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Obama Girls -- Mighty Morphin Jr. Park Rangers

8/17/2009 4:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Their father is the President, their mom is the First Lady, and now the Obama girls have a title of their own: Junior Rangers at Grand Canyon National Park.

Obama Girls

The First Family
made the trip to Grand Canyon National Park over the weekend. Scott Kraynak -- the Park Ranger who gave the Obamas their tour -- told us Malia and Sasha were fast-tracked into the Jr. Rangers program since they only had one day to do it ... one of the perks you get for being the spawn of the most powerful man on the planet.

Scott said Sasha was made an honorary Coyote and Malia an honorary Scorpion -- the girls even received their very own Jr. Ranger patches for their accelerated accomplishments.

As for President Obama, Scott said he was genuinely interested in learning about the park and kept asking him all sorts of questions about it.

It's nice to have a President who takes time to learn about things.


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Did anyone catch news video of the Obama's boarding the plane to go
West? Michelle's ass looked as wide as a semi-hauler truck. Her tax-payer funded "stylist" and "hair person" must have called in sick that day. If poor old Hilary or Laura ever got caught looking that frightful, there would have been a real ruckus in the press. Makes one ponder the thought: "is the news really legitimate" these days. Seems the Chosen One and his Family get a free pass. I, for one don't appreciate my tax dollars funding the snake oil salesman's wife in her pursuit of beauty since it is a lost cause. And to think Vanity Fair voted these two frights best dressed. What does that tell you about the veracity of the press?

1900 days ago


People have become so dependent on their government leaders and have become so lazy even in thinking. In third world countries, there's too much corruption and no luxury to complain. You get on with it, sit home at voting times, and just pray for peace in the countries. Then think of how to make money and look after yourself and your family. It is that simple really. ALL LEADERS ARE THE SAME> DO NOT VOTE AND EXPECT ALOT AT THE SAME TIME>

1900 days ago

Fan Since 2007!!!    


1900 days ago


Wow, the loonies have come out of the woodwork. How much is the Republican party paying you to post here? I'd be really curious to know.

Miley> I think you are one of the voices of reason on this board. Very refreshing. Don't let the loonies fool you: their negativity is NOT the general feeling over here. Not at all. In fact, I'm fairly certain there are only a few people posting under various aliases. That's why you see the same "talking points" over and over again.

To the person comparing President Obama to Hitler: You're disgusting and unoriginal. Get a new schtick.

To the person asking (yet again) for a birth certificate: We've already seen it. Get a grip.

To the person (b/c I'm sure it's only one) complaining about the Obamas going on vacation: FFS! There are plenty of people still able to go on vacation. I just came back from NYS and the plane was chock full. This guy probably has the most difficult job in the world right now; he is ALLOWED to take a break!

To the idiots complaining about what Michelle is wearing: petty petty petty. She's HIKING, FFS! She looks FINE. Also not fair to make fun of a person's looks...that's not something they can change! (I happen to think she's pretty, but whatevs).

Why wasn't anyone complaining when W. ran up trillions of dollars in debt on an idiotic war? Oh...that's right...they didn't actually include those numbers in the budget.
You're a bunch of ungrateful wretches. Pres. Obama the worst president ever? Oh PLEASE.

1899 days ago


He's the most powerful man in the world? Uh, I don't think so. He's getting weaker by the day.

1898 days ago

Allred Tree    

Now we read that a blogger on reports that FIRST WITCH Marion Robinson is practicing Santeria in the Whitehouse! No wonder she and Michelle and those girls always look so unkempt and crazed! Marion has reportedly cast spells on Rush Limbaugh and Hillary Clinton. Is she involved in writing the health care plan and does it call for witch doctors?

Michelle Obama has zero class and surely must be possessed by a demon to even think of wearing shorts and exposing those thunder thighs! Hillary Clinton must be doubled up in laughter along with Bill and can't you just imagine what the Korean leader is saying!

1898 days ago


The press should have better things to do rather than follow them on a silly trip to the canyon. Are they trying to camouflage the fact that nothing is getting done politically! Get real are we just boob heads and only care to see the president goofing off all the time drinking beer.

1889 days ago
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