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K-Fed -- Big Cheapskate

8/1/2009 12:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

There's only one small thing about Kevin Federline these days: The amount of moolah he leaves for tips.

Kevin Federline: Click to launch
Brit's expanding ex was at Wasted Space at the Las Vegas Hard Rock Thursday night -- where he and his buds were hooked up with several free bottles of Grey Goose. Only problem: Sources very close to the situation tell is the dude tipped zilch!

Kevin Federline: Click to watchIt's not like he's broke -- Kevin pulls in $30K just to watch his own kids while Britney's on tour.


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1873 days ago


He should join Jon Gosselin and Michael Lohan in the divorced dads club. They're all fat, all douches , all crying for attention and all trainwrecks waiting to happen.

1873 days ago


I drive the private car that takes you from the resort/hotel and to the main street, at night and back whenever you want. I had Paris Hilton and her gang get in one night, and after many back and forth and waiting, and helping with the bags, etc ...guess how much they left in tips? ZILCH!!! I couldn't believe it. This is all to common for big stars, though. We have a lot of them come through and for the majority they don't tip.

1873 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

Did someone say that K-Dud wants his own Reality Show with Britney's kids?? You have got to be kidding! That would even be worse than Trailer Trash Denise Richards and Nutty as a Fruitcake OctoMom having Reality Shows. The only mildly interesting Reality Show is American Idol. At least the contestants have a little talent. I think K-Dud is retarded. He must be. No sane person would behave the way he does. Somewhere in his pea brain, he thinks he's important. He's dumb as a rock and the biggest gold digger in history. Can he read?? He's too stupid to operate a computer so he probably doesn't know that people think he is a money grubbing Nut-Case. He will never get a job. What's he going to do when Britney's boys are 18 year old and he gets off of Britney's payroll??? He will probably go on Welfare He is so revolting in every way.

1873 days ago


WHO cares about K-F%CT!....Where's all the Michael Jackson News?...I need to read more about Michael!

1873 days ago


RIP Michael...we will catch Dr. Mur Mur Murder Murray sooner or later!

1873 days ago


People work and get paid. That is what you are suppose to do, tip - especially if you are grubbing. Would $100 tip be so much for you?? You idiot, these people work unlike you. This club is stuiped to serve free drinks or anything to these celebs, they can pay for it and what do they do, don't even tip, A lot of them do this, I heard from a waiter in NYC that Regis is so cheap, Louses.

1873 days ago


is tmz trying to say nothing worth reporting happened in the zone on a friday night? oh, for the days of real news (anna nicole, paris and the brit-brit). leave this guy alone, i like him. it's no where near as fun poking fun at him as it was howard k.

1873 days ago


K-Fat probably forgot to leave the tip cause he was trashed on Grey Goose

1873 days ago


TMZ was singing a different tune when the financial reports came out during the divorce, and everyone called him an extravagant tipper, like the time he gave $2,000 on a $365 meal bill at Scores. This sounds like BS to me. Too bad it's such a slow weekend this got moved to your top story.

1873 days ago


highly doubt that fat ass needs anymore calories. OMG he's so damn disgusting, bet ya feel really REALLY stupid now Brit

1873 days ago


He needs to go on the Special K diet. Nice pay for da babysitting gig. K ingsize Fed. Kover Fed, K ant get through my door Fed .K ant see my penis while peeing Fed, Fu see K Fed tell Brttanie.

1873 days ago


If he ate sex he would Fu*kFed"

1873 days ago


What a Putz

1873 days ago


76. He should join Jon Gosselin and Michael Lohan in the divorced dads club. They're all fat, all douches , all crying for attention and all trainwrecks waiting to happen.

Posted at 7:49PM on Aug 1st 2009 by MyTwoCents

And all shamelessly living off of their children. No one can remember the last time any of them them were gainfully employed. Absolutely disgusting excuses for "men." How Federline can hold his head up, while spongimg off of that poor, hardworking, troubled girl, is just beyond me. If he were my son I would publicly disown him.

1873 days ago
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