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Jacko's Kids Get Booked

8/3/2009 3:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson's sons Michael Jr. (in red) and Prince Michael (in blue) and their entourage were spotted going to an L.A. bookstore this weekend.


On Monday, a judge named Katherine Jackson permanent guardian of all three of Michael's children.


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Kimme and Val, you do not know what went on in his life.
Maybe Debbie was the one that wanted out maybe she was only there for money?
Stop speculating on things you don't know about.
Those kids are fine they don't seem like their longing for their mother.
Inane people.
I can get furious reading these.

1873 days ago


why do Michael's kids always dress weird, like these Hawaian shorts? Blanket is NOT in a rock band, why doesn't Grandma get him to a stylist and get his hair cut to a decent length. its so ratty!! whyy is Paris in hiding? Family, just dont let these 3 kids go to the dogs. they are wealthy11 show it...

1873 days ago



1873 days ago


Ann, I know their are lots of parents that want to be single parents. I was not referring the the parent's wants, I was referring to a child's needs. At some point in their lives, those children will be looking for a parent.

1873 days ago


#114 ann: coping is when you have to deal with an unfortunate event and you get through it. You don't plan to cope, you choose to cope because of the sad event. Sperm donors usually don't know who the egg or sperm comes from. What Michael did was: know the donor, pay her off and tell her to get and stay gone.(oh, yeah and tell her not to have photos of the kids in her home)

Mabey if they had a chance to know their mother, they would not be "parentless" right now. Greatness has notthing to do with it. I know you thought Michael walked on water but can you focus and be real for a moment?.......................................................................

okay, Ann, now you can go back to "idol" worship.

Don't get me wrong, I loved Michael as an entertainer. He was not a God, he was a man.

Get it right!

1873 days ago


These are not MJ's kids, they are his former sex toys.

1873 days ago


I think that the boy at the right is the one who looks like the most to MJ.
I think he is Jermaine's son.

I cannot find any likeness in any of MJ's kis.

1873 days ago


I can confirm Kathleen's comment that the masks and veils were Debbie's idea. I've seen her say that, also in old interviews - she says that when they were babies, she had kidnapping threats and wanted to disguise them for that reason. MJ obviously loosened up on it later, since there are pictures of him walking in public with the kids. It was probably a lot easier in Europe than here in the US where celebrities and their kids are constantly stalked by the ^$#^$ paps. The kids also probably had a say in the decision once they were older.

Same with the hair, folks - I'm sure the kids all wear their hair the way they want. Honestly, why are we still having all these hair hangups?!? I remember all the viewing with alarm back when the Beatles first came to the US (I was in high school then). Oh, the horror! Their hair was (gasp) below their ears! Hide the children... All through my youth it seemed the ancients were complaining about long hair on boys (and too short hair on girls, can't win). Heaven forbid that you "can't tell the boys from the girls", as if it matters unless you're looking for a mate. Being an ancient now myself, I still don't get it. I would have thought all the hair-obsessed grumps would be dead by now.

"German" asked in shock if American kids all dressed like that. Pretty much yes! It's summer, I see kids running around all the time in the same kind of clothes. I'm baffled that someone thought they should "tuck their shirts in". Those shirts are intended to be worn exactly as done in this picture, over the pants. And in hot weather, that's the best way to wear a shirt anyway for ventilation.

1873 days ago


Kimme, I certainly do not think michael walked on water, you get it right. As pertaining to greatness, I meant Michael was capable of trying to raise those children up right and you can see how intelligent they are and how much they mourn their father's death. And when i said cope i meant, he probably knew what was ahead for him raising the kids without a mother and he coped with it. Single parents will eventually have to cope with raising children soley, do they not?
I believe a child needs and yearn for a parent's love and as long as they know how much they are loved by their sole parent i think that's all that matters.
Growing up my mom was the only parent I knew along with my grandparents I never felt i lack a father because I knew that my mother loved me and with or without a father that wouldn't change.
You have to remember there were women in the kid's life, like the nanny Grace.

1873 days ago


All of you who are saying that Blanket needs to have his hair cut, are probably the same people who are going around with wigs and weaves on. This child has BEAUTFIL LONG HEALTHY HAIR. Some of you wish you could grow hair like that. Leave these children alone, they are beautiful. The child is very comfortble with his hair it appears, so why are you all tripping.

1873 days ago

Woman In The Mirror    

TMZ can u stoop any dam lower???!!!! As much as we may wonder how these Children are doing, we would rather not see them in unconsenting photo shots like this!!! For the Love of God, allow these Children to be Children and stop the madness with hounding them every time they are in public. On another note, SQUASH THIS "Jacko BS" for once and for all!!! THIS IS JUST WRONG!!!! Michael Jackson is his name.

1873 days ago


they are just so cute! i love them to pieces!!

1873 days ago


john redcorn on king of the hill has long hair and i think he looks very handsome and so does blanket! maybe he is part native american?

1873 days ago

Woman In The Mirror    


1873 days ago

Debbie Betts    

Hello people, just the ability to produce sperm and give it to a woman during the right time does NOT make you a parent. Its what you do afterwards, like getting up and walking the floor with a cranky or sick child. Or sitting thru SpongeBob Movie 173 times that you counted and still go start it over and when it messes up you go buy a new copy. Its wearing your same clothes over and over, but using what you can scrape up to buy the flashing sneakers instead or just plain ones. Its buying bubbles that you know is going to get spilled and you have to clean up and go buy more. Its loving that small person more than you could ever imagine and wonder how you got by without them.
As far as Blanket's hair, leave it alone. There are a lot of others who has long hair, Kate Hudson's son, Russell Crowe's son, and Im sure there are many more. The child has gone thru major adjustments in the past 6 weeks, and let him take time to adjust, his hair being long isn't something you have to worry about. Realize that its clean and neat, that's enough. When time passes he may ask to have his hair cut shorter or not...just accept him as a child and love him accordingly.

1873 days ago
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