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Jon & Kate Plus 9-1-1

8/14/2009 10:18 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kate Gosselin was seen checking in to a Days Inn Hotel by herself last night, and here's a shocker: It was all over a huge fight with Jon.

TMZ has confirmed cops were called to the couple's Pennsylvania home after the two went ballistic on each other. Cops showed up just before midnight, but no arrests were made. Cops tell us they were called out because of the argument. It's unclear who called 911.

Cops tell us they made quick work of the situation by calming things down ... they were only there for approximately 10 minutes.

Since it's Jon's turn with the kids, Kate kicked rocks -- and checked into the local hotel.


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Carol Keele    

Jon and Kate had the twins. Jon thought two children were enough. Kate knew about the other sextuplets that had been born(I don't remember the family's name.)I believe that one of the other sextuplets had passed away.According to Kate's family and church she used to go to, all Kate ever talked about was all the free things and money their family could receive.She convinced Jon she wanted one more child (knowing full well that with fertility treatment it usually results in multiples.) Kate's father is a minister, he said himself that his congregation wanted to help so had taken up donations and had bought cribs for their sextuplets. Kate refused them because she wanted only brand new matching cribs for her children, she also didn't want the free food,or anything else her father's church got for them, she just wanted the money. Her father said after all his congregation had done for them, there was no way he was going to tell his congregation that's what she said, so she just cut them all off, hasn't anyone wondered why those grandparents are never shown or been around? As for her brother Kevin and his wife Jody, remember when Jody used to take all the children on Fridays so Kate could have a break, especially when Kevin and Jody had two small children of their own.Then TLC wanted to pay Jody some money for them helping out.(Kevin and Jody never asked for it, TLC offered it to them because they had been so loving and helpful) Kate had a fit, no way did she want the spotlight on anyone but her, when all her family was doing was trying to help her out and give her an afternoons break.Then her friend Beth, who helped her so much and even went on vacations to help them out, plus the other girl,(I don't remember her name) went too, to help them out.Suddenly they are no longer around either, after Kate so many times talking about what wonderful friends they were, to rearrange their lives to help them.I remember when Kate said that Mady and Beth had a kind of love/hate relationship because Beth was one of the few adults that Mady couldn't fool or manipulate. Suddenly Beth is no longer around either.(That certainly has nothing to do with money,because it's obvious that Beth and her husband have plenty of their own.) She must have turned down some request Kate had, how dare Beth have her own life or family come first. I remember when Jon was working, he came home and usually fed the children, plus gave them all their baths and got them ready for bed everynight, and Kate pretended like she did everything by herself all day, when truth be told, she had a nanny or nannies all along, helping her out in the daytime.Jon didn't quit his job, his boss said he was let go because Kate always had him working on getting more free stuff instead of doing his job. Ask his former boss, he has said publicly that's what really happened.The kids have always seemed more relaxed and happier when Jon was with them, not Kate, all she ever worried about was if they were spotless for the cameras, instead of just being allowed to be what they are...little kids.She belittled him and criticized him constantly for everything, even complaining about the noise of his breathing, for God's sake, when they were doing one of their love seat interviews. The interview when Mady asked for water because she was thirsty, and what did Kate do? Got a bottle of water for herself and drank it right in front of the children. Several times when Mady was terrible to the other children and Jon said something because Mady should have been corrected, Kate would take up for her and make excuses.When all the rumors about Kate and her 'bodyguard' started, Jon brought it up, and that's when Kate refused to discuss it and told him their marriage was over. Jon told her he wanted to go for counseling, and what did she tell him? If he had problems, then that was his problem and he should go get help if he had a problem. If I was married I would never be disrespectful to my husband, much less belittle him in public.The time when one of the boys had dirty hands and she shooed him away and said someone get him away, didn't even call him by name, just wanted to get him away from her,before God forbid she might get dirty and not look perfect for the cameras. She took the children for the vacation, did Jon get to go along? Of course not, her 'bodyguard' did. The one month when she was gone 22 days on her book signing tour, they have plenty of nannies and help, did she take Jon along with their children? Of course not, her 'bodyguard' went. Then she sent Mady and Cara back, as they had school. Who do you think watches the children when she's off gallivanting all over the county? Their dad of course. Why not take some of the children with her, they have plenty of help. Oh, that's right, Kate is the star, or thinks she is. Kate spends plenty of money on herself, her new bikinis(certainly not to show Jon) he's only her husband and the children's father, her n

1889 days ago


I think it is ridiculous. She is the mother of those kids and has been around them more so than him. He isn't even spending time with them, he is showing off to the cameras and making interviews. He should be spending time with them instead of saying that he is going to. Kate should be the one to be at the house at all times and Jon should just have supervised visits.

1889 days ago


#155 "cannot stand the gosselin s"


TEAM JON !!!!!!!!!

1882 days ago



TEAM JON !!!!!

1872 days ago




1872 days ago

She's Dumb    


1867 days ago
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