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53-Year-Old Busted for Attempting to Stalk Miley

8/5/2009 11:12 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The creepiest thing about the 53-year-old guy in this photo isn't the hair -- it's that he's been arrested a second time for allegedly targeting 16-year-old Miley Cyrus.

Mark McLeod -- the same guy who once claimed Miley had been sending him "secret messages" through her TV show -- has been arrested in Georgia on an "attempted stalking" charge.

Back in June, McLeod was warned to stay away from Miley, after a disorderly conduct arrest in which he told cops no one could keep them from "being together." Cops then warned McLeod to keep away from the actress.

But this week, cops say McLeod was spotted hanging around the area where Miley is shooting her new movie -- so they got a warrant and yesterday, they arrested the guy.

We're told McLeod admitted he was trying to get in contact with Miley when he was arrested.

McLeod is currently being held at the Columbia County Detention Center.

As we first reported, Disney got wind of Mark's June arrest -- the one in which he allegedly told cops a slew of crazy stuff about Miley -- and warned cops in L.A. to keep their eyes on him.


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Daddy wants some of the pie too.    

Huh? I am thinking about what I said. It's called Common Sense. "posed by them in some sexy clothing"??? Does she have a brain? Her choice to do it. I didn't say she deserved anything. I'm just telling it like it is. You sound like one of those parents who parade their 10 year old around on the beach in a string bikini because "it's cute". So naive.

1908 days ago



1908 days ago


what the hell are the cops doing..DO US ALL A FAVOR!!! set this guy free to be with miley!!!

1908 days ago

sherry very berry    

this guy has serious problems whether miley was a celebrity or not, she is still only 16. he is a pervert and we need to get all of then off the streets and put them all together on a deserted island. be careful miley!!!!!!!

1908 days ago

Daisy Puke    

I am glad they got this guy but I have to say you must have to be famous to have your stalker handled by law enforcememt. They tell me stalking is hard to prove, even with pictures of him following me and eyewitnesses, Polaice and Prosecuters are hard pressed to file charges. I had to insist and throw a fit to have mine arrested with HARD EVIDENCE.. I have been stalked continously for 5 years by an individual and I had to go to court each time and be "raped" on the stand defending myself to get the guy convicted. He spend a day in jail after confession. Then stalked me again within 2 weeks. Spent less than 30 days and got out and did it again. Good luck Miley.

1908 days ago


#21 You are right on. That's Michael Anthony from Van Halen. Maybe he is just trying to get a gig in her band and doesn't really want to tie her up in his basement after all. Everyone is just overreacting.

1908 days ago


But I wasn't stalking Miley. She was sending me signals through the T.V. set. Didn't you see her winking at me?

I'll get you bloggers for this. Once I get out of this prison cell, I'LL GET YOU ALL.

1908 days ago

Daddy wants some of the pie too.    

Probably 1000s of weirdos with the same desire for her. Don't see anyone stalking the other Disney girls do you? Perhaps its because they keep their clothes on and dont take pics with men in their 40s. I find the pics of her with Skankman in the makeup room more alarming than this. That pervo was actually with her. His "little angel sister". EWWWWW

1908 days ago


You're all a bunch of fruitcakes. I love reading these silly, brainless, comments. TMZ's readers are always good for a laugh. Keep up the good work. I do, however, wonder how sad your lives must be that you feel the need to put people down and argue non-stop. Yeeeehaaawww!! Well, I got my easy lunch break laugh, back to work I go. Carry on......

Good luck Miley, stay safe. As you can see, by the concerned citizens on here, the world is full of coocoos.

1908 days ago

800 Pound Gorilla    

I like to watch Hannah Montana. I am glad she is doing
Hannah Montana 4. Hannah Montana is so funny.
Miley is sweet and innocent.

Baby Gorilla

1908 days ago


Now don't get mad, Has the thought crossed your mind, That this guys only intention was to get her autograph,,It's possible

1908 days ago

oprah & michel hater    

this is the results of wehat happens when a little girl wants to be an adult too fast......she dated an adult man and now every adult pervert out there thinks shes free game.........blame her parents for letting this lil skank support them and letting her date adults. wanna act like an adult ...then you will have these types of problems. she insist she grow up sooner than she should......then you reap what you sow! dont grow up too fast miley....friggin hillbillies!

1908 days ago


third time is a charm,,,

maybe now he'll learn to not tell everyone his plans.

1908 days ago

Bob Dole rules    

Repeat offender stalkers,especially someone stalking a little girl like Miley as this pathetic sick creep has been doing, ought to be shot by the cops. Why continue to go around and around with people like this? This guy is a threat!

1908 days ago


Yes Tyrone.....that is exactly what I am saying...she deserves it as do her parents deserve to be in fear for putting their child out there and allowing her to pose in provactive photo shoots when she is only 16 years old.

38. Oh, so because Miley (a young celeb who is making record company execs rich) is posed by them in some sexy clothing... that means she DESERVES to be kidnapped and God knows what else??

Think about what you're saying!!

Posted at 1:40PM on Aug 5th 2009 by Tyrone

1908 days ago
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