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Kellan Lutz Has Got the Runs

8/14/2009 2:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kellan Lutz took his hairless buff pecs, bis and abs on a run through Vancouver on Thursday.


When you're the "Twilight" hunk that isn't R-Patz or Taylor Lautner, you gotta take your fitness regime to the streets.


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Half black half white    

im first ok i hate all this "Twilight bs stupid spoiled teens

1874 days ago



1874 days ago


Purse-snatcher! What's he got in his hands?

OK, let's upgrade the culture; guys stop wearing baseball hats backwards; makes you look like a poop-pant geek which is the opposite of being a FREEDOM FIGHTER (which, as uncle George Carlin taught us, is the wrong way to say that. Technically, "freedom fighter" means to fight freedom, but what we mean is to fight FOR freedom, so we need to use a new term. How about FREE WARRIOR? I like it.

1874 days ago


Stay the f**k out my city Mr. Lutz, you're not welcome here!!!!!!!

1874 days ago

Love Monkey    

What a f---ing poser! Some tough workout that must be with his pristine white tanktop, his perfectly co-ordinated pants, cap and tennis shoes, all in contrasting black and white. And what the f--k is with the gloves?!

He looks more like he's headed to a fashion show than a gruelling workout. He should come to my gym were the guys wear baggy t-shirts, old sports pants and get the job done. This idiot wouldn't last five minutes.

Seriosuly, you can almost imagine the trail of cologne in the air as this fratboy runs past you in the street. I'd love to be there to trip him up and get dog crap on his tanktop.

1874 days ago

Alan C    

okay here are the answers to all the questions: pushes or pulls in public park, great stylist, hold his wallet and iPod, needs jock or briefs (flopping in the wind boxers - nah!) and like anyone of you straight bi or gay or neither would NOT throw that out of bed! THINK ABOUT IT!

1874 days ago


Wow you haters are really working overtime aren't you? You seriously need to get lives.

Twilight exists. Get over it.

1874 days ago


He is so gorgeous! I dont know why yall are bitching about what he's wearing and how he's not working hard enough. If he's not working it, how did he get those biceps? Whatever. He's a cutie!

1874 days ago


wow!! Alot of haters..LOL..women who he would never look at and men who wish they looked like that!!! LOL

1874 days ago


I hate gym rats as much as the next person (maybe not as much as Love Monkey!) but cut the guy a break. First of all, if I had the dough that this kid has my gym outfits would be pristine and coordinated as well. To slam a guy for wanting to look his best--when he KNOWS his pic will end up on TMZ et al--is silly and childish. As is assuming that he "wouldn't last five minutes" in your gym based on the fact that he dresses well. He is a pretty big guy. If he was seen jogging looking scroungy he would certainly be slammed for not looking his best. And the gloves--perhaps his hands get a bit cold and those are the only gloves that he has with him. Most people don't think to pack gloves in August, but even in summer Vancouver mornings can be a bit chilly. Or perhaps he is running to a place where he will be lifting weights. Most of the weight lifters at my gym do wear gloves. Finally--why do you care? I am not a Twilight fangirl and really could care less about this boy but I am constantly amazed by people who take the time out of their day to slam people who are doing no harm.

1874 days ago


Dear TMZ: It's "regimen" not "regime." Thank you.

1874 days ago


I love Kellan! And I'm not a teen! His body gets better and better.

1874 days ago


finally watched the movie and was so anxious to see him in the movie cause everywhere else you see him. sad to see that he did not have a lot of parts in the movie.

1874 days ago


I've lived in Vancouver for thirteen years, and am embarrassed by the amount of media coverage one of our local, major papers, THE VANCOUVER SUN, has dedicated to the cast & the schmeds who stalk them here! Get a life, "Fanpires", and let these actors do their jobs. Vancouver is an amazing city, and it's really sad that people have/are visiting here ... just to catch a glimpse of/stalk the cast. It was enough in the Spring when they filmed "New Moon", but "Eclipse" starts filming on Aug. 17th. No doubt, fans & freaks have already started touching-down at YVR.

And I agree with others: this guy looks like a wanker in his "workout" attire. Running through downtown Vancouver. I won't doubt that he works-out at Steve Nash's gym, or (gym grunt central) Ron Zalkow in Kitsilano. (oops! guess I just gave the freaky fans two more places to stalk!)

1874 days ago


man o man, haters are everywhere huh!??!?!,, OK he's hot, get over it, and I am not a teen, WOO
Also, I don't see how everybody is hating on his outfit, do u not have better things to do, than COME ON TMZ IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DAY, SEE THIS HOT YUMMY MAN, CLICK THE LINK JUST TO COMMENT ON HIS OUTFIT!?!!!?!? UMMM, pathetic, but it would be ok for him to have his pants hang off his a** right??? All the way down to his knees and him have to hold them up???? W/E quit hating u fa*s, get a life, and if u hate twilight, WHY ARE U EVEN BOTHERING TO CLICK ON A TWILIGHT ACTORS PICTURE?????????????????????????????????lolololol

1874 days ago
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