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Jessica Simpson Tries to Work It Out

7/22/2009 12:19 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Looking radiant for a girl who was dumped right before her birthday party, Jessica Simpson emerged Monday at a West Hollywood gym.

Getting back in shape is the first step of any good break-up revenge plan.


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Ahhhhhhhh.... A 'Natural Beauty' ...translation...."she is a fatty but she tries hard." She needs to work for what some of us have aready. 'Naturaly Skinny'. The only thing in danger of her trying to jog is the sidewalk.

1922 days ago

Gospel Elvis    

You did good Tony by letting her go. She is sooooo into herself. She does really think she is great.. NOT!! Maybe she will go back to John. I just can't for the life of me understand these women. They go from man to man to man. I bet they all have STD"S. Well I guess that's what you get when you stick it in garbage. Amen. She does live in a fantasy world.

1922 days ago

Just Saying    

14. There's nothing wrong with this girl.
I wish I looked as cute as her.
I wish I was as young as her.
I wish I could sing close to as good as her.
I think the people who post the nasty comments
about her are jealous and/or just stupid.
I think these people should be able to post pics
of themselves along with their comments to see how
much better they look. You people act like she dids
something bad to you personally, get a life losers!

Posted at 11:57AM on Jul 22nd 2009 by Machelle

I couldn't have said better myself to all the Haters out there!

1922 days ago


I am glad Tony broke up with her and didn't lead her on any more. He wants to have a good time while he's young so he had her and now he's tired of "that." He will eventually marry a girl who has never been married and who is not a celebrity. His family is important to him and he will find a girl whom his family will accept and love. As for Joe Simpson, he needs to quit butting into his daughters' lives. For having been a pastor he sure doesn't act like one.

Why am I glad Tony broke up with Jessica?? Because now he can focus on being a quarterback and maybe the Dallas Cowboys will have a winning season.

1922 days ago


She is hot. I would marry her in a second.

1922 days ago


Another plastic bottle endorsed by jennifer A. to go to the landfill. "Smart Water" indeed!

1922 days ago

Trooper Tom    

Why does any even care about what she does any more, she's just another flash in the pan wanna be singer who's 15 minutes is way over

1922 days ago

hell with them all    

I'll be out there in two weeks babe. We'll take care of your needs and more. I don't care if you have money as long as your dad in not there when we get hot and heavy babe.

1922 days ago


Ummm, didn't Jessica Simpson dumped Nick Lachey; the one man who loved and adored her. Yeah, she dumped him and ended her marriage for fame, fortune and to conquer Hollywood. Now her music and movie career haved tanked and she can't keep a man to save her life. Karma is a bytch isn't it.

1922 days ago

Just Saying    

I get a kick how you football fans always want to blame the girlfriend for them sucking on the field. Yea buddy that's the reason why he lost the game because getting a$$ makes you throw the ball the wrong way or have butter fingers. Get a Life!

1922 days ago


So what if they broke up? Get over it, maybe Tony didnt want to do a "Newlyweds 2" reality show, or got tired of the Paps. BTW, does Tony always wear the 1993 era backwards baseball cap? How un-original!!!

1922 days ago


She is a beautiful woman and seems like a very sweet person. Unfortunately she has no talent for singing or acting as is evident by the lack money brought in by any of her recent CD’s or movies. She would be wise to keep herself in shape as that is the best thing she has going for her.

1922 days ago


who cares!!! she's a train wreck and what happend to her boobs, one minute they are huge,like in that red and black striped dress, and then the next time they look like zlich!!!

1922 days ago

Jess Simpson is a cheating whore!!!!!!!!!!!!    

Jess Simpson is back with John Mayer ;)

1922 days ago


She is a gorgeous woman and she will be just fine, I'm quite sure. She deserves better than someone who thinks it's fine to dump a person you've been in a serious relationship with for over a year the night before her birthday.

But Jessica? A little advice for next time - you need to get past the kind of thinking that let's you believe it's appropriate for a 29 yr old woman to have a "Barbie and Ken" themed birthday bash.

1922 days ago
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