Michael Jackson -- Lien on Me

8/5/2009 3:44 PM PDT

Michael Jackson -- Lien on Me

Open the floodgates -- the creditors are getting in line for a piece of the action in the Michael Jackson estate case.

Segye Times -- a South Korean newspaper -- won a judgment against Katherine, Joe and Jermaine Jackson, along with the Jackson Record Company, back in 1994. The suit claimed the newspaper paid the family $5.5 million for a series of Jackson family concerts in 1989 that never took place.

A judgment was entered for $4 million. Segye Times now wants $7,865,730.78 -- interest is a bitch!

It's interesting that Michael was not sued personally. Nonetheless, under the category "better late than never," Segye wants the estate to pay up.

Stay tuned...