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Paula Abdul

Tweets Bye-Bye to Idol

8/5/2009 12:19 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paula Abdul Guess who just blinked in American Idol's high stakes game of chicken? Paula Abdul says she's leaving the show.

She just tweeted this:

"With sadness in my heart, I've decided not to return to Idol. I'll miss nurturing all the new talent, but most of all being a part of a show that I helped from day 1 become an international phenomenon."

Sources have told TMZ that Paula's been negotiating for a big raise, and the deadline was this week because rehearsals are about to start.

So, hardball negotiation ploy on Paula's part or the real deal?

Stay tuned...

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No Avatar


@ 73 yes it is I think this is simon's reason's of not wanting her 2 go!! He wanted to keep an eye on her!! I mean come on now she had a crazed fan shoot herself in front of her house! this year now this!! Paula needs help not getting beat down by the media

1883 days ago


Fox you have got to be kidding us? this is the beginning of the end for Idol, Kara stinks and is NOT the show, the show is simon, randy and PAULA, you stupid stupid people over there, you just have lost around a third of your fan base, bye bye Idol

1883 days ago

I Love Memphis    

I agree with comment number 66. It would be great if they could just have Simon and two guest judges every week. So happy to see Paula go. Now she can take her drugs at home and watch idol all by herself.. A well thought out decision by heads at Fox. A good one I might add. Thank you Thank you for finally getting rid of her. Added a big fat zero to the show. Very happy.

1883 days ago


i like paula and she has always entertained us. she is not afraid of the cutting edge and AI is not cutting edge anymore. i would rather she left and moved on so that i can be entertained all over again by the next thing she decides to do. the thing with paula is you either love her or hate her but its easy either way. i guess she could be someone we love to hate on. i'll never forget her cat/tap dancing video anymore than i'll ever forget her idol adventures. i am really looking forward to seeing how paula chooses to entertain us next. i am sure we are all gonna love to hate it and always we will all be glued to her agian. like watching a train wreck, can keep our eyes off of her:) you go girl!!!!! we are all definitely bored and ripe for the picking.

1883 days ago

me so horny    

Oh no, No more paula on american idol. So who's going to bang all of those young guys? Paula will be missed.

1883 days ago


I just dont get why people as Paula Abdul think that THEY are the reason for the success of a show? She helped make Idol what it is? I dont think so, more like the fans of the show that watch each and every night, the people who try to make the show each and every year, and the PRODUCERS of the show who realize that they have a great thing going.
Must say though, I will miss the fact that she would always say a lot, and mean nothing!

1883 days ago

Woo Hoo!!!!    

80. Oh no, No more paula on american idol. So who's going to bang all of those young guys?

Posted at 7:35AM on Aug 5th 2009 by YOUR DADDY!

Simon and Ryan maybe?

1883 days ago

The Truth    

She;s a NUT CASE but the other girl is an IDIOT ..Since they like hiring STUPID girls for the show hire PARIS ...She's a good fit lmao

1883 days ago

doc murry    

im surprized she could see well enough to type on twitter,,as drunk as she is,,but at one time she was hot and had a very nice rack we love you paula..and i still think mickey was your best song..

1883 days ago

I Love Memphis    

OMG!!! Just heard a quote from twitter saying that she considers herself an international Phenomenon!!! What a fn joke. Conceited much??? Get it thru your wig You are over girl. Gee what a thing to say. Kara has more talent in her pinky toenail than you ever had in your whole body. Don't you get it. Maybe you and Joan Rivers should get together for a show. Both losers. Get over yourself. Keep poppin. So glad I don;t have to her her dumb ass comments anymore. She is hardly a phenomenon!! Maybe a drugged one. She is nothing and will always be a nothing.

1883 days ago


American Idol was over for me when Adam Lambert came in second.

1883 days ago

Kris W.    

Aww poor baby...she wasn't getting enough millions. Meanwhile, there are people struggling to make it from paycheck to paycheck - if they even HAVE jobs! Boo hoo!

1883 days ago


Good. She is a sideshow and has nothing to bring to the show . She is her own biggest fan and seems to think she has talent. The show will be better off without her.

1883 days ago


Good riddance. I always had to fast forward thru her comments. She is either always drunk or doped up and made absolutely no sense. So long Paula.....

1883 days ago


Paula should have been given the bump in pay, Even if she is a little wacky, they gave it to Ryan, you know they will give it to Simon, she is just asking for fair pay, Kara is terrible, and Randy is boring and says the same thing every time, Yo dog, barf barf. I will pass on this year, bad move Idol.

1883 days ago
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