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Michael Jackson -- Lien on Me

8/5/2009 3:44 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson -- Lien on MeOpen the floodgates -- the creditors are getting in line for a piece of the action in the Michael Jackson estate case.

Segye Times -- a South Korean newspaper -- won a judgment against Katherine, Joe and Jermaine Jackson, along with the Jackson Record Company, back in 1994. The suit claimed the newspaper paid the family $5.5 million for a series of Jackson family concerts in 1989 that never took place.

A judgment was entered for $4 million. Segye Times now wants $7,865,730.78 -- interest is a bitch!

It's interesting that Michael was not sued personally. Nonetheless, under the category "better late than never," Segye wants the estate to pay up.

Stay tuned...


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MJ and the Jackson family seem to stiff a lot of people.

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@AMAZED : but IT IS MJ`s money katherine will get....she can pay all own bills/debt

1906 days ago


To 66: MJ estate's no longer owns Neverland or any specific share in it. When the current company (owner) took over the property in lieu of MJ's debt, the only thing he got from the deal was the potential for revenue based on possible future development of the Neverland property...i.e., something like condos, or such, which will most likely never happen considering the anti-development mindset of the community.

So, there is nothing from Neverland to go into the estate. All of the personal belongings have been moved out and are now in warehouses. The assets are now overseen by the "estate."

1906 days ago


He stiffed them, so he should pay. If any of the rest of us had entered a contract and not fulfilled our part, we too would have to pay. And if we died before paying, our estate would have to make good. Why should MJ be any different?

It was the habit of treating MJ as someone above the rest of humanity that led him down the road to his drug-riddled death. Stop doing this to celebrities right now, before someone else dies.

1906 days ago


oops.. there goes Kat5herine's cut from the estate-- considering Joe & jermaine have no money-- mummy will be left holding the bad from her 40%.. to pay for it-- if it goes that far..

1906 days ago


It's probably a good idea to think of MJ's estate as a pie. Approximately 10% of the pie pays for the administration of the estate and oversight of the estate's assets. The remaining amount is split 40% to Katherine (or the rest of the Jackson family), 40% to the three children, and 20% to charities yet to be determined.

The actual value of the "estate" has yet to be determined because all creditors have yet to be paid and there are probably still assets that are in "hiding".

1906 days ago


Katherine is no better than Joe. I feel sooooo sorry for Mikes kids....they are going to go through HELL if this women doesn't grow some BALLS! Damn doesn't she see what her dirt bag ass husband did to Michael?!?! It is all over the net how much Mike hated his father. He was even on the "do not allow in" security list that Mike had. She was cheated on, her husband fathered an ugly ass fat daughter outside his marriage, she almost divorced him twice now she is defending him!! Please....Mike would have kicked her azz and his fathers azz if he had it in him to do...I would have done it for him!!! RIP!!!!!!!

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This is stupid news. Please file under stupid news. You should print news other news. Why are you focusing on stupid news?

Stupid. Dribble...Why?

1906 days ago


This is a bunch of crap...............I can't wait to see how this plays out. I'm sure the judge is being paid to make the right calls as well.The attorney,McCain,AEG and the judge are laughing all the way to the bank.......Katherine Jackson needs to hire an extra brillant attorney to look into this whole thing. (I'm not comfortable with the one she has)
By the way,it has been reported that a producer approached Jermaine about releasing the song (Smile) wouldn't he have to pay the estate to use it?

1906 days ago


They had a judgement from a court of law saying the Jacksons owed the money. Now they are coming after the estate. These people were CHEATED by Michael and his family like so many were. They have a legal right to come after the estate and the Jackson estate has a moral and legal right to pay it!

1906 days ago


Why is Katherine on some contract from 1980's I thought she was just a stay at home....keep the house tidy for Joe kinda mother!?! So she has been in the background too trying to use Michaels fame to get some stuff going? Now she has to pay up....Mike wasn't sued because he wasn't a part of that deal. He tried to distance himself from his family many many times but like many families do...they try to make you feel guilty and then you break then here they come leeching off of you until you have nothing or hit rock bottom. That is why Mike didn't want these leaches around him. He didn't want to do the Victory Tour, He didn't want to do the Pepsi Commercials (look what happend when he did give in), soo much he didn't want to do but the family always set his mother in his face to beg him. He loved her so he wanted to make her happy. Shame on you Jackson Leeches!!!

RIP Beautiful Sweet Soul!

1906 days ago

chicken head    

65. Money hungry bastards!! It people like that make this world the way it is! Greed!! They shouldn't even be allowed to still persue it after all this time. What the hell were they waiting for??? A**holes!

Posted at 4:05PM on Aug 5th 2009 by Candyk

WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MJ SKIPPED ON PAYING HIS BILLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
MJ WAS WRONG!!! how would you like it is someone stopped paying your check??
would you like to be called GREEDY!!!!!!!!!!

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