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Decorating Duo Says Dr. Phil a Fraud

7/22/2009 1:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

An interior design team who claim Dr. Phil McGraw and his wife Robin breached an oral contract has now upped the ante in their lawsuit.

Deborah Flattery and Brynja McGrady -- who sued the McGraws in March -- now allege fraud, false advertising and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

The designers, who developed a line of skin care products, claim Robin promised to promote the products on her husband's show -- but never did. They also claim they were never fully paid for their services.

In response, the McGraws counter-sued for fraud -- claiming Flattery and McGrady over-charged them for a re-do of the couple's master suite.

McGraw attorney Frederick Friedman told us, "The McGraws are simply seeking to recover what the decorators actually admit to having received by fraud."

But the McGrady's attorney, Stephen Lowe, denies any fraud -- telling us his clients are part of an elaborate scheme concocted by the McGraws ... one in which the couple doesn't fully pay their vendors.


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I LOVE TMZ! You guys are the best on TV. Dr. Phil is obviously the worst kind of media whore. Any "doctor" who would humiliate someone for a laugh, or for the sake of self-promotion, is what society has long deemed to be a quack. What keeps "Dr"Phil on the air is that Oprah Winfrey "endorsed and forced" him on the air waves.Now we have to ride it out until they all go away."And that will do it for this media whore. The next one is entering....right now. (I love you Harvey!)

1844 days ago

richard fusilier de la Claire    

Another fake promoted by Oprah, is that it? Hollywood is riddled by phonies!

1844 days ago


My wife went on the show last year and was promised to get counseling, a full team of help and a meeting with Dr Phil, other than on the show. None of which happened. She thought his show was real and she could finally get some help for her severe anxiety. Didnt happen. Its been a year and they still avoid any kind of help they promised.

1853 days ago


uh... get it in writing IDIOT! lololol take it to Judge Judy!

1853 days ago

My Gosh ! ! !    

I used to think Dr. Phil Paid for the councilors he promises to the people on the show. But now I notice he says he will make them available, which means he will find them, YOU pay for them yourself. What a FAKE he is. And some of his advise scares me.
And yes Robin seems just as FAKE as he is. Too bad people really think he will help them and all he does is make fun of them in his way of looking at the audience and making faces to get a laugh. He could care less about anything other than making more money, really sad for the people who really need help.

1850 days ago



1922 days ago

Ice Water    

Can't stand either one of them (Phil or the wife) They are both total fame whores who don't have an ounce of class in them, though they think they do. I love how the wife always congratlates him after a show, like "Good, Job, Fat Boy!) She talks about aging ""gracefully"" and she's had so much work done it's a wonder her face can move. In the immortal words of her husband, "give me a break."

1922 days ago


the skin care product is called Miracle Hydrate - and it works!!!

1921 days ago


Oh, the infamous Miracle Hydrate.. My mom raves about it.

1920 days ago

katie lady    

Oprah unleashed a nutjob! is anyone surprised at the venality or egocentric behaviour? No, don't think so.. never watch the nutter..however, he is the producer of The Doctors shown afternoons on NBC... when I saw that in the credits, turned it off.

1920 days ago

katie lady    

love Harvey, editors with the dreds and the guy in black who wears the black baseball cap... Please stop covering the jerk father of 8 who walked out on the family... The crazy mom of 14; ocotmom.... thanks..
what do you all think of Michael Vick being reinstated wth the NFL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that would be an interesting back story.. another low life wins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and Rianna's going back to her abuser invalidates her protective orders and kills any chance of future protection.. another dumb kid

1917 days ago


The McGraws are both a lot scary. How anyone takes him and his show seriously is a mystery. She looks like a mannequin with so much makeup covering the plastic surgery scars...and those fake boobs...It's just nauseating how she trots along beside him at the end of each show like a little puppy dog. One would guess he probably treats her like doo doo and the work she's had done is more for him than herself. Like so many women, she stays for the money, which is what he is ALL about.

1909 days ago

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