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Taxpayers: In TMZ We Trust

7/21/2009 3:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Taxpayers: In TMZ We TrustWe never really thought we could say this ... but TMZ just helped enrich America ... to the tune of nearly $1.6 billion.

Remember our story about Northern Trust -- the bank that took federal bailout money and then hosted a lavish golf tourney in L.A. and catered swanky dinners with live entertainment from Sheryl Crowe, Chicago and Earth, Wind & Fire? And all the ladies got Tiffany gift bags. And we got video of the whole thing....

Well Barney Frank and other members of Congress were so pissed, Northern Trust agreed to return the money. We checked every week to see if the money was returned ... nothing. Until a few weeks ago!

Northern Trust has returned $1,576,000,000 -- that's $1.576 billion returned to the government.

You're welcome.


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It's shocking that TMZ fails to ever mention that Northern Trust is Obama's freakin' bank. If there was video of Bush using their ATM that's all we'd be hearing about, but the fact that Obama illegally financed his house through them, received monies for his campaign and had numerous bank board members on his campaign staff isn't even being mentioned is liberal propaganda as usual. Way to go TMZ.

1923 days ago


TMZ writers clearly need to stick to what they do best: stalking and harrassing celebrities instead of claiming they have an inkling of how the banking industry works. Northern Trust was forced to accept TARP money from the US government. They were more than happy to have the opportunity to return it given the high rate charged by Uncle Sam.

Please continue to provide the mindless information you are so good at obtaining. I, for one, would love to know what color shirt Britney is wearing today. Stay away from the complicated "stuff".

1923 days ago


Thank you TMZ!! We truly need someone like YOU to oversee our government's f-ups!!!
You are a true patriot!

1923 days ago


TMZ pats itself on the back and its braindead sycophants applaud, none of them realizing that Northern Trust was FORCED to take money it never wanted, and that the bank was acting in the best interests of its business and its customers by putting on a golf tournament for marketing purposes. If American businesses followed TMZ's advice on how best to conduct business, the economy would be in FAR WORSE shape than it already is. But don't let a little Economics 101 spoil your little self-congratulatory feast, pinheads. Just turn on another episode of General Hospital, stretch out on the couch, and have another bon-bon.

1923 days ago


Why hasn't TMZ reported the fact that this bank is Obama's personal bank and they gave him a criminally below market interest rate on his house? They also contributed over 50,000 dollars to his Presidential efforts. Weird how TMZ forgets these little tidbits.

1923 days ago



1923 days ago


Frank is just another Democrat who's fat ass should be rotting in jail. Didn't he and his prostitute boyfriend run an underage prostitution ring out of his basement back in the 80's? Only an evil Dem can escape those charges.

1923 days ago


Mr. Levin, could you please send some of your folks to Canada?
Our government is becoming increasingly corrupt and you guys do a great job bringing these tards into the light and forcing them to take action.

1923 days ago

Tom L.    

Hold on one second here. There is a major hole in your supposed "story." You said " We checked every week to see if the money was returned." Well, tell me why you are just reporting this if the money was returned a few weeks ago??? I thought you said you checked EVERY week? Hmmmmmm. Oh, and Harvey, it's time for you to come out of the closet already...

1923 days ago


Bravo! Good public service for once.

1923 days ago


I'm sure Obama already has it spent!!!

1923 days ago


Frank was pissed? Was that a joke? Frank is a criminal and should have been behind bars decades ago. Why are liberals all criminals by the way?

1923 days ago


Northern Trust is Obama's bank people!!!! Wake the f up!!!!

1923 days ago

smart person    

My god you people are retarded. TMZ talking about economics, finance, banking, etc is like a donkey doing calculus. You know NOTHING about ANY of the things that caused the financial crisis. If NT wasn't so busy caring about their clients money, they would have sued you.

I can pretty much guarantee you that whatever TARP money NT received (read: was forced to take) sat in an account. They didn't want the money and they didn't need the money.

Now, GS on the other hand took handouts, then took huge risks with taxpayer money and as a result had tremendous proprietary trading gains. So they basically went to a casino with your money and got lucky, but you didn't get to keep any of the winnings.

You guys are idiots. Stick to Jon and Kate.

1923 days ago


Thanks TMZ! Now you should try to fix California's budget :)

1923 days ago
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