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Jon & Kate Plus Aggravation

8/19/2009 3:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jon & Kate Plus AggravationWe're told TLC is not happy with Jon Gosselin, but Jonnie boy may not care, because he has his sights set on a new show.

We're told Jon is in talks with a major production company -- Endemol -- to appear in a show called "Divorced Dad's Club." We're told the show chronicles the lives of famous divorced fathers. We're told producers talked to Jon, but he's concerned about his TLC contract.

But Jon may still have a shot at the new show, because we're told TLC is not happy with his conduct lately on "Jon & Kate Plus 8." We're told they fired off a letter to him, claiming he was in violation of the morals clause of his contract, partly because he's been seen going in and out of bars and drinking.

We're told Kate is actually pulling up the slack Jon has created. She now has the kids more than 60% of the time and is increasingly involved -- even when she doesn't have physical custody -- because she's concerned for the children's welfare, emotionally and financially.

We're told all the money they made last season from "Jon & Kate Plus 8" went into a joint account. Jon and Kate each took a cut, but Jon spent his share. Kate put a big chunk of the money into a college fund for the kids, so not much was left over.

As for this season, sources say a judge gave Kate control of the family finances because she was deemed the more responsible party. Jon gets limited access to the account for basic stuff, and we're told he's not happy about it. Kate's people say Jon is making money on the side by selling pictures and stories of him and the kids to the tabloids.


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Kate is a snake    

Jon buy, Kate buys, Jon blows, Kate blows, neither is responsible. They are both blowing money and especially Kate is using the children to make money. They look sad most of the time and I guess by now they take their orders on how to act for the camera via Kate telling them to listen to whoever so they can bring home the bacon. For this Kate Gosselin-may you rott in hell and your children spit in your face. You can't buy their love, just everything else. You can not replace all the time you are away doing your "work", having your nails done, or what ever you want to do. You are not a mom that is home taking care of her children, you are a mom that has abandoned them in my opinion. You are a sick woman trying to act 20 something. It is not working, take off the twins cloths and try dressing like a mom, the cloths do not flatter you. They make you look even more fake than we have known for the most part of the show and you and your family has been fake for a good long while now. Good job Kate, keep on hating Jon and making your children work for what they get. You are a real mom Kate, yeah, like me and many others need to throw up in your fake face and fake world. Your day is coming when reality hits. You have a lot more hard times coming!

1886 days ago

Ann Lee    

I was not even aware of the show with Jon and Kate until the press brought it to the public's attention it existed. Jon is being portrayed as a typical male in mid-life crisis questioning what he really wants especially now that Kate has taken a stand on the direction of their relationship being unable or unwilling to live with the consequences of remaining married to her. At the same time is being portrayed as happier than Kate. Why is the woman always portrayed as the victim despite their ability to provide for her children?

1884 days ago


i think the show should just end, for one reason these kids are going to grow up with so many problems, you can already see it with mady she is so mad and anger all the time doesnt kate see this, if kate says her number one priority is the children then she needs to get a real job since the kids are in school right now and she has her book deals so let it go kate and quit damaging your children, if there was a poll i would vote worst mother for her, all she cares about is getting things free and exploiding her children. You know kate there are other families with alot of children but guess what they dont throw there kids on a reality show, they work and they dont have to live in a 1.1 million dollar home, the reason i said 1.1 million is becaue you are constantly reminding people that, by the rating if looks like you need to pay off that house or really sell it and get a cheaper one....

1884 days ago

my 3 cents    


1890 days ago


Give it a freakin' rest

1890 days ago


I just wanted to double check: You guys were told this right?

1890 days ago

I Will Take Being Born White Any Day - Thats Worth Much More To Me, #6    

"Endomol" - lol, isn't that something that cleans out your bowels?

1890 days ago


He's such a weasel. I don't see what Kate ever saw in the short, ugly little twerp. The show would be much better without him. He looked so bored with his twin girls on the show monday. What a poor excuse for a father and a man. Way to go Kate. Take control of your life, the kids and the money and boot that little piglet out the door.

1890 days ago

I Will Take Being Born White Any Day - Thats Worth Much More To Me, #6    

3. I just wanted to double check: You guys were told this right?

Posted at 2:06AM on Aug 19th 2009 by E


^I howled!

1890 days ago


Kate definitely is the more responsible parent and I'm happy a judge saw that too. I would NEVEr watch a show with Jon in it nor would I watch a 'divorced dads' show either. They're a bunch of losers. I hope Kate gets full custody and controls all the money. Buh-bye Jon!

1890 days ago


The new show should be called "The Douchebag Dad's Club for balding fat slobs who dumped their b*tchy wives with 8 innocent kids show." That title might me a little too long for network tv. Not sure?? Anyway, no one will watch it.

1890 days ago


We're told, TMZ needs a new writer that doesn't get redundant after the first paragraph....

1890 days ago

frogs and gravel    

I had my daughter wear a "I hate the Gosselins" shirt to school,
but the teacher sent her home to change it.

Spoil sport teacher had no sense of humor.

1890 days ago

ex lax    

They are both whores! someone save the kids!

1890 days ago

Tamara Cannon    

Neither Kate nor Jon are good parents. They both pimped their children for money and fame. If I hear Kate complain about the tabloids one more time, I will puke. Guess what...the tabloids would not care about you if you didn't whore yourself.

1890 days ago
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