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Obama Girls -- Mighty Morphin Jr. Park Rangers

8/17/2009 4:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Their father is the President, their mom is the First Lady, and now the Obama girls have a title of their own: Junior Rangers at Grand Canyon National Park.

Obama Girls

The First Family
made the trip to Grand Canyon National Park over the weekend. Scott Kraynak -- the Park Ranger who gave the Obamas their tour -- told us Malia and Sasha were fast-tracked into the Jr. Rangers program since they only had one day to do it ... one of the perks you get for being the spawn of the most powerful man on the planet.

Scott said Sasha was made an honorary Coyote and Malia an honorary Scorpion -- the girls even received their very own Jr. Ranger patches for their accelerated accomplishments.

As for President Obama, Scott said he was genuinely interested in learning about the park and kept asking him all sorts of questions about it.

It's nice to have a President who takes time to learn about things.


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#101 dear kelly your reference to no #92. Are you sure you adressed the right person. What does midgets and height have to do with the statment that i made? Sorry but i am lost! Shed some light on this!

1892 days ago


I just hope that all you dumbazz liberal azzsniffing jerks are real proud of your vote now!!!This POS is much worse than Jimmy Carter and that say's alot!!!Put yer "wig hat" back on Manchelle

1892 days ago


I am a white Brit, and as a person looking in from the outside, I would die for a leader like Barack Obama! He has Charisma, Vision, Optimism & a genuine love for his people and seems genuinely down to earth, which is a rarity for someone with his status and is something that I rate very highly in a person - sometimes some people don't know how lucky they are, and for those of you who can't get past the skin colour thing - you should get over yourselves - it really is what is good and genuine in a person's heart that makes them a person - neither what they look like or what colour their skin is, or the style of clothes they wear! It is childish to have attitudes & opinions such as this - time moves on and we are now living in century 2000 - time to get over the colour of someone's skin - that applies to all racism from all races!! I would also like to say that this man represents American people and internationally Barack Obama and his family are held in high regard - remember the old days of President Bush Jr! Wow what a barrel of laughs he was! I don't think he gave two hoots about his fellow countryman, he would rather be out playing golf than getting into gear and trying to plan constructive action with regard to the terror attacks which happened on 9/11 and looking after you guys! - There were so many people around the world, who may not have had someone who they knew who was connected on 9/11 - but were heartbroken by what was happening, and felt helpless by what they were seeing on the news - I was one of them! We were all with you at that time - sharing our tears with yours! Currently we have Gordon Brown - probably a nice man as a person, but I don't think that he makes a good strong leader - infact the only time I have heard him address the public in such a way, was when he was speaking in your own congress!! Impressed and touched as I was by much what he said, things about what he said about what Britain thinks of America is true - he should be addressing us like that! But we didn't actually vote for him, he just stepped into Tony Blair's shoes, except they are not his size! Just one other thing that I would like to say about our Health Care System - all over adults pay a National Insurance - this goes into a big pot of money designated for our health care system (the NHS)- Every British National is entitled to Free Health care based on this system. We don't have to pay to see a family physician, we can get medical assistance, if we break our bones, need life saving operation or treatment for life threatening Cancer - there is no limit on what your treatment will cost or how big or small the type of treatment is needed - or for how long - it is not a perfect system - like any system, but if one of our relatives is ill, we don't have to worry about if the insurance will or won't cover it, or for how long the cover will go on for - all this is taken care of. We don't have to pay for anything other than the cost of prescriptions. So when people argue that Obama is a Liberal, that he is a Socialist ........... Is a simple straight forward health care - available to everyone - something that should not be? Good health care should be available to all people no matter how low the income - everyone deserves an equal opportunity don't they? Maybe he is talking sense. I don't know what his plans are exactly, but if he was planning something like ours - perhaps it will be even better - Imagine, you not having to worry about illness or insurance premiums rocketing or ceasing to cover you or a relative! Think about it guys!

1892 days ago

Just Saying    

102. OMG! I love how if someone disagrees with what Obama wants, we're racist! Is that all you've got? Really?
And hey, not all of us are Republican's! Wake up, the prez SUCKS!

Posted at 6:27PM on Aug 17th 2009 by Maggie

Amen! well put! If they don't call us racist then then call us Haters!

1892 days ago

Lelsie B.    

