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Where Miley's Alleged Stalker

Hangs His Hat

8/7/2009 1:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Multiple Choice: The house below is:

A) Where Abe Lincoln read by candlelight
B) Ted Kaczynski's best friend's home
C) The Georgia home where Miley Cyrus' alleged attempted stalker was arrested earlier this week.


If you guessed C -- you must be a rocket scientist!!

This is the home of Mark McLeod -- the same home that police raided yesterday after the guy was arrested for attempted stalking a few days ago.

Cops told us they seized a number of items, including Mark's computer -- which the guy told cops back in June had "thousands of pictures and letters to Miley" on the hard drive.


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1906 days ago


It's a shame laws allow permanent structures like this.

1906 days ago

cgirl Caron    

Its missing an air conditioning unit in the window.

1906 days ago

Nathan Taylor from The Extra Source    

This guy is freaky. Poor little Miley. For the latest Entertainment and Media stories visit The Extra Source @ It's an entertainment blog dammit!!! with an Aussie opinion!

1906 days ago


They raided this place? All they had to do is stick their head through the window and they'd get a view of everything inside. Doesn't this thing remind you of Groundskeeper Willie's shack on The SImpsons.

1906 days ago


2 shack plet hunter insane

1906 days ago


Millions of people across the United States have homes just like this.
It is a harsh cold reality,poverty is everywhere and it sucks!
But thats no reason to make fun of this guys residence.
Just because he stalked Miley Cyrus???
Thats really uncool Mr Levin.

1906 days ago


gET A GRIP, WE NEED TO DO MORE THEN MAKE FUN OF THIS PERSON YOU CLOWN! More people not famous then are get stalked. It is intoerable if it is a minor, you half wit!!!

1906 days ago


"Millions of people across the United States have homes just like this."

Now you know why. Instead of going out and working they stalk 16 year olds.

1906 days ago


He may not have a basement but when he gets one here's some advice for Miley's future husband:

A little known secret but one you'll hear celebrities talk about all the time is their desire to be kidnapped and made someone's love slave. Often they'll disappointingly hold parties with each other where the main topic of conversation is how disappointed they are that no one has yet made them their love slave. Ladies, this means you, too-the Jonas Brothers secretly want you. But you can't disappoint them the way a 53 year old Georgia man disappointed Miley Cyrus when he blew it yet again, breaking her little heart.

So as a public service to those of you who haven't learned the fine art of celebrity stalking and kidnapping here's a little refresher course:

The biggest mistake would be stalkers make is telling their intended loves their intentions by repeatedly sending E-Mails, text messages and creepy letters. This takes all the mystery out of it for the celebrity-and therefore all the fun too.

What you need to do is this:

Get yourself some basic supplies after doing research from your local hardware store and chemical supply stores in your area.

Research your celebrity love on the internet. Ask their friends personal questions like where do they live, where do they like to shop and what do they usually wear out in public. Very basic stuff.

Learn how to use Google and Mapquest.

Kidnap your celebrity love or loves (if they happen to be a group such as the Jonas Brothers), tie them up and throw them in the basement. Only at this point do you tell them how much you love them and how much they mean to you.

They'll usually really get into the roleplaying game at this point and here is when their wildest fantasies come true. They'll start kicking and screaming, yelling for the cops, threatening you and telling you how much they hate you. But that's just because they're so excited at the prospect that finally someone gets them and now they can spend the rest of their lives as your little love slave!

Now you've finally made a celebrities deepest desire come true.

1906 days ago


1906 days ago


LOOOOO HOOOOO ZERRRRRRRRRRRR! Sicko belongs in an institution.

1906 days ago


In some movie from disney..chicken shack beaver shack and NUT job all disney fans live in shacks and eat TV dinners

1906 days ago


He needs
to fix his
front door
stoop when
he gets out
of jail...

1906 days ago

RIP Michael    

Poking fun at an obviously mentally ill person is reallllllllll classy TMZ!

1905 days ago
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