secretly videotaped Erin Andrews in her hotel room as the ESPN reporter walked around naked, not having a clue she was being watched ... and there are signs the person who taped it may be connected with the coverage of athletic events.

Four of the clips were shot in the same hotel. The remaining two were shot in a different hotel. In the first hotel, the peephole is round. In the second hotel, the peephole is jagged. The furniture in the two hotel rooms is completely different.

In the first set of videos, Erin is naked, curling her hair while looking into a mirror. It appears all four clips are from the same video. In the second set of clips, Erin is also naked, ironing a pair of pants.

The videos raise the suspicion that the person who shot them may have been familiar with her work schedule and may have been traveling with her. Erin's people are on the hunt for the culprit.

We will not post this video, because it is a clear invasion of privacy.

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Did you notice that this morning on the View - Elizabeth Hassleback did not give TMZ credit for the above information, but passed it along almost word for word with what you have written about this incident!

1884 days ago

Candy Barr    

As Lisa (#13) said, I bet she was in on it, too. I didn't see the tape, but I do remember her getting hit in the face with the baseball. The publicity for that went on and on and on. That chick is probably looking for other options . Some quick cash posing for Playboy perhaps? I have no idea why men go on and on and on about her, but she loves the publicity. She isn't even that good . . . Her legs even look fat.

1884 days ago


I'm POSITIVE that she had a hand in this. Who curls their hair while they're naked?? I smell a desp attempt at a career boost (a la Paris Hilton)!!

1884 days ago


maybe she was on to this as well. who the hell would get naked for that long period of time? egomaniac.

1884 days ago


At first I was pretty upset about this, but then someone showed me one of the videos. Sorry, but there is something strange about this....
The camera moved constantly and would have made a noise in the wall. As hollow as hotel walls are, the noise would have been amplified. Yet she showed no reaction of hearing such odd noises. At some point she would have at least stopped and looked towards the wall, if she wasn't expecting those sounds.
She is doing all of this different stuff in the same spot. How many people dry, curl, comb, etc all in the same f**king spot? There is also way too much posing and prancing in this video.
She may not have known this was getting set loose, but you can no longer convince me she didn't know it was being done.
This video looked more like an audition for a porn film than a victim of an illegal peeping tom.

1884 days ago


Erin Andrews...Not even close to a real reporter. The peep vid is heinous, but it always cracks me up that people who get by on their looks are surprised when the public objectifies them.

Plus, check out all the "posing" pics from the various events she's attended. Little Beauty Queen training all the way. She knows nothing about sports - let alone cameras.

1883 days ago


I have not seen this video for myself, so I am just going by what others have said here and what i have read elsewhere.

First of all, the quality of the video must have been really bad if one poster here said that she has "no carpeting" but another poster said it was obvious that she wasn't a natural blonde. So which is it? BTW, it's obvious she's not a natural blonde without looking "down there".

Second, I am in agreement with those that think Erin set this up herself. As others have said here, the person in the adjoining room would have had to drill a hole thru the wall, so there would have been sawdust on the ground in both rooms. Afterwards, the filmer could have patched up his end (but without the right paint, it wouldn't match the wall and it would be obvious) but how could he have patched the wall on the OTHER SIDE (Erin's side)? So unless it was a hotel employee that rushed to clean up the mess right after Erin checked out, the evidence of the hole would still be there.

Now, Erin travels alot, so if she really was a victim here, it may be difficult for her to identify where this took place. If the video is that poor, she may not be able to recognize the room, and if she's in a different hotel practically every night for say 100x/yr, those hotels all blend together so finding the room may be tough.

This site claims there were different videos from different rooms, so if that's true, it rules out my hotel employee theory.

I've also heard mixed things as to her being always in-frame, but on the other hand, I heard the camera had to be moved, so I don't know what to make of all of that either.

I'm just trying to imagine how this went down if Erin set this up herself. If she didn't have a boyfriend do the filming, imagine if you were the guy she approached and said she wanted you to film her naked. I'd probably hyperventilate on the spot! Actually, if she involved anyone else in this, there's always the danger of that person outing her at some point.

1883 days ago


More information should be easy to develop. From what angle was the video made based on the objects in the room? If it was made from an adjoining room, who was registered in the room? Please TMZ, inquiring minds want to know.

1883 days ago

It's about time    

It serves her right. She's been invading men's locker rooms for years and now she knows how the athletes feel. Good job to whoever shot those.

1882 days ago


You're full of Cr** Erin!!! This was staged and you know it. I can't wait to see my predictions come true when you pose for Playboy in the future, after your frivolous lawsuit agains ESPN for not providing you wih accurate personal security. Here are my findings:
1st. The vid is a set up. first of all, the peaphole in relation to the view of the camera and the back wall with the pink curtain is not perpendicular. In oder words, the camera is inside the room and a piece of cardboard made to look like a peap hole is being used. 2nd, Why are you doing the left side of your hair only? Is this part of your posing technics? 3rd. Ask yourself this question, Are you right or left handed? The mirror in the bathroom would be better for what you were doing. Why out in the open? Yeag. I am right and the findings are undisputable!!! Good luck on you modeling career! Peace!

1882 days ago

Ernie Rodriquez    

I, want to thank the pervert. I saw the video and she was posing(Squats, bun posing glances and frontal viewing. She even looked directly in the direction of the peephole. She has acting skills.

Ernie Rodriquez.

1880 days ago

Michelle Jackson    

Quit Badmouthing Brittany Spears.
She has a much better muff than Erin.
Erin has hips like two battleships

1877 days ago

Nice Breathe    

If its news TMZ will publish it so the profits get back to AOL which was or is a Time Warner Company

1876 days ago


Yeah, but you can get the video with bittorrent! woo-hoo! I want to bury my face in that skank's lotus patch!

1876 days ago


I saw this video and if you ask me....it was staged. She is known to be a freak and likes weird crap like this. The way she is acting in the video is ver suspicious too! She's like bouncing and squating and doing stuff that you wouldn't do unless you knew someone was watching you. I think it was staged and either was leaked or she is playing this up for some attention.

1875 days ago
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