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Jon & Kate's Fight -- Blame the Babysitter

8/14/2009 2:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

You can blame the babysitter for Jon and Kate Gosselin's blowup last night.

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Sources close to Jon and Kate tell TMZ that Kate was upset because Jon wanted to leave the kids with Stephanie Santoro -- the babysitter who was handpicked by Jon.

We're told Kate has serious trust issues with Santoro, and doesn't want her playing nanny with her kids. Kate went to the house to watch the kids instead of Santoro -- and that sparked the fight that ended with Kate calling 911.

Jon pretty much confirmed all this -- in his words -- this morning at his house. When in doubt, blame the nanny.


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WOW .. that was a long 2 minutes & 46 seconds. JON IS SUCH A LOSER. Please stop putting this stuff on your website because I can't control myself to not watch it. Instead of being entertaining it's become sad and shows what a douche bag he turned in to be. I feel so badly for the children!!! Let's see where they are in ten years after watching all this drama.

1791 days ago


He took Leah to the pediatrician's office yesterday. I don't blame him for getting a babysitter instead of taking the whole brood with him. Kate needs to get over herself.

1791 days ago


85. Look it's Squiggy from Lavern and Shirly Damn he look good got to be my age by now.

Posted at 2:54PM on Aug 14th 2009 by Grandpa Pill

Wouldn't Squiggy ALWAYS be your age? Y'know, since you both age at the same rate?

1791 days ago


I'll approve of her sitters, if she approves of mine...what kind of CHILDISH MESS IS THAT!?!?!?!? Grow up Jon & Kate! Divorce really effects kids, they suffer tremendously. Both are wrong in this situation. It takes 2 to have any relationship. A bit of advice...Men, no woman wants a "yes" man. Stand up and be the man of your home in a respectable & loving way, of course. Women, no man will put up with you belittling him, privately, and especially in front of others for too long. You should respect & honor your husband.

1791 days ago


This is nothing more than a game of oneupmanship with Jon.
He knows the most important thing to her are the kids so
he pushes those buttons, he thinks it makes him look like a
man that he is making decisions and standing his ground. Even
if they are terrible decisions.
This woman was at the house before watching the kids, how do
we know the kids didn't tell Kate something she and daddy did
while she was watching them? How do we know the kids didn't tell
Kate something she did while watching them that wasn't dangerous
for them? Thus, Kate hearing she was there again felt she had
to come over and say she would watch them instead.
There is something not being told here and judging from Jon's
smerk I wouldn't believe a word that came out of his mouth. He is
getting a kick out of this. Big Man .. NOT.
Looking at all the immature actions and decisions of his since
he has been "making his own", is it any wonder why Kate had to
nag and push him to do anything properly . She had 9 children
not 8.

1791 days ago


I can't believe ANYONE stands up for Kate. She's a belittling control freak and we've seen that on every single episode. Jon finally grew a pair and good for him.

Here's yet another example, Kate thinks she makes all the decisions, and when Jon says no, she calls the COPS to enforce HER WAY. And they tell her to screw off, HAHAHAHAHAHA.

They're divorcing because they can't agree how to do things together. So now Kate makes some decisions and Jon makes some. Guess what b!tch, you have to let him! He's as much a parent as you are, and SOME people think he's the better one!

1791 days ago


Jon is STUPID! Kate, don't let him have any rights to the children!!! His behavior is unacceptable and obviously doesn't care enough about his kids.

1791 days ago

Sandy Underpants    

To all the morons taking Kate's side:

Kate called 911, the cops came, she left, and nothing changed as a result. This proves that whatever Jon did was right, and Kate was wrong.

1791 days ago


If they are doing everything for the children’s sake then they should sit down and approve of the sitters jointly, it should not be my babysitters vs. your babysitters. With each parent taking turns with visitation and then each one having separate babysitters there must be a bunch of different people watching the kids. There would be no consistency at all for the kids doing it the way they are.

1791 days ago


I'd be pissed too. He doesn't seem to spend that much time with the kids and when he gets time with them he wants to leave them with a babysitter. What a pathetic dad.

1791 days ago


WTF? When it was kate's week and she went on her stupid book signing, Jon couldn't even come to the house because she said that "it wasn't his turn". Kate makes me sick. She is a narcissistic bitch and she's going to give Jon trouble for the rest of his life (or her life). She was on the Today Show talking about what he does is not affecting her life. I knew that was another lie. Jon couldn't be bedding all of these women or Kate would not have let him go!! He found his balls!!! TEAM JON

1791 days ago


I don't blame kate either, i would storm into the whitehouse if i thought my kids weren't in good hands. why do u need a sitter if you're spending time with your kids? why are u spilling such private details to paparrazzi of all people? didn't he say he wanted this marraige to work that it was her, but look at his behavior since.Maybe now we should be able to understand why kate doesn't let him talk, cuz nothing but crap comes out of it....i would nvr allow someone like that sitter near my kids, not a great example.

1791 days ago


Its his turn with the kids and he hires a sitter, more likely someone else he is trying to hook up with. What a sleaze, I can't stand to look at the man any more, he clearly does not have his kids best interest. I personally think he should of let Kate watch them, its spiteful and petty. He needs to wake up and realize his kids are the ones going to pay for his misdeeds, I could wring his neck. Another dead beat.

1791 days ago


Jon needed a sitter. He took ONLY Leah to the Dr. yesterday. She he have also dragged the 7 other kids with him? He took Mady and Cara school supply shopping should the 6 little ones also go?

He has a sitter for errans. So does Kate.

They just need to agree on 1 or 2 sitters that they both use. Either way Jon was home obviously---So Kate should stay away!

1791 days ago


Did he take Leah to the Dr at midnight and Cara and Mady for school supplies at midnight? Is that why he needed a sitter
to sleep over?
He said in an interview he needed a sitter while he taped his
part of the show. Get your stories straight Jon. Seems to me
TLC would have more than enough people around to amuse the kids
while he did his limited part. I mean the guy is a snooze how
long can anyone listen to him anyway.

1791 days ago
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