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Patricia Heaton -- Everybody Loves Lawsuits

8/17/2009 6:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Patricia HeatonNow we know why they didn't call the show "Everybody Loves Patricia." Ray Romano's "Everybody Loves Raymond" co-star, Patricia Heaton, is being sued by a former personal assistant who claims the actress fired her and then stiffed her for good measure.

Jennifer Lee
claims she worked for Patricia from August 2007 to March 2009, earning $770 a week. Jennifer says she was hired to work 15-20 hours a week but had to work a lot more.

Lee says friction developed after she asked about her unpaid wages -- when Patricia said Lee's child was "becoming a problem" because of the work schedule. Lee says Patricia was unsympathetic, firing her and saying "things might have been different" if Lee didn't have a child.

In the end, Lee claims Patricia owes her at least $7,425 in unpaid wages. On top of that Lee wants her overtime and additional expenses paid.

We particularly like one line in Lee's lawsuit: "If the rich and famous wish to employ individuals to cater to their every need, they must also refrain from violating California's wage and hour laws."


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You libral cry babys. Just shut the hell up. All the crap that comes out of ole jeanne grabitchio mouth and you complain about this. YAll are a big freakin joke

1856 days ago

Linda Mott    

It's a good thing that Harvey is a lawyer, because a lot of the stories have to do with lawsuits.

1864 days ago


This is probally another no nothing trying to make money off a Star.

1863 days ago


Her brother Michael is a cheap bastard too. Must run in the family.

1863 days ago

Just Me    

There is nothing new here, people.  Read "The Nanny Diaries".  Read any book about the Kennedys.  When you worship at the altar of the bitch goddess Fame ya gotta put in extra hours.  If you leave at the end of your stated time, Mr. or Ms. Movie Star, inconvenienced by Real Life, would fire you so fast the smoke would reach the highway before you do.  Moral of the story: let 'em get their own latte unless they treat you right.

1863 days ago


Shame on Patricia! She is such an outspoken conservative advocate of "family values" unless it inconveniences her...she has 4 kids of her own.

1863 days ago


LOL - Good story title.

1863 days ago


Isn't Patricia Heaton supposed to be this big proponent of family values? That's really despicable she would tell someone things would be different if she didn't have children. I'm not a fan of Raymond and was disappointed in her show with Kelsey Grammer (who I love), but I will never watch another show with this hypocritical woman in it. Shame on you, Ms. Heaton!

1863 days ago


If they work for you , you have to pay the wages, I wonder if you own a sweat shop, hiring illeagle workers and holding there papers, until they pay you for thier freedom.Biatch

1863 days ago


I use to like her, but now she's acting kenyan.

1863 days ago

danger baby    

I and SO sick of the wealthy and greedy. If your employer gives you a PDA, just make sure you use the calendar on it to TRACK YOUR HOURS. Like this girl, most are too timid to speak up. You WILL be taken advantage of by anyone with beacoup $, so rule #1 is a) know your labor rights (there are tons of blogs out there to help you with this) and b) stand up for them early on. You can do so assertively, without becoming the beyotch that your boss is. Good luck!

1863 days ago

AS IF    

Has anyone done the math? This girl made $38.50 an hour to pick up dry cleaning! 15-20 hours a week! Where do I get that job? I met Patricia Heaton last year at an event for Autism in Santa Monica and she couldn't have been kinder. This Lee girl is looking for a gravy train, how disgusting! Hope her poor child grows up with better ethics than her oney grubbing mother. Shame on her!

1863 days ago

TMZ hits a new low    

Quite honestly, kids often get in the way of getting work done. I always preferred employees who had no kids because they were not leaving the office on average about three times a week for one thing or another related to their kids. Leaving early, coming in late, too many personal calls, talking too loudly about their kids ~ endless. It's life but that doesn't make it a great fit with a busy work day that someone is paying for.

1863 days ago


Hey this assistant broad was make $30 an hr over min wage! WTF??? Min wage in Cali is $8 an hr and that was probably what she was worth. What's she complaining about? I am sick if people tying up our legal system over stuff like this. Hope they don't pay this cow a dime.

1863 days ago


She's a vicious anti-abortionist and then gives an employee problems because her child was becoming a problem?? I hate her.

1863 days ago
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