Lame duck president Let's review. 1. Wars still ragging (only now were loosing). 2. Guantanimo is still up and running. 3. Cars for clunkers is bankrupt and the dealerships that participated have only recieved 2% payback from the gov. 4. Unemployment is rising steadly, 5. Small business's everywhere are closing on a daily basis, 6. The bailout was a failure, 7. Forclosures haven't stopped or even slowed. 8. obamahcare reform is a bust (thank G*d).
I can finally use my DON'T BLAME ME I DIDN"T VOTE FOR HIM bumper sticker.

1892 days ago


Yea...NObama is learning about our National Parks so he can ruin that system next! As far as Mrs. Obama is concerned, she definately needs a stylist...Jackie-O need not worry. Their girls are adorable, though!
Now the "First Family" is off to Martha's Vineyard, gee...did Bush take as many vacations in 6 months?
Oh, Siobha...I want the koolaide drink you are drinking, LOL!!!!!!!!!!!

1892 days ago


I live in Arizona where it is 110 degrees for 3 months straight. TRUST ME. There are some totally nice shorts-sets for women to wear. You can stay cool and still be classy. Michelle! Please! Stylist!

1892 days ago


It would be nice if the rest of us could be able to afford a vacation ourselves.
Obama is the 'Vacation President", always out relaxing or on my tv.

I feel like we've elected Marlon Perkins.

1892 days ago


Our tax dollars at work. Good job Obama.

1892 days ago


is the person wearing blue on the right side picking his/her nose?

1892 days ago

Just Saying    

26. Mr Obama has to be one of the most charasmatic, genuine man alive. Sorry He is right behind Nelson Mandela (Madiba). They are both amazing men and we are very privilledged to have had and have them as leaders. We couldnt ask for any better. Yes Obama, maybe hitting the odd hiccup but he is working though it.
Unites States you should be so very proud of your leader just the same as South Africans are so very proud of Nelson Mandela.
As for Michelle Obama she is the greatest. So what if she is not a fashionista, she is still a very bright, intelligent woman who is just as amazing as her husband. Pity you haters didnt have Hitler as your leader instead.

Long live Mr Obama, you are so loved!
Posted at 4:12PM on Aug 17th 2009 by Siobhan

48. Michelle, no matter what you wear you are still fabulous. You are bright, intellectual and a very beautifull woman. Dont change for these ignorant people that all they ever do is waste time just being critics with no good cause. They hate but dont even know why they hate, it just feels cool to hate.
Ignore the minority, they are all idiots. They cant achieve anything worthwhile in their lives so they bring down the people that have achieved and continue to achieve.
May you and Mr Obama have a very beautifull life. You are both such nice people unlike some of the other hypocrites that were once
called presidents.
Posted at 4:44PM on Aug 17th 2009 by Siobhan
90. No i am not but i would love to. Do you think you could put in a good word for me. As for a beer feast, no darling i only drink cosmopolitans and champagne but maybe he wont mind having a glass of champagne with me.
So what do you say, can we have fun now????
Sorry as for your last question, no i havent met them yet, but my husband has.

O darling! Yes let's have fun now! You sit there and type adjectives to describe a person you never met. You say "We couldn't ask for any better" I'm sure a lot of people would love to say different. O but they can't, because when they express their disappointment in the president. People like you call them "Haters"! Get for real! Just because I don't like the choice for president doesn't mean that I need to have a Hitler as a leader instead or that I'm being a hater. Wow Congratulations on your ignorant comment. You want to sit on your high horse and judge people for writing hateful stuff. Then with the same breath speak hate by calling minority idiots. So put your plastic champagne glass down and get some real class!

By the way using my name instead of your own on this post is very distasteful! So if you want to sound sophisticated at least have some class to continue to use your name.

1892 days ago

cosmo in texas    

The comment "when your father is the most powerful man on the planet" in not a true statement. He will never hold that title. Ever! He is becoming a big joke though.

1892 days ago


The Odumbos have been on one big vacation since he became President. Thats all they do is vacation. What losers, they are totally destroying this country. Next week they will be have a picnic on the White House lawn, and invite all their hoodrat friends

1892 days ago


ok........her the first lady has large hips, thighs. So, what, don't all women after two children? I like her casual wear. Obama, not so much.

1892 days ago


Good idea "Picnic"! Do you think your uncle can loan The First Family his KKK whites for them to dine on? I'm sure they'll return them in time for your Auntie/Sister to wash it on the scrub board and hang it in the front yard to dry.

1892 days ago
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