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Ze Germans Express Furor with 50 Cent's Peeps

7/31/2009 2:07 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A German promotional company is calling bull-schnitzel on 50 Cent's agents -- claiming the William Morris Endeavor agency charged them $125,000 to negotiate for a concert that never happened.

 50 Cent

Ze company, Major Movez, claims all they wanted to do was talk with Fiddy's peeps about ze possibility of booking ze rapper for a concert in Graz, Austria in ze summer of 2009.

But according to ze lawsuit, filed in L.A. County Superior Court, WME claimed it would cost ze German's $125k for ze opportunity to negotiate -- with no promise of a deal -- and if the deal fell through, "WME would return the entire amount."

Ze Germans claim they ponied up -- but when ze deal eventually crumbled, they never got their $125,000 back.

Now they're taking WME to court, where they are demanding ze swift return of their Deutsche Marks.


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Its called a "binder" , I own a booking agency and I have been dealing with big name urban artists for 15 years. All major artist and agents want go see that the buyer/promoter is for real when they submit a performance offer , so normally a binder agreement is drafted wanting usually 10% of what the artist is asking for the show. If and when binder is sent, agnet goes to artist, tells artist he has a binder and then sees if artist is willing to do the show. The binder agreement should state that if artist declines said date, binder is returned or can be used towards securing another artist or buyer can counter offer, but if artist says no way no how, binder should be returned. Just a little "Music 101"

1909 days ago


Excuse me TMZ but as i am from Germany i just have to tell you that the DEUTSCHE MARK is since 2001 gone our currency right now is the Euro!!!!!!!!!

1909 days ago



1909 days ago


What's with making fun of the german accent? Do you know how americans sound when try to speak german?

1909 days ago


Yeah, what's with the "Ze"? I think that's more of the French side. I agree with above comment, haha. Americans sound a lot funnier when they speak German.

1909 days ago


First - they are not Deutsch Marks because Graz is in Austria. Second - Austria used Schillings as currency prior to the current Euro. Fact-checkers may be a good idea...

1909 days ago


They don't use Deustche Marks anymore, its the Euro now!!

1909 days ago


First - they are not Deutsch Marks because Graz is in Austria. Second - Austria used Schillings as currency prior to the current Euro. Fact-checkers may be a good idea...

And third, People of Austria are called Austrians afaik. I know, it' supposed to be funny, but a little bit of truth would not be wrong.

1909 days ago


I know, the "ze"'s are supposed to be funny and normally your stories are, but not knowing about the difference between Austria and Germany and Deutsche Mark/Schilling and Euro just proofs again how incredibly crappy the general knowledge of other countries in the US is. You just confirmed all the bad clichés.

1909 days ago

who dat    

50 IQ is a ZE clown.

1909 days ago


I totally agree! Iam german and lived in the states for 12 years - they know absolutely nothing about what's going on outside the US.

1909 days ago


Germans, Austrian, Marks, Schillings, Euro, who cares? They're Americans, they don't have to bother with menial countries in whatsitcalled - Europe. But dont worry, we like you guys anyway :-D

1909 days ago


YAWN. TMZ is so lame. Too good you offer jobs... No why don't you hire people that actually know something about the world...

Deutsche Marks don't exist as a currency anymore. I wonder how stupid people can be. YIKES

Read a book, it sure wouldn't do any harm....

1909 days ago

doc murry    

when it counts the US knows all it needs to know..remember he who carries the biggest stick makes the rules ..and you dont want to wake a sleeping you morons think that maybe this was supposed to be a joke sort of..mein hear the people who gave us hitler complain about money geeezzzzz,,

1909 days ago


Just a little correction: since 2002 (!) we´ve got the € Euro in Germany, no Deutsche Mark.

1909 days ago
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