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The First Men on the Moon: 'Memba Them?!

7/21/2009 2:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Forty years ago today, astronauts Neil Armstrong (left) and Buzz Aldrin (right) -- with Michael Collins (center) orbiting above -- became the first men to walk on the moon. Guess what they look like now!

The First Men on the Moon: 'Memba Them?!


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you mean GROWN up, not GROWED

1921 days ago


And we care about this because ???

1921 days ago


In '69 hey, mmmmm today we are supposed to see stars, be in 7th heaven, on cloud 9, our toes curl up, etc. Whatever. In those days these chaps saw the moon!

1921 days ago

Read a book!    

Response to number 3......either your an idiot or dont know when people are just making fun.......growed up is a kiddies term which they are using for their own title........also if they were they first astronauts on the moon how come they cant explain the flag waving....the same landscape as the desert oh and also the sun was shining against the moon which puts it up to 33,000 degrees celcius.....

1921 days ago


I look at Neil Armstrong and I see Joel McHale. Maybe that's just me. Yeah, it's just me.

1921 days ago

pink floyd    

to hot dog on a stick your an idiot....way to go uncle neil.

1921 days ago


the surface of the sun only has 6000 °C, how should the moon then reach 33,000 °C? that's just ridiculous. :)
you can answer all those questions yourself, go and invest some time on wikipedia.

1920 days ago


It was all a hoax just so we could say we beat the Russians to the moon. Hell, we can't even predict the weather let alone go to the moon.

1920 days ago


You know they didn't call "Buzz Aldrin" Buzz for nothing! He was a drunk and mentaly unstable. Left many a party he left cryin' in his booze. Like they would let somebody like that go in space.

1920 days ago


A Hoax? What are you people smoking? I a mean really-Get a grip!

They are outstanding men. Too bad there are not a lot of men like that around today. Real men are almost extinct!

Dariumious, Derailla and Thessayist-Can you pass the hair gel? Freaks!

1920 days ago


They really look like those cartoon characters!

1920 days ago


It's nice to see some REAL heroes getting the attention they deserve instead of that guy who did the other moonwalk.

1920 days ago


It's a lie, don't believe the hype. The govermnet has lied about every event in the last hundred years, this is no different.

1920 days ago


1. There are no stars in the background in ANY of the videos. EVER!!!! (camera angles my ass)
2. There are millions of stars in the background of the still photos, but not the video (they had photoshop, not CGI back then)
3. You can see in a video piece one of the astronauts who had fallen being 'pulled up' by the guy working the cables
4. THE FLAG FREAKIN BLOWS IN THE WIND..... no matter what NASA says. Use your fkn eyes. (for dummies, no wind on the moon)
5. There are photos of the lunar rover with NO TIRE tracks around it, as if it had been put there in place by a crane on a set, and not wheeled into place like it would have been on the moon.

6. COMMON SENSE: WE CAN NOT GO TO THE MOON TODAY, ESTIMATE WE CAN NOT GO IN 30 YEARS, but we went 3 times 40 years ago, easy-breezy-japaneezy like driving to the 7-11 back in the'70s when they had rotory phones. Wake up.

Maybe only 15% of people know it was a hoax, but I'd rather be with the 15% who are Astronomy professors and Physics geniuses than the 85% of Americans who think they actually (hahahahaha) went to the moon and also watch the Hills and The Bachelor and think it's like, real and stuff.

1920 days ago
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