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Brad Cooper -- Renee Zellweger, Corner Pocket

8/11/2009 4:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Bradley Cooper and Renee Zellweger played it close yesterday in Barcelona -- with Renee making a grab for her alleged man's backside.

Bradley Cooper & Renee Zellweger: Click to watch
The two have not confirmed they're dating ... yet.


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i'm bad it could be real medical condition. L.S.S. LEMON SUCKERS SYNDROME :-)

1868 days ago


Poor Rene Zelleweger, doesn't she realize it will just be another heartache as clearly this Bradley Cooper is just another player. So many beautiful but seemly desparate women in tinsel town.

1868 days ago

Find your own $$    

Well, I'd be first in line for Mr. Cooper, but does he like the ladies?? I've heard otherwise...

1868 days ago


Once again, looks like Jen Aniston can't hold on to a man!! Go Renee!!

1868 days ago

danger baby    

Hilarious. At 40, you'd think common sense would have kicked in. She can't even walk in those shoes. Meanwhile The Coop is completely comfortable. Isn't he with a different actress every week? Seems like.

1868 days ago

Find your own $$    

He's G A Y I hear...

1868 days ago


"There is no need to, "CONFIRM" anything with the general public. Their business, is THEIR business. "

And that's why you are prowling a gossip site?

Are you Sarah Palin, the amoral, crazy whore? Because your hypocrisy rises to that level!

1868 days ago


I enjoyed that Justin Bartha and Zack Galifinakis are also in this video (and got no mention, by the way). Seeing them together makes me very excited for the Hangover 2!!!

1868 days ago


What is the appeal of this woman?........squinty eyes & a permanent pucker......ugggh!

1868 days ago


I would guess that both Rachel McAdans and Jennifer Aniston meet with him about business. Probably
movies. If a woman says hello to a man, she is instantly dating him. Jennifer is in New York so it wasn't
her you saw. I always thought he was gay too, not that makes any difference in his acting.

1868 days ago


Renee may not be much to look at, but NEITHER is Bradley Cooper. aka Mr. Glorified Nerd. His stature in Hollywood is the only reason anybody would be interested in him. He's dorky looking, and isn't much of an actor himself IMHO.

Renee seems like a women of substance over style, so they must really have a connection. Obviously she's not going for looks, or she'd being dating someone much better looking!

1868 days ago

Ms. X    

He sure don't look Gay by the way he's rubbing on her very tight ass. How much must she work out? That chick who exits the car looks nothing like Anniston. She's too thick and frumpy. These two are a Hot Couple indeed.

1867 days ago


These tabloids are so out of control and over the top! It must have been so much easier to deal with the media and press, back in Marilyn Monroe's days. Rumors just never spread to the degree they do now, thanks to a little thing that Al Gore invented, call the Internet!! Then we all became a digital nation! These stars think we're stupid! I swear! Just look at Renee and Brad walking togther. They are clearly walking arm in arm, like a couple - an intimate couple, that is. You know, Renee's tongue could be down Brad's throat and their publicists would still confirm that they are NOT a couple! Okay, give us the benefit of the doubt for having 3 digits for an IQ!!

1866 days ago


Glad to see that some of the comments here are positive about them. They seem to actually be a couple based on real connection as opposed to many other celebrity couples. Renee is one of favorite actresses. Too bad one of her best films, Miss Potter, was not widely screened. I can only assume executives found it too intelligent and high quality to make a lot of money. But if you want to get a sense of her in a better role than some of the mass market rom com stuff rent the DVD.

1848 days ago
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