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Jessica Simpson --

Part Indian,

Part Mysterious

8/3/2009 5:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jessica Simpson
When Jessica Simpson looked into our camera this weekend and claimed, "I am Indian" -- she wasn't kidding around.

Jessica's rep tells TMZ the singer is 1/16th Native American "on her mother's side."

So far, Simpson's peeps have not revealed which tribe Jessica is descended from.

Of course, the revelation only came to light after Jessica started receiving criticism from Native American groups after she claimed she wasn't an "Indian giver" -- regarding a gift she bought Tony Romo.


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sicko Lambert    

Very Good Point! "Put her on the reservation and lets see how much Indian she had in her" Yup, a lot of people do not understand, it was the Federal Gov't (both in America and Canada) that created the reserves...the only way people can understand is to take Aboriginal History or History of Native Studies in's good...more understanding why it is...but a lot of Aboriginals are becoming educated and they're starting to understand why they were so dispossessed...

1904 days ago


i think natives need to get over themselves. this is a very old saying that has been used for many many years. So your going to tell me that natives have never heard that saying used before? please. its such a sad world we live in now when we have to tippy toe around every culture because we are afraid of offending someone. be who you are and be proud of who you are. and stop getting upset over the little things in life. because we all know its to short to be living with anger. By the way im white so i guess that makes me a hillbilly. lol

1904 days ago



1904 days ago


stupid bitch, if she was native she would have never made such an ignorant comment.

1904 days ago


So I suppose Cher isn't Cherokee then? Or Chaz?

1904 days ago

Jeffrey Anderson    

An Indian Giver is NOT Indian... It's a slam on the Government really... They were the ones who GAVE stuff to the Indians - the TOOK it back. I'm a Cherokee Indian from Oklahoma... Oklahoma, Indian Territory... Given to Indians by Uncle Sam... Then a few years later... Taken back by Uncle Sam. Promises made to Indians, Territories given to the Indians, Rights given to the Indians... taken back by Whitey Uncle Sam.

1904 days ago


86...what are all the stereotypes

1904 days ago


I was born and raised and lived in Texas my whole life, and we have always used the term "Indian giver" since we were little. Nobody ever made such a fuss about it until Jessica said it. She is from Texas also. We use the term redneck too and don't see anyone crying about that. Some people from every race on the planet are going to use words to talk about people of other races. It will never end.

1904 days ago


seriously, don't we have better things to do than worry about some singer/actress using an age old phrase? come on people, when does all this political correctness bull come to a stop. puh-lease!!! are native americans really offended by this?

1904 days ago


Its not the term Indian Giver thats offesive to Native Americans. Its Jessica Simpson that is Offensive. Why do all white people claim to be part Native American. This is the biggest bunch of BS I have ever heard. I don't understand why Jessica can't think before she speaks. Doesn't she have a clue? Does she ever hear herself? Is she that stupid?

1904 days ago

Just an ordinary native    

I'm a "real" native and I thought this was hilarious! I don't find it offensive in anyway..The first thing I thought of when she said she was indian was " Indian? Dots of Feathers" Come on now Ms.Simpson..Just because you wear cherokee jeans doesn't mean your native american. haha jokes jokes! Have a super day everyone! TMZ ROCKS!

1904 days ago


But I drive a jeep cherokee! That makes me part indian doesn't it?!!

1904 days ago


90.....these are the stereotypes that I observed - using traditional singing sung at pow-wows; using the "One little, two little, three little Indian" song; asking if she knows how to build a teepee; "since when do cowboys date Indians?"; "don't get your feathers ruffled - it's not good for the headdress" (or something very similar to that). Anyways, I'm no expert and I'm not meaning to stir the pot - just thought it was interesting (ironic?) that TMZ used all these stereotypical references to cover a story on a celebrity using a term that is perceived to be racist or stereotypical. (I have not researched the term "Indian Giver" so I have no idea the history behind it but I wouldn't use it in any context - I actually had never heard of this term until that one episode on Seinfeld!)

1904 days ago

Jolie DeLeo    

Jessica's remark about not being an "Indian Giver" is NOT a derogatory remark towards Indians but rather a derogatory towards "white people". The term came about due to "white people" coming over to America, taking land from Indians, then "giving" them land just to take it away again by breaking treaties. i am a member of the Seneca Nation of Indians out of New York and am not at all offended by this., Those who are need to read their history and "get over it"

1903 days ago


Whats the old age adage "Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me." I mean come on the Native Americans use to be such a proud people and now they cry baby about something stupid like that. I think someone that uses the term Indian Giver just makes them self sound stupid. You know your own character and if it doesn't reflect you then why be mad.

1903 days ago
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