President Obama Graduates to the Hard Stuff

8/16/2009 3:53 PM PDT

President Obama Graduates to the Hard Stuff

Like a college student who turns 21, President Barack Obama has moved on from beer to hard liquor.

President Obama and the First Fam visited Macayo's in Phoenix last night to celebrate the president's half sister's birthday. We talked to the restaurant who told us that in addition to having the triple fajitas, Michelle and Barack each had a Tres Margarita -- made with Sauza Tres Generaciones Plata Tequila, Presidente Brandy (fitting), and Patron Citronge.

His bill ran around $200 -- and he tipped each waitress 20% and an additional $100 each.

You'll remember, Obama downed a Bud Light when he met with VP Joe Biden, Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates Jr. and the man who arrested him -- Police Sergeant James Crowley.