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Bio Dad #2 -- MJ Baby Mama Is 'Crazy'

8/10/2009 4:56 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Claire Elisabeth Fields CruiseThe parents of another man Claire Elisabeth Fields Cruise named in today's wacked out press conference say their son, Christopher Caputo, did once date the "unstable" woman -- but it's "totally impossible" for him to be the father of any of Michael Jackson's children.

Caputo's 'rents tell TMZ the two dated when Chris was 16-years-old. They believe Cruise had "mental issues" back then and was "fixated" on their son.

Chris is now 44 and he hasn't spoken to Cruise since high school.

FYI -- On her MySpace, Fields also says she's the "biological mother" of Brad Pitt, all his children, Gisele Bundchen, Leo DiCaprio, Anna Nicole Smith ... and she ran for President in 2008.


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Hey AMZ, the people letting them walk around are the same one's letting you walk around you psycho, lying, manipulative, bitch.
couldn't find anyone to listen to your lies so you came here? It's funny how you just happened to flock to the posts talking about crazy people. Must just be natural. We all know how perfect you are right? You don't judge anyone right? "cause that's a job for the Man upstairs. I know we're awesome people but this stalking thing is plain stupid. Your games are stupid. What a sad & sorry existence you must have. We've all caught on to your lil games and you aren't hurting anyone but yourself. This is old and so are you. Nitey Nite Now.

1885 days ago


You can't make this sh*t up! WHACKO!

1899 days ago

The Gay Terrorist With Acne On His Balls    


1899 days ago


I try not to say anything mean, but honestly, when I read this woman's blog or whatever that's head exploded; she truly is a mess!

1899 days ago


I just hope she does not have any sort of weapon at home! The man Sodini, that shot he women in fitness club ,should allow this woman to visit him in jail and have his too! The judege should ban these type from a courtroom that is actually ligitimate!

1899 days ago


Good for her! Making her dreams come true! Look what the entertainment industry does to us people out in the real world. haha

1899 days ago


Gee, ya think?

This woman needs a LOT of help and locked up before she hurts herself or someone else

1899 days ago


# 4. I try not to say anything mean, but honestly, when I read this woman's blog or whatever that's head exploded; she truly is a mess!
Same here. I had to stop reading. It was like a compulsive liar stacking one lie on top of the other, then ranging into a different direction/person, starting another pile, sometimes going back to a previous pile 'o lies............uuurrrgh.

The woman is seriously, seriously unstable.

1899 days ago


That's sad..she probably is schizophrenic. Probably shouldn't make fun of her.

1899 days ago


Where are the guys in the white uniform and giant nets?

1899 days ago


Mateo, exactly how I felt when I tried to read that. How very sad that this world has so many like her, and worse. This has been said many times before, but I'll repeat it; it's truly no wonder Michael tried to always keep his children (and himself) hidden away. One never knows what someone like this woman is capable of. I feel for all celebrities now.

1899 days ago


The authorities should have just taken her away.
What a circus!
I miss you Michael!

1899 days ago


its not hard to tell that this woman is completely off her rocker I mean totally shes way past help and I dont really think anything could help her, did you see her myspace? wow please seek some help lady you need A LOT OF IT!

1899 days ago


How do people make this crap up, file it in court (she's crazy yet she has the presence of mind to file the right papers? That is not an easy thing to do.) and then why doesn't this dirtbag just get slammed with contempt of court? Some idiot judge in Salt Lake City gave some guy six months for yawning recently when he was simply a spectator. And this is allowed to go on without punishment?

Meanwhile I have a seriously decent story potential high profile court case and we really need a decent lawyer. Think I'm kidding? Look here:

1899 days ago


Wow, OK then.

1899 days ago
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