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Jessica Simpson --

Rebounding is a B*tch

7/26/2009 2:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Right after she broke up with Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo last weekend, Jessica Simpson was already moving on with her life -- and her lips.

Jessica Simpson -- Rebound
FYI -- we're told the two only met just a few minutes before this photo was taken.


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gross licking the tongue of a dog nasty.......

1879 days ago

leave the gun, take the cannolis.    

Why does a dog lick itself? Because it can.

1878 days ago


TheMutantsZoo : I hate to be the bearing of bad news to you but black people are just as nasty as white people. Ain't no difference between black and white people. Yall are just the same. Good.. Evil..... Ugly...Pretty... Stupid.... Smart... I won't lie.. I use to think white people had the copy rights to evil and nastiness but I took a good look at black people and realized that we are no better than whites. Too be fair I think black people are better at hiding some of their dirt. Now I know black people are into beastiality just as much as whites, but for some reason in America - I can't find cases of blacks being arrested for those kinds of crimes. I have never seen one case. I will guess that if I had 2 weeks of time to really look I might be able to find 10 cases of blacks doing beastiality in the last ten years across America. I was researching for a school paper on this subject regarding race but I couldn't find any cases of blacks. Most were white. To find black people accused of this I had to look outside of America. It was much easier to find it outside of America. In Africa some black men get down with goats. In Europe white men like sheep. Dude.. Get over it. Humans as a species are just messed up. Stop making this thing into a black and white issue. Not to be devils advocate, why are black men in South Africa raping infants to cure themselves of H.I.V? Dude.. Black and white people are not nasty.. Humans are nasty, evil etc.. We all need to be born again.. Washed in the blood of Jesus... Oh.. And I can't forget the media.. The media is racist and biased.. That is why you don't know about stories like this [ ] but you know about Micheal Vick...

1878 days ago


That dog is cute as a button, but he does not belong in a restaurant. And while it is true that most of the germs in a dog's mouth are species specific, they can pick up other germs on their coats and paws and spread them to people. Wash your hands after handling animals and keep them away from your food. It's just common sense, no wonder Jessica hasn't got a clue.

1878 days ago

Sam Sunshine    

I would have the dog checked for STD'S! White trash!

1878 days ago


It's a WESTIE!!! Great little dogs :)
Could'nt care less about whatsherface Simpson, but the dog is adorable.

1878 days ago

who gives a shit    

How many times did that dog lick it butt before tonguing Jessica? Ewww!!! Is she that hard up for a kiss in such a short period of time that now she's tonguing dogs?????? Cute dog though! Jessica on the other hand is cute too but no brains up there!!!

1878 days ago


That poor dog! Now the dogs gonna get the Stupid disease!

1878 days ago


I'd pretend I was a dog if she would let me lick her ass and stick my tongue in her tight little hole.Bet her ass taste sweet.Would also like to play with her nice big boobs.

1878 days ago


She's so friggin disgusting! Nick always said she was a stinking slob and now she lets a DOG, lick her face, and you know ALL dogs lick their asses! Of course, she's a dog too so she probably licks her ass as well!

1878 days ago

Jess Simpson is a cheating whore!!!!!!!!!!!!    

Jessica is f#cking John Mayer again!!!!!

1878 days ago

Pumpkins Mom    

Hey Jess. Don't you know where that dogs tongue has been? GROSS!!!! Jess might as well eat dog $hit instead of letting her puppy lick her mouth. Excuse me I just threw up in my mouth.

1878 days ago

Jess Simpson is a cheating whore!!!!!!!!!!!!    

I wonder if that dog likes the taste of John Mayer geeze....................

1878 days ago

john johnson    

great pic of two dogs kissing each other.

1878 days ago

Jess Simpson is a cheating whore!!!!!!!!!!!!    

Jessica Simpson is John Mayer pice of ass on the side.......................

1878 days ago
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