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Kelis -- Nas Makes a Friggin' Fortune

8/20/2009 6:59 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kelis -- Nas There's a bottom line to the divorce between Kelis and Nas, and it's money, money, money.

According to docs filed by Kelis' lawyer, disso queen Laura Wasser, the financial wizards have reviewed the earning of both parties to the divorce, and they've come to these conclusions.

-- Nas pulls in $244,826 a month
-- Kelis rakes in a relatively paltry $13,744 a month
-- Kelis should get child support totaling $17,225 a month
-- Kelis should get spousal support totaling $72,728
-- Nas should pay retro child support totaling $29,522
-- Nas should pay retro spousal support totaling $281,571


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Only marry foreign women    

My meal ticket - tax-free child support - for the next 18 years. Men are stupid. Show me the more money.

1858 days ago


nas is a dumbass for marrying her in the 1st place. i had to work with her once in nyc when milkshake was big. she acted like she was diana ross or beyonce. a total b1+ch. as you can see, she's not even hot, much less talented.

1858 days ago

Only marry foreign women    

She was only married a few years for almost $3,000,000 tax free coin ($13,744 monthly x 12 months/year x 18 years)

Is this the line where I lose my child, 18 years of income and over half my sh1t? Great. Look. The line is movin',

1858 days ago


I think Sarah, Sarah's an idiot & this Maryann need to get together for a cage match..

I got 13 grand for the winner


It ain't that much people~

1858 days ago


#26 -

go back and read my posts - I HAVE ONLY DISCUSSED CHILD SUPPORT, not spousal. I really don't care about spousal. She will either get it or won't....I'm talking about child support.

And yes, I said sleeping around. Whether or not it's with your wife, baby momma, girlfriend, etc, if you don't want to support a baby, don't get anyone pregnant. DUHHHH!!! Really, that doesn't make sense to you??? It's not complicated....

I have no idea why she left him. I'm assuming that he did something pretty awful. But again, that doesn't matter. By law, he has to pay child support.

Dang, I hope you don't ever end up in family court. You will be way too overwhelmed by how complicated it

So stupid....

1858 days ago


Maryanne -


Really sweetie, you are just to stupid to even deal with.

By the way, are you married to your kids dad(s)? I noticed you referred to him as "their dad" and not "my husband". Are you a baby momma?

1858 days ago


#33 -

I'm a gold digging bitch for thinking he needs to be financially responsible for his kid?

I am totally getting a visual on the people who think Nas doesn't need to support his kid.....

1858 days ago


Sarah, you are right everyone knows it takes nearly 207,000 to properly take of a kid per year. She deserves it. What a moron you are. And I like how you "assume" he must have done something really bad. When you Assume you obviously have no facts. Even if he did the worst possible thing ever, no one needs that much for child support. You honestly think that she wants that amount for the child and not herself????? She was a skank who had a kid and one hit song, the nearly 13 or 14k she makes a month is attached to him anyway, you think she gets that much on her name alone?????? Lay off the meth.

1858 days ago

Big e    

She should get a friggin job and get that fat face out the camera every 5 minutes.. Then you wonder why Ray Caruth lost his head.. These damn gold diggin women are out to have a baby and sit on their fat ass to collect child support and spousal money. Hey guys, don't marry and try not to get these whores pregnant....It is sickening..

1858 days ago


Nas should support his kid, but 17,000 a month is a little steep. Sheesh! Why don't you ask for the man's left n*t while you're at it!

1858 days ago


J.R. -

Again, it's not my opinion, its the LAW. The more money you make, the more child support you pay. You find that unreasonable?

1858 days ago


sarah, please grow up and STFU! you are just a dumb money-hungry bitch

1858 days ago

Big e    

#35 nobody is saying he should not pay chold support and take care of his child.. But $55,000 a month for a 1 month old is completely idiotic. And the judge should be removed from the bench for this crime..

1858 days ago


One more thing J.R. -

Like I said, I have no idea why she left Nas. As a woman though, I find it out of the ordinary for a pregnant woman to want to split from her husband. That is why I said I assumed he did something. But, I made sure to say ASSUME because of course I don't have any fact. Nor do you. It's all speculation that doesn't matter because at the end of the day, he needs to support his kid with a certain % of his income. I'm really sorry if you find that unfair but it is the law and it is reality.

1858 days ago


#6, Sarah,

You really have some serious issues! Get help now before you pass it on to your kids. That's if anyone was dumb enough to knock you up.

1858 days ago
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