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Hidden Drug Stash Found in Jackson's House

7/25/2009 12:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Law enforcement sources tell us Dr. Conrad Murray kept a stash of drugs -- including the powerful anesthetic Propofol -- hidden in his closet at Michael Jackson's home.

Sources say when the LAPD first searched Jackson's home the night he died, they did not turn up Propofol or many of the other drugs that were in Jackson's house.

Dr. Murray talked to the LAPD the following Saturday and the information he supplied triggered another, broader search warrant. Cops returned to the house the following Monday and discovered "various drugs" secretly stashed in a closet of the guest room where Dr. Murray was staying.

Here's the amazing thing enforcement sources say Dr. Murray himself told LAPD detectives about the closet when he was interviewed the Saturday after Jackson's death.

One law enforcement source says: "The drugs were concealed...they weren't obvious." Among the stash -- Propofol, the drug authorities believe killed Michael Jackson.


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1878 days ago


Kennie- Check out You Tube Michael Jackson Korea- Micheal and Slash - I love this video

1878 days ago


Things are really coming out more and more - can't wait to see what the toxicology report will be - run Murray run!!! Dam*n that doctor!

1878 days ago


Chico- It is funny how all these people are connected in some way

1878 days ago

Smooth Criminals    

REPORT: Rumored Love Child Says Jackson Not His Father REPORT: Rumored Love Child Says Jackson Not His Father

In a rare case of someone refusing to exploit a major tragedy for personal gain, a 25-year-old man has come forward denying the late Michael Jackson was his father.

It has been suspected that Omer Bhatti, originally from Norway, was Jackson's illegitimate child for years, stemming from a 1983 fling with the boys mother.

Bhatti and Jackson first met when he was 12, on vacation with his family in Tunisia, reports UK paper The Mirror.

Jackson was so smitten he had the entire boys family moved to Neverland Ranch, where he employed both of his parents and often engaged in sleepovers with Bhatti, the report says.

"Michael is not my father. He and I were just very, very close. He was my best friend," the paper say Bhatti imparted to a friend.

Bhatti and brood returned to Norway in 1994 at the start of Jackson's financial woe. And, although never claiming to be his son, was welcomed with the most immediate of family at Jackon's televised memorial.

1878 days ago


I LOVE MICHAEL JACKSON! but...his addcitions are his own fault, I dont think anyone murdered him, he got what he was paying for,its sad,its tragic, he was used his whole life by people including his own family that he refused to have anything to do with....he was somehow convinced to do these stupid shows knowing full well that at 50, he couldnt do what he did when he was 35...and not so messed up.I wish everyone would get off his damm arse though and give him the respect in death for the artist he was that he was NOT shown in life.His persona was odd i agree but so what!As for the makeup and being gay...wearing makeup doesnt make you frigging gay! the guy had a major skin condition which to even out he wore foundation, if youve ever seen a woman wearing heavy foundation and nothing else its a shocker! so we stick on lipstick and eveything else..he diod the same,over the top maybe but why dont YOU LOT that hate him so much try living your life subjected to non critisism for your appearance and everything you do and see how you get affected! leave the poor guy alone the worlds just gone f***ed up! None of us know anything its all innuendo,oh and Isabelle... you have the headboard banging scenario down pat REOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWW mike! lol Go harvey!

1878 days ago


Mullins- Doesn't it seem as if EVERYBODY, and I mean everybody (except his kids) was wanted something monetary from Michael Jackson? I think that is so very sad. MJ was just a NICE GUY who happened to have an incredible amount of creative talent, but noone saw anything beyond dollar signs. I always read the posts with the riddles in them (like the post that always has the words puppet master in them), because either they're completely nuts....or they're somebody who really knows what they're talking about. You just never know. And BTW, I'm glad you're not letting those stupid imposters get to you. Deb and I defended you on another post....Danger Baby fell for the impostor, but we told her that it wasn't you.

1878 days ago


re 606..who is mullins and why an imposter? and i agree i think poor MJ was too nice for his own good...makes me so sad seriously.

1878 days ago


There is no possible way that a black man can be responsible for his own demise. This is America! This has to be blamed on the White Peter Pan. It's all Peter Pan's White fault. Capture that White man that wrote the Peter Pan book too!

1878 days ago


In interviews Dr Klein said that MJ 'had to' treat his skin so aggressively because of the leopard pattern on his skin due to his disorder. But I've seen some pictures of people with his condition and to me the look rather striking and not in a bad way. Too bad he just didn't go natural and turn down Klein's freckle juice. Maybe he would have started a trend!

Also btw if MJ was such a druggie why didn't he mess himself up long ago falling out of a tree? He said he loved climbing them.

One last thing, I don't know if this is valid, but check out this pic, MJ looks the same now as from '88

1878 days ago


Personally I just don't think Michael had it in him to hurt another person. He does not fit the profile nor do the stories fit the profile of a molester.

Dr. Murray had a choice to make- everything he did points to his killing Michael. Just because Michael asked for it did not mean the dr had to give it to him. Its easy Dr Murray just say it..... No...... ahhhh but you pimped yourself out... you were everything a Dr shouldn't be. You are a sad excuse for a a human being. Did you have malpractice ins??

1878 days ago


Michelle- Mullins is regular poster here (see #602). If you've been here for awhile, you'll notice that there are a lot of game players on the board. These are people who are MJ haters, and when someone posts something nice about MJ, then they say something terrible and post it in your name. This has happened to Mullins on another board. It's happened to me before too, but I have learned to ignore them. That's why I said the stuff to Mullins about impostors.

1878 days ago


Chico- Thank You- and Thank Deb to- I think it was Doc Holliday doing it- but - I do not know. Anyway- Yes, seems like a lot of people wanted something monetary from Michael - That is sad because - I believe he was a sensitive,kind and very generous man by what I have read and seen on videos- It is sooo sad that with everything that he went through in his life- I think instead of him dealing with it - he buried it deep inside of himself- till it turned him toward drugs and the drugs fooled him into believing the pain would go away- but- it only took care of the problem while he was on them in his mind-When really all the garbage he had to deal with in life was building up inside and he needed more to excape- He took and took the drugs until they took him away. So, So Sad!!!

1878 days ago


Mullins and Chico

Keep up the good fight and intelligent commentary.

Dr. Murray's behaviour and medical care were criminal. Who cares if he was left holding the bag...sorry any defenders out there his actions WERE CRIMINAL.

1878 days ago


609. Michael had universal type vitiligo...agressive and extensive disease google it.

1878 days ago
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