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Jon & Kate Plus Aggravation

8/19/2009 3:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jon & Kate Plus AggravationWe're told TLC is not happy with Jon Gosselin, but Jonnie boy may not care, because he has his sights set on a new show.

We're told Jon is in talks with a major production company -- Endemol -- to appear in a show called "Divorced Dad's Club." We're told the show chronicles the lives of famous divorced fathers. We're told producers talked to Jon, but he's concerned about his TLC contract.

But Jon may still have a shot at the new show, because we're told TLC is not happy with his conduct lately on "Jon & Kate Plus 8." We're told they fired off a letter to him, claiming he was in violation of the morals clause of his contract, partly because he's been seen going in and out of bars and drinking.

We're told Kate is actually pulling up the slack Jon has created. She now has the kids more than 60% of the time and is increasingly involved -- even when she doesn't have physical custody -- because she's concerned for the children's welfare, emotionally and financially.

We're told all the money they made last season from "Jon & Kate Plus 8" went into a joint account. Jon and Kate each took a cut, but Jon spent his share. Kate put a big chunk of the money into a college fund for the kids, so not much was left over.

As for this season, sources say a judge gave Kate control of the family finances because she was deemed the more responsible party. Jon gets limited access to the account for basic stuff, and we're told he's not happy about it. Kate's people say Jon is making money on the side by selling pictures and stories of him and the kids to the tabloids.


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Everyone thinks this is cute.
One thing I will do is - beat the hell out of Michael Vick. This sorry individual has caused sooooo much heart ache for so many families.
You ppl who support Michael Vick, please watch the tape

1889 days ago


TLC is as much to blame for all of this as Jon and Kate. If they had any moral conscience and cared anything at all about those kids, they would have canceled this show when all of the crap started.

1889 days ago


First of all I don't consider him famous. Divorced Dads club...WTF? Seriously. Reality TV these days...SMH! Ok so a guy can't go to bars and have a beer...come on. Morals Clause...again WTF? TLC is is violation of a morals clause and ethics clause if they have such a thing. Exploiting the children ad then to continue with this show after all this drama....Thats why the ratings are down.

1889 days ago



1889 days ago


Wow, Kate's PR people are working WAY overtime aren't they? Kate the more responsible? College funds for the kids? Yeah, right. Before the "split", Kate was on the road almost everyday with talk show appearances, book signings, etc., with her bodyguard boyfriend. Jon stayed home and took care of the kids and someone now that the fraud has been exposed and nobody wants to hear Kate speak or buy her book, Kate is now the responsible one? Please - don't insult our intelligence. Kate does not take care of the kids - she has a boatload of nannies to do that. Besides, who do you think is calling the paps to get her picture? Kate!! Like paps just happen to hang around Wernersville, PA. Come on Harvey - you're smarter than this.

1889 days ago


WHY do people care so much about these two people. Who cares, stop giving them the attention. I have two kids and work every day to support my family and struggle with issues with my wife. It is part of life ... It is sad that we focus attention on them when there are real issues surrounding us every day.

1889 days ago


Just when I thought I couldn't dislike Jon anymore than I do.....

He will be SO washed up and out when he hits 40.

I hope his kids survive all this.

And, yeah, I do believe Kate is the more responsible parent.

1889 days ago


I can't believe they are still filming those kids while their parents are getting divorced.

1889 days ago


I do agree that Kate is the more responsible parent. While I also think she is a true "Drama Queen" I quit watching the program shortly after they moved into the new house, I could see where it was all going. I wish that she would quit acting like some sort of a STAR and just refer to the press as the press. Her or Jon have no talent and as soon as people move on to someone or something else they will return to being NO ONE, just two bitter divorced parents. That being said I might be tempted to occasionaly tune in to Kate and the Kids minus Jon. But never ever would I watch a program with divorced Dads. I wish Kate and her children a happy life and I sure hope she uses this money to insure her and the children a financially sound life.
Peace to you and the Kids Kate.
Sharon from Greenville, Michigan

1889 days ago


I can't believe you intellects give any credibility to TMZ 'news'. This is a comic book. Your getting upset over nothing.

1889 days ago


if you have to prostitute your family,kids,mate,life you deserve too have it ripped away. i feel sorry for the kids and what the parents have taken from them. i hope the parents realize what they have done for cold hard cash. if they were in love with each other and the kids. i don't think i know i would trade the money for true love,i mean it. when these kids get older they better have a trust just for therapists. i don't follow this crap very close but why the hell would i. scre both of you,look at an older picture before this train wreck. that is the real you.what a freaking laugh you both are.Buy each kid one white glove.

1889 days ago


2,4,6,8...who do we appreciate? Kate, Kate; But it's Jon we hate!!!!

1889 days ago


Ok this guy is something else. Like I have said i know kate wasnt the an easy person to live with. But now he has this wh--- getting on tv and talking about Kate. I do believe she needs to take care of herself. She does not even know Kate just Jon's side. And what kind of man would allow this to happen. He should tell her to be quite and he will deal with it all. I been Kate is the one that has shown a lot of class. She just wants her kids safe and wants to be a good mom. This guy has turned out to be a real loser. They should keep Kate on the show and let the loser go. She does seem a lot more happy without him there. Totally different. Sorry just had to vent it out after I seen his so called girlfriend on the news last night. And one more thing it is sad she even made the news.

1889 days ago


Cancel the show maybe he will stay home

1889 days ago


As you Kate-haters, may not have noticed..or chose to ignore..Jon is the one in the public eye, making an a** of himself; NOT Kate..He's a loser, and deadbeat, Kate should change the custody arrangement, and not have Jon there even when she's gone..then he'd have to find a real job! Oh, and Kate did NOT cheat..nothing was proved, and Jon admitted to starting the rumor, to take the heat of himself..what a class act, he is!

1889 days ago
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