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Jon & Kate's Fight -- Blame the Babysitter

8/14/2009 2:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

You can blame the babysitter for Jon and Kate Gosselin's blowup last night.

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Sources close to Jon and Kate tell TMZ that Kate was upset because Jon wanted to leave the kids with Stephanie Santoro -- the babysitter who was handpicked by Jon.

We're told Kate has serious trust issues with Santoro, and doesn't want her playing nanny with her kids. Kate went to the house to watch the kids instead of Santoro -- and that sparked the fight that ended with Kate calling 911.

Jon pretty much confirmed all this -- in his words -- this morning at his house. When in doubt, blame the nanny.


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Jon's turn to spend time with the kids and he is ready to run out the door and leave them with a babysitter??? He makes me sick.

1864 days ago

doc murry    

thats why all his kids look retarded,,he is a tard himself but i would love to get naked with octo mom

1864 days ago


What a joke.....this guy cracks me up. He REALLY thinks he's SOMETHING. LOL......too funny!

1864 days ago


If anyone even thinks Jon is boinking the sitter while it's his time with the kids....
or if he's going on a date while it's his time with his're wrong.
He knows he's being watched all the time.
Maybe he was going on some errands and the kids didn't want to go, maybe he doesn't like loading 8 kids up while he runs to the store, there is a full time sitter there that Kate hired!!!!
KATE IS CRACKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!
SHE'S CRACKING!!!!!!!!!!
DING DONG!!!!!!!!!!

1864 days ago


This guy really wants to show the world that he finally grew a pair and stopped acting like he was p---ywhipped. Why else would he give an interview to TMZ? He was practically smiling during the whole thing. Good for you, Jon. Now that we know you got a pair, why don't you keep your disputes with your soon to be ex private.

1864 days ago


she's a huge freak...

1864 days ago

shirley smith    

If it is Jon's turn to be with his children, they he should be with them, not a babysitter!!! This is too crazy someone should take those kids away from them!! All they like about them is the money it has given them and look at the nice house they have all because of the kids!! Not them working like the rest of the world.

1864 days ago


As Kate was there to protect the well being of her kids Jon wanted another sitter there even though theres already a full time sitter there to help...I too would of been angry if my ex was playing games at nite with the sitter-theres no reason why Jon should be going off without the kids when its his time to be with them all...respect your kids Jon as they will one day be changing your diapers

1864 days ago


Once a whiner always a whiner! Will he ever grow a set and not be a victim?? Waaaaa

1864 days ago


What an idiot! Jon you are a douche!!!! You can't even keep it in your pants for one night to spend time with your own children! One day your kids will hate you for all of this. They will grow up and see that their Mom actually spent time with them and loved them while you were running around with women...regarless who wht women are. Your children will judge you harder than the public...believe me. Step up and act like a real Dad! These women are using you cant you see that!!!???? Guess not! They just want their 15 minutes, not you, and you are stupid to belive otherwise. You truly look and act like a true ass wipe!

1864 days ago


There goes the CONTROLLING Kate monger yet again. Get real Kate, it is Jon's week, leave him the hell alone. Stop trying to CONTROL everyone. You have made enough of a mess as it is. You whine and cry on TV trying to paint a picture that you are the "sane" one, but off camera you are a total BITCH. Take a chill pill.

1864 days ago


douchebag of the years......

1864 days ago


Kate is a snobby bitch and Jon douchebag. I feel bad for those kids!!!

1864 days ago


It's called KARMA KATE! hahaha you get what you get girlie.

1864 days ago


Listen carefully to the tape: Jon, Do you approve of Kate's babysitters? "I guess, if she'll approve of mine". What a jerk. So Kate can have a lunatic babysitter as long as she approves of your babysitters Jon?? This guy is a jerk and should never be with the kids. That's not a responsible thing to say at all. He will never have custody of these kids......keeps shooting himself in the foot publicly. Kate's lawyers have a mountain of evididence. I do think one of the kids called else would she have known?

1864 days ago
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