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I Hashed It Out with

Brad Pitt

8/18/2009 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Quentin Tarantino: Click to listenBrad Pitt had a brick of hash in his home last year -- and according to Quentin Tarantino ... he was definitely in the mood to share.

Tarantino was on Howard Stern yesterday, where he told the King of All Media about a night in 2008, when Pitt offered him a slice of the smokey smokey -- and a Coke can to smoke it out of.

According to Quentin, the stuff was "pretty good."

FYI: Brad recently told Bill Maher his pot smoking days are over -- but the stories ... those things will live on as long as Quentin's short term-memory holds up.


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sick of the double standards    

brad pitt is a loser.

he wants us to trust him as some huge advocate for human rights and parental duty, yet does something so juvenile - not to mention totally illegal.

I don't know about you, but i am totally sick of his sanctimonious ways. he makes me want to throw up.

breaking the law is hilarious, by the way.

1852 days ago


FIrst Here bitches!!

1856 days ago

iwanttoholdyourbigtits I can fire one up!!! Like Brad and Quint....

1856 days ago


Smoke'em if you got'em!!!

1856 days ago


"Tarantino was on Howard Stern yesterday, where he the King of All Media about a night in 2008"

Hey TMZ a little proofreading can go a long way

1856 days ago

Help! I may have screwed up!    

But what about the children? Who will save them?

1856 days ago


Oh come on! I'm so sick of the hypocrites already. I suppose there will be the nut jobs on here who say he shouldn't have children! He is a pothead! He must be sleeping all the time!

Wake up do-gooders, there are people in your very circle whom par-take if you will! They party down with the best of them!

And......there is zero wrong with that! Totally normal people smoke up. I'm sure it would shock some of you just how many there truly are.

For those of you who are in the closet about your indulging, stop hiding! Stop pretending you have a war on drugs. Normal folks need to have their voices heard!

We are not all Cheech and Chong!

1856 days ago


Thank goodness for nanny's I guess!!

1856 days ago


I believe Tarantino. And, Brad, gay marriage is OK with you but pot isn't? What did Angie do to you?

1856 days ago

Help! I may have screwed up!    

#9, KKK, I do believe you may be stoned right now!

1856 days ago

The Source    

Oh what's Brad supposed to say on NATIONAL television show?

"Yes, Bill, I'm a huge pothead. You should've seen the huge joint I rolled last night! Doesn't even compare to those back in the day! Oh, and please replay this clip 800 times so my kids will see! Weeeee!"

1856 days ago

Help! I may have screwed up!    

Skangalina is not gonna like this.

1856 days ago


I don't personally care what Brad does in his private life, but this fits right into the way I've come to view him: he is a liar and a hypocrite who will say anything to make himself look good and to get positive publicity. And, no, I'm not a "Jennifer fan" who thinks all things Brad are bad because he dumped her. Enough already of the pity party for her! But I do think that when a celebrity tries as hard as Brad and Angelina to present themselves as this wonderful couple who are solely devoted to raising a litter of kids, etc., etc., then you find out he is probably stoned half the time, and a big phoney about other things as well...then, I'd say you have a major liar with no integrity about anything!

1856 days ago

Help! I may have screwed up!    

You can bet that child protective services will be on the case.

1856 days ago

Phil Myballs    

Hash it out with Bum Bum, you maggot!

1856 days ago
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