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Autopsy: Cocaine a Factor in Billy Mays' Death

8/7/2009 5:33 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Autopsy: Cocaine a Factor in Billy Mays' DeathA mighty shocking autopsy report concludes cocaine contributed to the sudden death of pitchman Billy Mays back in June.

The report, which was released today, lists "cocaine use" as a contributing cause of death -- along with hypertensive and arteriosclerotic heart disease.

A Hillsborough County press release says "from the presence of metabolites of cocaine and the absence of cocaine itself, it was concluded that Mr. Mays used cocaine in the few days prior to his death but not immediately prior to death."

Mays died in his sleep on June 28 at his home in Florida.

UPDATE: Official documents show the following drugs were in Mays' system -- hydrocodone (Vicodin), oxycodone (painkiller), alprazolam (Xanax), nordiazepam (Valium), benzoylecgonine (byproduct of cocaine) and temazepam (anti-anxiety). Ethanol -- alcohol -- was also in Mays' system.

**Check out today's TMZ Live, when Harvey and Jason answered your questions about Billy Mays and Michael Jackson's toxicology reports.

Remembering Billy Mays


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They script those all the time. Val's, Soma's Xanax,,, you don't know anything. Even the first chiro I saw gave me vic and val's

funny .... They only do Xanax if you have a long history like me. but Val's and Soma heck they give those out. I have a ton right here because they give them to me. I only use like 5 or 10 a month the rest end up in the wood stove...

1846 days ago


Here's WHY he had some of the painkillers in his system. It doesn't explain the cocaine (to my knowledge), but just saying that he had all those extra drugs in his system with no further explanation is NOT giving the full picture. I copied this from another online report regarding Billy Mays' death:

"The toxicology tests also showed therapeutic amounts of painkillers hydrocodone, oxycodone and tramadol, as well as anti-anxiety drugs alprazolam and diazepam. Mays had suffered hip problems and was scheduled for hip-replacement surgery the day after he was found dead."

Harvey, I'm a little disappointed you usually give the whole story, no?

1846 days ago


I am still in shock over this news. He was my hero, my role model, my first son was even named after him. After finding out he was a junkie, I threw out all of his endorsed products. I even fed all my oxi-clean to the neighbor's cat.

1846 days ago


Who is prescribing all these medications?? Even a layman knows they aren't to be taken together or within a short time span of one another. The only person to blame for Mr. Mays' death is himself. How sad that his wife has to continue on with her life without the man she loved by her side. I'd like to ask him if his drug taking was worth it.

1846 days ago


73 oh Also there is such thing as one line of coke. I did one line when I was 18 and it was ok and never did it again.

I know many people who have tried it and never went back. Sorry your wrong..

And I wouldn't take any of this crap but well break your back and find out what real pain is.

1846 days ago


Shame he is gone. I'd have got on good with him knowing he was a partier. We coulda had some times together...made memories, got our b!tches preggo at the same time so we could be stay at home daddies together, coulda made raspberry blintzes, crepes, and pico de gallo with all those gadgets all while our b!cthes was workin the streets makin real dough. Things woulda been so different had he not gone and left before he met me, his soul brother. Gotta go now cause I can't see the computer screen through my tears anymore.

1846 days ago


Hey everyone; Lets not forget that we live in a very cruel world. He had everything from very hard work. He was a very loving father and a great diplomat to sales. I myself am a salesman who really was annoyed by him until Pitchman. This guy is a real hero to me. RIP BILLY

1846 days ago


Wow you could have blown me over with a feather.Would never have expected that. He seemed like such a calm easy going guy.

1846 days ago


Another dead druggie.

1846 days ago

San Diegan    

John, you had stated that they would prescribe Xanax to counteract the effects of Valium with the opioids. That's wrong. If anything, combining all of those drugs would enhance the side effects of all of those drugs (the tiredness, etc). Additionally, combining all of those meds holds the risk of slowing down the CNS to the point where respiration stops. Also, it is very rare to take "just one line of coke", especially considering the dude was 50. I'm sure he had done coke previously, and I'm sure he had done coke many times previously.

Oh, and chiropractors can't write prescriptions.

1846 days ago


Wonder if Obama sold it to him.

1846 days ago

maria funk    

when a person depart this life no natter who they are or what they usually do, they should be left alone to rest in peace, I hope this gentleman soul find peace , and is resting in peace.

1846 days ago


How was cocaine a factor in his death? I'm sure it wasn't an overdose, but did it cause the heart attack?

1846 days ago


The sham-wow guy gave him a massive hit of Vicoxynaxiumepam to go with his coke.

1846 days ago


Are you kidding me? didn't Marilyn Monroe die of an over dose? anyone hear of Judy garland? even Shirley temple was hopped up on something. where have the morals of Hollywood gone? they were never there to begin with they just had more class back in the day. i will say that its not a surprise that he was a coke doer anyone who watched his infomercials could tell theirs no way one man could get THAT excited over some putty...same with tony little.

1846 days ago
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