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Another Random Woman Wants MJ's Kids

8/10/2009 12:07 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Claire ElisabethThey're coming out of the woodwork -- someone else is trying to lay claim to Michael Jackson's kids.

A woman who goes by the name Claire Elisabeth Fields Cruise has filed three guardianship petitions -- one for each of MJ's three kids -- claiming "I am the biological mother of Prince Michael Jackson II and all of his siblings." Cruise also claims she's married to Michael Jackson "who is now deceased" -- but is also "engaged to Prince Michael Jackson II's biological father."

She also thinks she's the mother of one of Tom Cruise's kids.

Welcome to Neverland.

Claire Elisabeth


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If the truth ever comes out, we will find that this woman is telling the truth! I never believed any of the other claims on Michael's kids, but this one I just cannot doubt. After visually comparing and using the process of elimination, she has my full support on this matter. MJ was in Florida in 1991 and Connor is a split between her and Michael. So, I believe her.

1897 days ago


Watch posters come out to say they see a resemblance with the kids and this woman... ha ha ha!

First, Klien says he is the daddy.... some say absolutely, they see the resemblance. Lester comes up next.... and they say ah yes, there is a resemblance there. Now this woman pop up and yes, definately there is a resemblance. Next.....

When will this fiasco end. Poor Micheal tried to keep his business private and confidential but his "traitor" friends and the crows in the media just wouldn't stop. Now he is dead it is just like a free for all!

1897 days ago


9. Woman please! When MJ said he loves you more he meant that figuratively!

Posted at 11:51AM on Aug 10th 2009 by Shamone'


thanks for the laugh! Best one yet! I can't stop laughing! I needed that!

1897 days ago


I like how in one report she says some french dude Cryil Rouhaut is the father, but then on her facebook says this morning that its some dude named Julian Bleeker. Not only that but man she is a Dog! How could MJ be into this woman? Besides regardless if she is the biological EGG donor, she has ZERO legal standing. And on top of it she wants us to believe MJ paid Debbie Rowe A MILLION Dollars a year for absolutely NO reason at all whatsoever? How many dudes did she sleep with that she is so confused on who the father is? And Connor Cruise? She named herself after Tom Cruise and then claims that she is the mother of Connor Cruise? WTF? She is a fame nut. Not to mention her facebook is open and she has been adding new friends like crazy! If she was a normal person she wouldn't be seeking out the fame. Why do we even bother with nutcases like this? I don't care who her current fiance is or her "Ex-Unnofficial Fiance" What the hell is that? Don't you mean boyfriend or lover? Fiance means someone ACTUALLY proposed and said YES. Unnofficial ex fiance means I boned you once and moved on and you are obsessed and can't move on.

1897 days ago


35. Thanks Geoff :) You must know who I'm talking about. Hahaha

lol, oh yeah! I can almost hear him/her saying.....'my kids, beyatch, PLEASE!'.....LOL!

1897 days ago


42. Well, people we have

1) Nona Paris Lola Jackson - crazy

2 ) Billie Jean Jackson - crazy

3) Claire Elisabeth Fields Cruise - crazy

4) Arnie Kiien - liar/stupid

5) Mark Lester - stupid

All putting it out there that they may be the mother/father of MJ's children!!!!

This is what I call a bunch of FRUIT CAKE WITH PLENTY OF NUTS INSIDE!!!!!

Posted at 12:43PM on Aug 10th 2009 by HumanNature


This is only round 1
Lets see what the rest of the week will bring us.

1897 days ago

dawnn Mayher    

ya know now that i get 2 thinkin, Im the mamma of these kids. See u in court ya'll. Mamma's comin to take ya back to Kentucky

1897 days ago


Wait one minute....I don't remember having extra kids but WTH.....they are all my kids. Now that I think of it...all of the Jackson 5 are my kids. I can act crazy too.

1897 days ago


omg why are all the freaks sorry friends haha stabbing him in the back and hell bent on trying to destroy those poor kids even more.
i think its disgusting let MJ rest in peace and leave the kids out of your money making rumours

1897 days ago


Don't gang up on my people......But connor cruise(Tom Cruise adopted son) has a cleft in his chin like Michael and he looks like Jermaine boy Jermasty(sp?). I don't believe her at all, I just like to play around with this rumors.

1897 days ago


With all the crazies now coming out the woodwork claiming to be the mother/father of MJ kids, there can be an easy solution to find out the truth without going to courts or filing any petitions.

As soon as the words come out of their mouths, the lawyers for the Jackson estate should give them a DNA right then and there. When the test comes back that they are not the bio father/mother show their ass the door. Simple and quick.

1897 days ago


AHHHHHH Here they all come...they were a little slow at coming out of the woodwork...but at last the crazies are here. All is right with the world!

1897 days ago


oh lord....when will this madness ends?

1897 days ago


This woman should get together with MJ's First plastic surgeon. Cops got him outta a tree with a bb gun shooting at "them people" He is a real nut case and he is giving Katherine advice on which Dr's to sue.

1897 days ago


she's also in the court house today

1897 days ago
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