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Taxpayers: In TMZ We Trust

7/21/2009 3:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Taxpayers: In TMZ We TrustWe never really thought we could say this ... but TMZ just helped enrich America ... to the tune of nearly $1.6 billion.

Remember our story about Northern Trust -- the bank that took federal bailout money and then hosted a lavish golf tourney in L.A. and catered swanky dinners with live entertainment from Sheryl Crowe, Chicago and Earth, Wind & Fire? And all the ladies got Tiffany gift bags. And we got video of the whole thing....

Well Barney Frank and other members of Congress were so pissed, Northern Trust agreed to return the money. We checked every week to see if the money was returned ... nothing. Until a few weeks ago!

Northern Trust has returned $1,576,000,000 -- that's $1.576 billion returned to the government.

You're welcome.


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Right On!!!

1890 days ago


Don't get to high and mighty TMZ, If you remember Northern Trust did not want the bailout money. They were forced by the goverment to take and when they tried to give it back the goverment would not take it.

1890 days ago


Amen Jack. People are short-sighted and down right wrong. Northern Trust was REQUIRED to accept the monies. They didn't need it or want it. So as soon as they were allowed to return the money - they did - the very day that they were allow to return it.

Get your facts straight TMZ. This isn't your area of expertise.

1890 days ago


go TMZ!!!

1890 days ago


YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS love you TMZ. THANK YOU!!! Get more videos of these asses doing stupid things and we could be out of this recession in NO TIME! YAY Good Job!!!!!!!!!!!11

1890 days ago


Thanks TMZ! Plz keep up the good work...Lord knows the government doesn't care how the bailout money is being spent!

1890 days ago


Way to go TMZ!!

1890 days ago


Thank you TMZ! You guys rock!

1890 days ago


W T G T M Z!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
thanks!!! good job!!

1890 days ago


Great job; you guys rock.

1890 days ago


Barney Frwank was pissed?!!?!? BAWAHAHAHAHHAHA!!!!! Nice try Harvey, maybe the dumbass liberal nutrags that read this site would buy that, but not any informed, knowledgeable citizen. This is the same Frwank, that along with fellow Nazi Chris Dodd, D-E-S-T-R-O-Y-E-D the housing market!!! And Northern Trust is Obama's bank for cryin' out loud!!! They not only gave him an illegal rate for purchasing his home from another criminal, Tony Rezko, but they also gave his campaign THOUSANDS of dollars, and also employ many of his fundraisers and cash handlers. You people are lying through your teeth about this story. Leaving out these most IMPORTANT facts because they reflect badly on your Socialist dipstick of a President, and your cult of a party, is down right shameful. HOPE AND CHANGE!!! HOPE AND CHANGE!!! LOL!!!!!

1890 days ago


We're in the money. We're in the money. I will take mine in cash.

1890 days ago


That's GREAT... Justice for the little guys... THANKS SO MUCH TMZ!!! You guys ROCK!

1890 days ago


Frank is more of a crook than that bank could ever be. I love how TMZ falls all over themselves to lie and defend their liberal brothers in Washington.

1890 days ago


If Barney Frank had ANYTHING to do with this.......then it is a bad, bad, bad, bad, bad deal. Don't trust Barney Frank with your money. HE...Barney Frank, and Chris Dodd had MORE to do with this depression than any other two men on earth. You can call it a depression now since we are 1.8 TRILLION dollars in debt thanks to the Pelosi, Reid and Obama cartel. It was only a recession until this horrendous spending and headlong rush to Marxism by obama.

1890 days ago
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