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Paula Abdul -- Out for Real

8/5/2009 10:28 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paula Abdul -- Out for RealWe thought it was a negotiating ploy, but our "American Idol" sources say Paula Abdul is really gone and will not return.

FOX issued a statement saying, "While Paula will not be continuing with us, she's a tremendous talent and we wish her the best." It definitely sounds real.

We know Paula was ticked at the salary disparity between her and others -- while Ryan Seacrest just made a $45 million/3 year deal and Simon Cowell can buy a small country with his "Idol" money, Paula was getting somewhere between $2 and $3 mil a year.

Here's the weird part: FOX could definitely afford to up the ante and seal the deal, which indicates they weren't that into her.

And they just signed Kara DioGuardi -- which we just don't get at all.

Paula Abdul


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maybe i'll watch the show again.

1875 days ago


Honest, who cares??????? SHES NUTS!!!! she did make that stupid show more interesting though...but serious guys...this has been in the works for so long already!!

Shes leaving! big woop!

1875 days ago


i think idol execs made a big mistake..... simon and paula had chemistry, kara and simon.. not so much

1875 days ago


Sucks. There goes the neighborhood.

1875 days ago


I don't follow American Idle, but what is it that she actually brings to the show where people would stop watching? I was under the impression that the only judge that mattered was Simon and everything else was about the contestants...

1875 days ago


i wont be watching it.i stopped liking it last year because of kara.i will miss Paula.she balanced Randy and Simon out.

1875 days ago



1875 days ago


They don't want a crazed drug addicted lunatic on the show who's been going downhill for a long time.

Too bad they don't feel the same way about no talent disc jockeys who dump their agents while their agents are lying on their deathbed in the hospital or smarmy British jerks who got into the music business in the first place by producing crappy novelty records by wrestlers and couldn't write a hit song if his life depended on it.

1875 days ago


Let's see...2 Million or nothing.

I'm a zany girl...I'll take NOTHING!!!

Sheesh...and all this is going on while some people in America can't even find a job that pays minimum wage...

1875 days ago


Paula is a sweet lady, but she knows NOTHING about music, and she had gotten to be an embarrassment! Kara is a real musician and her opinion/critiques mean much mote than any dribble that came out of Paula's mouth. It actually raises the show's credibility for me, and I will enjoy it more now that she is gone! Another thing,....the four judge format was not working and seemed too cluttered. If somebody HAD to go, I am glad that it was Paula. The show will not miss a beat!!

1875 days ago


Nobody cares about this druggie! Buh Bye! You didn't have anything to do with the show being so popular. And she is hardly talented...never did anything with her drunken life!

1875 days ago


I can see her point, but instead of making 2 or 3 mil a year *while our fire fighter, police and military make squat* now she'll make nothing - at least from AI. Cowell and Seacrest are obscenely overpaid. I'm sure next season will be the last.

1875 days ago


Someone thought she was way more special then she really is. If I wanted to watch a drugie I could go to ant rehab center. WOW maybe now she will realize that we were not buying her story.....

1875 days ago


Seacrest has more worth than her, it was an intentional insult to offer her so much less. Nobody appreciates her mental illness, they wanted her to leave, as she should have long ago! Team Secrest!!!

1875 days ago


I can't even believe this show is still wasting air-time...I haven't watched it since the second season. As far as Paula Abdul goes, I couldn't stand her! I couldn't believe they stuck a has-been like her on the show to begin with, it's not like she could make or break someone's career. While you may not like Simon or Randy...BOTH of them can take someone with talent, produce them, get them promoted, and make a star out of them. What exactly could Paula DO? Oh that's right...choreograph.

1875 days ago
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