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Roker -- Sunny with a Chance of Black Pride

8/18/2009 12:52 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Watch Al Roker's shock and awe on the Weather Channel this morning when it dawns on him that there are three brothas doing weather at the same time.

Al Roker: Click to watch
Co-anchors, Alex Wallace and Scott Williams were a little stunned by Rev. Al's revelry.


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Oh brotha...

1859 days ago

Maryland- X Fan    

I wish black, self proclaimed African Americans and actual African Americans, and anyone else with black skin that hates other races, could have their very own country, separate from the USA. They would be the majority, they could own it all and not let any other races in their country. The United States would be a much nicer place for those of us that can get along and not bring skin color into everything, including the weather!

1859 days ago

Girly Girl    

Your best example is a man who said "nappy haired hoes"!! Of course it would be racist if Don Imus said it he made racist remarks all the time on show. So I'm really seeing the validity of using that argument...

He was just having some lighthearted fun.I do not see how this is "racist" as he did direct racism at anyone...

1859 days ago

John Galt for President 2012    

Some may wonder why FOX News is considered racist. The logic of liberals is that since Obama is black and 90%+ of blacks are liberals and you oppose liberal policies you must be a racist because 90% of black are liberal and Obama is black man - well, half black anyway. If you happen to be black and conservative, you are an Uncle Tom.

That is why FOX News is considered racist. Never mind that CNN and MSNBC have no black talk show, prime time at least, hosts. But since they support liberal policies and Obama, and by extension 90%+ of blacks, they are not racist.

Since during Primetime FOX News commentators usually beat all their liberal competition combined, America is also a racist nation. See: Reverend Jeremiah Wright for details on this.

Al Roker is - well, he is just like that old Uncle who shows up at Thanksgiving dinner and constantly farts and says inappropriate things.

1859 days ago

republican mensa    

This is rasist. If a white did this kkk if a black its pride. Discrimination goes both ways I like fox news for those of you who do not it is because your iq is below 70 and still think what he did is progress wake up fools its race wars at there finest only whites were not invited.

1859 days ago

Girly Girl    


1859 days ago


It doesn't matter how lighthearted he may have felt when he said it. Reverse what was said and replace black with white and imagine a white man saying it. If it's offensive and wrong for white people to say something, then conversely it should be wrong for black people to say it as well. As long as we
have double standards based on skin color we will continue to have
racial disharmony. You can't have it both ways.

1859 days ago

Aussie Suck Rou Nuts    

I agree with #38 Maryland X-fan and they could take that lying Obama with them.

1859 days ago


I agree just another example how its ok for any other race except white people to have pride. Like someone said if someone went woohoo all white girls today it would be racists. Shows you race is important to them than to white people. I like all the African Americans they have on NBC because most of them have good personalities and are decent journalist. So, AL we're judging you on your work not the color of your skin. Thats the only thing Ann Coulter ever said that made sense she made a comment of how fast they dropped Obama playing the race card on that professor without knowing the facts. He got off scott free of making racist assumptions against whitey,

1859 days ago


If a white guy said that, it would be looked at differently or more racist. That is because you have to look at the history of race relations in our country. Black people were enslaved and still face some discrimination in this country. Most channels have white weathermen and white people in general. Al was just excited that things are changing. Hopefully race wont matter and everyone would have "actual" equal opportunities and certain occupations wont be predominately occupied by one race. Look at it this way, if it were a woman getting excited about three women in the profession (on the weather channel), noone would say, "If a white man said that...".

1859 days ago


Ohh dear Al, you have been putting your black feet on your black mouth so often, that it is not even a pitch black funny anymore.

1859 days ago

guy rich    

This is the world famous Don Black and i think al is totally out of line!This boy has lost his mind.He should be fired.If my buddy don imus lost his show over saying nappy headed hoes then al should be let go also.Equal country or what? Lets fight for our rights America

1859 days ago


You can't compare the things black people say to the things white people say. Of course, no white person could come on t.v. and say what Al said because there's nothing progressive about it. Just like gays are allowed to have their gay pride events, if straight people had a straight person only day they'd be called bigots. It's just the way it is because a white person hasn't been repressed to a white person isn't going to rejoice in something they've always had. And I'm white by the way so I like to see a black person actually celebrating a moment like that! I think it's very cool that he noticed it and embraced it the way he did.

1859 days ago


Just my opinion, It looks like Al got a hold of some KICK BUTT NOSE CANDY this morning, Just my observation

1859 days ago


I can't stand this big mouth. I turn the channel when he comes on. He's full of himself and likes to listen to himself talk.

1859 days ago
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