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Robert Blake Shows Off His Guns

7/22/2009 10:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Robert Blake -- who was acquitted for the murder of his wife -- didn't forget his guns inside any restaurants yesterday when we got him in Beverly Glen -- just check out those loaded weapons.

Robert Blake: Click to watch
Blake also talked for once -- saying he and our photog need to get a life.


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I Will Take Being Born White Any Day - Thats Worth Much More To Me, #6    

"Acquitted murderer"? You wanna rethink that one, TMZ?

1928 days ago


You your gun and your wife leave a resturant after dinner. Five mins. later your wife is murdered with YOUR gun.

Murderer! End of story.

1928 days ago


inny.....You assume everyone believes in a Christian God? There are a lot of religions out there Are you so arrogant to believe that you must be Christian in order to show compassion? Better yet YOUR type of Christian...FU!!!

1928 days ago


Uh...I'm srue the same people that are calling Michael a pedophile are also calling Robert Blake a murderer, even though they were both acquitted!

1928 days ago


Just like OJ...this murderer walked.

And just like OJ......Robert Blakes day of reckoning is yet to come....but it will.

1928 days ago

Politico Pablo    

I just bet he is eating alone at restaurants, and STILL parks next to dumpsters.

1928 days ago


Wtf, looks like the guy from Cape Fear!

1928 days ago


Murdering prick!

1928 days ago


The photog needs to get a life?
HE TOOK a life!

1928 days ago


Way to go, Mr. Blake!! Well said!! :D

1928 days ago


...too bad I didn't see this sooner, so I could've posted before all these other ijits on here..

1928 days ago


What is all this cr@p lately? Is this story like the one on the death of Kemo? Confirmed by a very reliable source? Is Harvey going to apologize to the masses like he had to do on the original OJ trial? I thought your credibility couldn't get any lower, but I was wrong. Oh well, we've still got the female dogs, the pillsbury dough boy with the pubic hair beard, the guy who cracks himself up by stealing other peoples pictures, and last, but not least, the stupidest surfer-wanna-be whose claim to fame is ??

1928 days ago

carol taylor    

did you happen to notice the hat? it was a ladies hat with a ribbon and flowers. it seemed to tie his ensamble together, the black jeans and the purple t-shirt. just wondering.

1928 days ago


#15 (brooklynlady), what the heck does color/race have to do with either of these stupid men and their history? "Some" of 'us white people' are just as disgusted with both men as humanly possible to be disgusted. If either/both men did what they were charged with (forget about the outcome of the trials for the purpose of this remark)...they both deserve to lose their life at the hands of their respective departments of corrections. If either of them is innocent (note please that I did not say acquitted) then they should be free. Few things raise my ire faster than having anyone 'suppose' or assume that because I am very light brown (white) that I have a double standard, or triple standard, or quad standard ad infinitum: good (or bad) is as good (or bad) DOES, not what 'it' looks like. Jeeeesh!

1356 days ago

Mike Newton    

I am not sticking up for Blake. Obviously the man has had emotional stability problems for a while. But that interviewer needs to work on his style on approaching celebrities. First off, you are not going to impress him by saying you used to watch him on television and then follow it up by associating him with the wrong character. He did not play Spanky on Our Gang. George MacFarland was a chubby kid who had a "spankable" behind. Blake played "Micky" which was his real name. You also didn't win any points by following him with the camera and commenting on his guns. Blake was right. You need to get a life as in "grow up."

1296 days ago
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