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O.C. Cops Looking Into 'Real O.C.' Guy

8/3/2009 7:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Slade SmileySlade Smiley must hit like a "Real Housewife of Orange County" -- because it took some guy a whole week to realize Slade even (allegedly) hit him. Or at least that's what we're guessing.

Laguna Beach PD is looking into an altercation Slade allegedly got into at a friend's birthday party back on July 15.

Law enforcement told us that "there was a pushing and shoving match" that led to the other guy leaving the party. The hotel where the party was being held did not call the cops that night and neither did the other guy ... until eight days later.

We're told it's an open investigation.


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Doctor, You are in BIG trouble    

I smell a fake lawsuit coming on. Nothing happened...until.... he found out WHO it was who allegedly fought him huh?

1906 days ago


The frogs are jumping...... LOL

1906 days ago

Linda Mott    

Celebrities should call the paparazzi to follow and film them 24/7. There are people that are out there trying to make a living off picking fights and suing for big bucks. Shame on them. It seems like lately there are more of them getting sued wrongly than ever.

1906 days ago



1906 days ago



1905 days ago

the truth hurts huh    

Who cares? Slade is nothing more than a full-of-himself prick loser who AIN'T ALL THAT - that he thinks he is.

1905 days ago


This is the only way he could get free publicity

1905 days ago


Too bad, seems like anyone who's wealthy has someone trying to get a piece of it.

I liked Slade on the show, but for the life of me can't understand how he put up with that awful girlfriend.

1905 days ago


He should be arrest just for being a tool.

1905 days ago


Maybe it took 8 days for the guy to realize he couldn't wash the douchy smell off after coming into contact with the High Priest of D-Baggery. I'd file a lawsuit too. And LOTS of tomato juice.

1905 days ago

My two cents    

Oh poor Slade my ass. Having worked with him back in the United Title days that guy made 25 grand a month in a bad month and upwards between 50 and 75 grand a month during the boom and on top of that made 6 figure bonus at the end of every year too. Lets not forget his monthly expense account too. He spent his money on fast cars, expensive clothes, all his toys and on fast women. Then he wanted to be a *Star* and quit working thinking he was going to be the next Mel Gibson or something. Kind of backfired in his pretty face. If producers wanted a pretty title boy who is actually a decent man they should have gone after Peter Derbonne at United. Gorgeous, kind and a great family man. Slade is a POS in comparison.

1905 days ago


Is Slade Smiley his real name? It sounds so made up.

1905 days ago

My two cents    

Yep, that's his real name.

1905 days ago


Don't call it that.

1905 days ago


The guy was probably too embarrassed to admit he got decked by this sissy boy Slade! Most likely he didn't realize he really was a guy who could throw a punch, Guess Slade just got lucky with the booze in him! Slade is the biggest WANNABE eVeRRR! He lost his house, drives around with expired/fake licence tags, he doesn't pay child support, he hangs with Gretchen b/c he hasn't a place, he tries to party like a rockstar when everyone in OC knows he so isn't!! What a joke! He needs a MAJOR reality check. Look in the mirror Slade, you aren't all thaaaaaat! Nope, you're not!! He's just clinging to Gretchen to keep his loser butt (I'm being really really nice here now) in the so-called spotlight of the Real Housewives, what a total wimp if there ever was one!! Go away Slade, no one cares about you, yeah, REALLY!

1905 days ago

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