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Katherine Jackson -- It Wasn't 'Natural Causes'

8/3/2009 7:01 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Katherine Jackson spoke for the first time about her son's death last night on Geraldo -- calling in to say "My son is dead and I don't think he just died of natural causes. He's too young. Something happened."

Katherine Jackson: Click to watch
MJ's mother also denied her husband, Joe, is banned from their Encino home and said Michael's children, who she currently has custody of, are "doing fine."

The family is expected in court this morning -- we'll be there, live streaming the whole thing.


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Katherine are so very right, he did not die of natural causes. He died because he wanted his drugs. The very drugs that you and other family members wanted him to go to rehab just a few years ago. Your son is responsible for his own death. Please let him rest in peace. Please be the one to end all this nonsense and ask for it to end....oh yeah, put a leash and muzzle on ole joe.

1873 days ago


No kidding it wasn't natural causes !!!
I mean how long can a body go onwith that many illegal drugs?????
Sounds like the family is now just lookiong for a reason so they can feel better / get some closure.
I have been following this story daily & am honestly starting to lose interest.
I have also changed my opinion about MJ since reading Bob Jones inside story.
Has anyone read that book???

1873 days ago


It's tragic that MJ died, and I believe that someone contributed in some way to his death also. BUT. . . . . . .Michael Jackson himself made the choice to take the drugs and HE became hooked on them-IF what we read is the truth!! Somewhere in all this, they have to admit that their son, brother, etc. made these choices himself!!!!! He had responsibility in this himself too-can't blame it all on other people!!! May be easier but it's not reality!!!!! The Jackson family is not perfect, they are just as human as the rest of us whether they want to admit/believe it or not.

1873 days ago

doc murry    

first of all she sounded drunk on the phone and you tell she was reading,plus joe was in the background telling her what to say,,they want the cash....she doesnt even know what kids he was referring to anyways..she was so high on drugs she thought this was 1973 and they were still the jackson 5 playing for disneyland

1873 days ago


WOW...she called her dead son a liar. That's pretty f*cked up!!!

1873 days ago


We don't know anything yet, everything is speculation at this point, Everybody chill, remember Michael wanted love and peace for all, not people bickering about him on blogs.

1873 days ago

Cali MJ Fan    

Katherine Jackson -- HERSELF -- in her own autobiography, spoke of the abuse Joe Jackson used on his sons. So it's not something the press/public just cooked up.

As for the custody, I can't believe Geraldo said "I'm so glad you got custody of the children"............ THE JUDGE hasn't approved it yet! Sheesh... what a dork! All she got was an agreement behind the scenes that still has to be formalized.

I do hope that Joe Jackson is barred from the home. What I don't understand is why Katherine Jackson is STILL standing up for Joe Jackson-- makes me really wonder about **her**. I don't think she's the sweet loving person she's been made to seem. She sat by and allowed her husband to beat her children. She stayed with him despite his affairs and other child/ren. She allowed him to ruin them financially (only cause they had Michael to bail them out),

Her judgment in my opinion, is extremely faulty and just as shady as Joe's!

1873 days ago

who the hell    

22. first of all she sounded drunk on the phone and you tell she was reading,plus joe was in the background telling her what to say,,they want the cash....she doesnt even know what kids he was referring to anyways..she was so high on drugs she thought this was 1973 and they were still the jackson 5 playing for disneyland

Posted at 10:05AM on Aug 3rd 2009 by dr cyclops


1873 days ago


That's stating the obvious : "and I don't think he just died of natural causes".

He was a frikin' junkie, Katherine... and your ol'man is a pimp who wants to get his hands all over those white kids.... for once in your life, wake the f**k up!

1873 days ago


I enjoy Michael's music very much. It is wonderful. I find that lots of his fans on__ __ club for professional athletes, movie stars and millionaires are talking about him. He is a talent.

His death does not mean that he has lost, he is the winner.I wish to express my deepest condolences and sadness at the passing of Michael Jackson.

Posted at 10:05AM on Aug 3rd 2009 by Lemon
Well u keep on posting the same thread all the time we get it!!!!!!!! can u post something in sighting we can learn from get a grip man!!!!!!

1873 days ago


#11: How do you know that Katherine actually said that? Were you on the other end of the conversation? Grace, who was the former nanny, DENIED that this ever happened, along with the lie that she regularly pumped Michael Jackson's stomach! This came from a TABLOID in the UK, like among so many other unethical newsrags, that are trying to make a quick buck from this story--and if you believe everything you read without doing research on you own, then you are just dumba$$!

1873 days ago

lawry, from France    

oww... I do hope that Joe Jackson is away from the hom where MJ's kids live.
KJ is a jehova witness, as a wife, she must obey her husband, that's the problem.
And JJ knows how to obtain what he wants from her (now it's.. guess what... money!!) wether by habit (as usual between married people for such a long time) wether by fear (which lasts also for such a long time).
KJ may be greedy too, i don't know, in fact she may be pushed to be greedy by the whole family.

A parte: della, chico, tell, holmes, puppetmaster (omg, if you are...well... full respect to you) & some others which names i forget, now i read your posting for a month or so, i really thank you all..
And i feel less alone, so far away in my south france, living with my stormy clouds full of questions and no answer in the head ....
(once more: sorry, english is not my first langage)

1873 days ago



1873 days ago


#11. Gracie didn't deny that at all. In fact they were only upset that Daphne talked about the interview she had with Grace.
She only denied the part about the stomach pumping. They even sounded afraid that the rest of the interview on tape would now come out. There are clips of it on youtube.

1873 days ago


As per FARRAH FWCETT'S will, which is to be released in two weeks, Redmond will get a monthly allowance and cash to buy a home. He is presently in Los Angeles prison for drugs offenses and his mother was keen that his inheritance would help him turn his life around.

She has appointed two trustees to ensure the cash helps him recover from his addictions rather than fund them. "Redmond's inheritance will be tightly controlled," the Daily Express quoted a source close to the family as saying.


Katherine I respect your grief however don't deny that your husband beat the kids. Unfortunately your son died by the hands of a crooked greedy doctor and his own addiction (dear soul) .
But madam MJ didn't want you as an executor, you should trust these guys and investigate TOHME.

1873 days ago
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