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Another Storage Unit Rented by Jackson Doc

8/3/2009 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We've learned Dr. Conrad Murray has a storage unit in Las Vegas -- and there seems to be a growing connection between the doctor's storage rentals in Vegas and Houston.

Dr. Conrad Murray

Dr. Murray has a 10x20 unit at a Public Storage facility in Las Vegas. We've learned an employee of Dr. Murray's came to the unit as recently as July 30 with Dr. Murray's credit card number on a piece of paper and paid the rental fee. We do not know if items were removed or stored at that time. Dr. Murray missed the July 15 deadline to make payment and he was charged a late fee.

We're told one of the four people authorized on Dr. Murray's behalf to come and go at the facility is Stacey Howe -- someone who figured prominently when Dr. Murray's Houston storage unit was raided last month. Federal agents seized correspondence addressed to Stacey Howe, and we're told the agents asked the manager of the storage facility if she knew of Howe.

When agents raided Dr. Murray's Houston medical practice, they seized two Yahoo e-mails from Stacey Howe.

Law enforcement believes Dr. Murray may have had Propofol -- the drug they believe killed Michael Jackson -- stored in the various storage units for shipment to the singer, though as far as we know they do not have proof ... at least not yet.

We do not know if the Vegas storage unit has been searched pursuant to a warrant.


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And it's not that I really believe the rumors, it's just that I have the urge myself and it's so hard to keep under control. But that's enough about me, let me get back to being an attention whore.

1886 days ago

Winsome Davis III    

Bart Stein for Nobel Peace Prize.

1886 days ago



No sense in getting mad, all we can do now is pray the LAPD arrests the correct person for murder. More than likely they know without a doubt what Murrays role was since he probably fessed up early on and is under some type of LVPD/LAPD protective custody pending further investigation of other potential persons of interest. Once that killer/killers is actually arrested, then he'll plea out on reduced charges of involuntary manslaughter down from negligent homicide without malice aforethought. I think it's doubtful that they'll actually let him walk without doing some real time, bargain or no.

I'm pretty convinced that at this point they know who actually killed MJ and are holding up on making the final autopsy report public because it would really jeopardize their investigation.
I think the actual killer, the one who gave the demerol, is getting mighty antsy right about now... he knows at this point since Murray hasn't been arrested that he might be in their crosshairs. I for sure hope he is........cause if it's this man, he committed the foulest and most evil of all types of murder since almost the creation of man. This man may have acted alone, but others are aware of his role and have been actively protecting him. So these other guys aiding and abetting, tampering with evidence, etc. are going to be going down the pike also, unless they do some real singing, and soon.

Simultaneously, the LAPD and the DEA is going after the enablers, rounding up all the docs or others who ever administered or supplied MJ with Propofol.

This is going to be one big round up for sure! And they're planning to make it as sychronized as possible.

No, T-Storm no sense being mad. This is well past the point of mad.
It's well into the point of sad resignation now, that if this is the case, that someone so close and trusted gave that fatal injection, knowing full well that it was going to be fatal.

It is a sad sad state of affairs thats for sure.

1886 days ago

UK fan    

To carefully watching from Europe. Thank you!!! This is probably the most accurate and intelligent post I have yet read.
I think you have hit the nail firmly on the head there and I although I agree with you 100%, my concern is whether or not the Masterminds behind all of this will ever be bought to justice........

1886 days ago


I humbly accept the nomination for the Nobel Prize.

1886 days ago


Ah yes, I do love the attention and love spreading good cheer and news about the land. A ghoul has passed and I’m happy

1886 days ago


Good morning,

I just got here...thanks for the update.. Tell, I think you summed it up best.. wil be in and out today...need to take care of home today ... will be checking in.

I find it sad that it came to this. To the person who said that MJ's addiction had taken hold, you are absolutely right. At some point for an addict- we live to use and use to live- I know from experience. It's a matter of survival. whether its street drugs or painkillers-a drug is a drug. It's sad that no one stepped in to help. only kept feeding the addiction for their own agenda-GREED. even if it wasn't criminal to enable an addict it was immoral at best. the person or persons who committed the act of pushing the needle tht was criminal and the ones who conspired to cover it up, that was criminal. i hope you get yours.

1886 days ago

Watching Carefully From Europe    

Response to #108 UK news:
IMO the masterminds behind everything, have both Money & Power. Which is precisely why I say the FBI needs to take over the investigation. I believe it's reasonable to say that the LAPD is corrupt and shouldn't be trusted. They've made a mockery of too many high profile investigations. I also believe The LAPD is open to payoffs under the table...and the "Masterminds" have enough money to do just that. My hope is that the DEA will see the need for FBI involvment and the investigation will get the attention it deserves...bringing down the real culprits in the process.

1886 days ago


All this hoopla about mickey will die down, people that don't have a life will move on to the next big gossip scandal and our beloved Dr. Murray will never see the inside of a court room and nothing will come of all this. If you don't believe me, just hide watch and see.

1886 days ago


Raymone Bain - YOU GO GIRL! She is my new hero!!!

1886 days ago


I loves Michael Jackson. I do hope that the peoples that killed him are bringed to justice.

1886 days ago

lawry, from France    

Quote # 113:
"I believe it's reasonable to say that the LAPD is corrupt and shouldn't be trusted. They've made a mockery of too many high profile investigations. I also believe The LAPD is open to payoffs under the table..."

I didn't know that..
So I suppose we'll never never know what *really* happened.
Maybe the family will, but not the audience.

So sad for MJ and his kids :(

1886 days ago


did anyone watch geraldo last night----interesting!!!! katherine spoke with him via phone for the first time since mjs death, she does not beleive he died of natural causes or od,..but the thing i found interesting is the attention AEG IS GETTING NOW WITH THIS INS POLICY HAVING A OD CLAUSE IN IT... WHO DOES THAT ??? YOU GET A INS POL WITH OD BENEFITS...?? AND NOW THERE IS ANOTHER STORAGE IN MURRAYS NAME WHAT THE H--- IS GOING ON WITH THESE PEOPLE??rip mj ---sue

1886 days ago


91. Yesterday RECORD CHANNEL Brazil , Michael´s dad gave an interview for us Brasilians . He was in LAS VEGAS where he live. Was since of 1 hour speaking. I m surprised with many things that he said. This man as Michael told is a Genis, but a devil too. Most time worried with his appearance, looks like a person very egoist. He spoke about the death of the son, and said that believe that Dr. Murray made a big one mistake. Told still that so many things must appear next days.
I was just shocked with the answer of one question:
***What was the michael legacy? (TV)
***If u comes to the paradise u can ask him ! (MJ´s Dad smiling)
This man is really so cold ?????

*Sorry my english, is not my first language.

Posted at 6:37AM on Aug 3rd 2009 by Andrea from Brazil

Andrea, thank you for your post.
I'm interested in watching this interview.
Livestation shows a Record Channel Brasil (that's how they spelled it), is this where you watched it.
I can't find such an interview.
Are you able to view it online, and if so could you post the link?
Let us hear more from you.

1886 days ago

lawry, from France    

"This man as Michael told is a Genis, but a devil too." reported Andrea from Brazil, quoting JJ.
I wonder if fathers & mothers can say smth like that about their children, using the world 'devil'.
Sure mine will not, & I won't say this about my son.
Is this man so cold? asked Andrea.
Well... i think so.

1886 days ago
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